Behind every invention, there is some thought which makes the invention into existence and when we use the word "Giant" with this thought process, it means something as big as one can imagine. In fact, we should not make the boundaries around our thoughts and keep thinking about everything everywhere, but always with the aim to create something unique, innovative which must be valuable for the mankind.

Due to the association with the field of Textile/Apparel, I have been learning many things on daily basis and if you look around the world, people have different taste of clothing due to their culture, interest, obligation or necessity etc and then with the passage of time, people brought some innovation in this field and today if you observe then you won't see any field of life in which there is no role of Textile/Apparel, from clothing to decoration or IT to medicine, This has become a giant field and hence has given an opportunity to those who want to learn more and more.

Here i thought to share my ideas, learning experiences and everything what i see around directly or indirectly related to this field. 

Who am I ?

My name is Hafiz Muhammad Sohaib Khalid and currently running this blog which I’ve started in December, 2014 just with the purpose of providing valuable information to the people and specially to those who are related and who are working in the same stream. I am professionally an Apparel graduate, having an honor degree and working for well known brands and denim companies since 2008, currently I am working as a merchandising manager.

In this field our main aim is to meet different people across the world related to our field and understand their needs while keeping an eye on the various other things along with their specific needs such as various culture and societies, we also have to keep a track on our competitor and each move which are taken randomly and those complicated market fluctuations that tries to bring you down in every aspect. In our field of work you should have all the basic knowledge about different random topics along with detailed information about current affairs that takes place so that when we meet with our clients/customer we don’t miss a single point and during the leisure time we discuss about their liking and choices and try to open up with their interest so that it would help us in knowing them a bit which in turn proves out to be an advantage for us and make our business relation more stronger and when we are done with our formal meetings we should have a prior knowledge where can we go in that particular country to spend some quality time?

Aiming to grow with you

 Keeping all this small details in mind we thought of making our blog a little more professional and started to write on those areas for which our readers can have knowledge of multiple topics of their choice at one place. Once our blog got established and we observe some increase in our readership then we decided to publish some quality contents on regular basis related to our field and different other areas as well, this all helped us to make our blog more professional than before. Our aim is not only to help people who are working in textile/Apparel in marketing/merchandising department but our blog will help all other people of various fields as well because bloggers say "content is king" we say " Valuable knowledge is a king". When I first started with this blog I was alone but then I got help from my friends from the same or different field and now we are working together as a team, we are getting contributors from USA, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India.

Know more about me here

HMS Khalid

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