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How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

Canva is full of stunning elements. Watercolor art is one of them. Canva designers are creating marvelous designs with these elements. You can check all their creativities in the Facebook group “Canva design circle”.

Recently I have created a couple of designs with the help of these elements, one using the Canva app. The technique for these designs is simple. Keywords are important.

How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

In this tutorial, I will share how to create watercolor art in Canva. My main focus is to teach my canva buddies about creating any element within canva if that would not be available inside the canva library against your keywords.

Let’s start….

How to create watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

Step 1 – At the first step, You must have some pictures, theme, or design in your mind which you want to create with the help of Canva watercolor elements.

Step 2 -  You need to list down the keyword for elements.

For Example – You want to create a beautiful scene of the valley so what kind of keywords you would be required.

  • Watercolor mountains
  • Watercolor sky / Clouds / Moon / Sun etc
  • Watercolor river/streams
  • Watercolor plants
  • Watercolor umbrella
  • Watercolor bridges
  • Watercolor Homes

There is no limit, You just need to write the relevant keyword in the canva elements library search bar and select the best option for your design.

Step 3- Arrange all your elements in the sequence or with precise placement so that all will complement each other inside one design.

Check out below quick video tutorial for your quick understanding. You can have an idea that how easy can you make these sorts of designs in canva even with the help of the Canva app?

How to create watercolor Art in Canva App ?

What if any of your elements is not available inside canva. You don't need to worry. You can create them by using the technique I have shared below video.

How to Convert any photo into digital painting in Canva ? 

In my below design, I have created grass with the help of the above-shared technique.

How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

Some people asked me, "what are the use or purpose of these designs" so let me share a couple of examples.

  • You can sell these designs as digital art on Etsy or the creative market.
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  • You can sell them as digital designs for pillow covers etc.
How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?
  • You can use them as mobile or desktop wallpapers as well.
How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

There are many ways to use this kind of design to earn money online with the help of Canva.

Below are some of the designs I created using the same technique.

In the below design, I used the regular canva elements against different keywords related to the room.

How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

In the below design, I used the keyword “Illustration” before any required element.

How to Create Watercolor Art designs in Canva ?

You must have learned something new in this tutorial. Let me know your feedback in the comments section. If you need any help related to canva, Do contact me through Instagram.



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