Tuesday, August 3, 2021

How to create animated video in Canva for space night ?

A famous Facebook group “Canva design circle” always offers different design challenges in the group for Canva designers. I try to participate in most of the challenges because it helps to improve our design skills as well as enhances our creativity by utilizing different elements and features available within Canva.

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In the recent challenge, we had to create a design for starry starry night 😊 so I thought to create some design using space night view. Below is my submission to this challenge.

How to create animated video in Canva for space night ?

Although I could not win but learned a lot of new things that’s why sharing them here with all my Canva buddies for their learning.

Step 1 – Select images of your choice from the Canva Photo section.

Step 2 – Remove background for certain images to apply animations on each. Recently Canva added a feature for animation where we can apply different animations on more than one photo or object at the same time on one page. This is a great addition by Canva. If you want to apply animation on any element then download the element first as PNG and upload it again to animate it.

How to create animated video in Canva for space night ?
Download all photos and elements

Below is the snippet for your quick reference, For this design, I have selected “Drift” for space shuttle and spaceman.

How to create animated video in Canva for space night ?

Step 3- In order to give the real look to the planet Mars in this design, I have added a shadow “Glow” behind it with some orange / reddish color, reduce the transparency and increase the blur for an authentic look.

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Step 4- Download this slide or if you have more than one slide then select all first and save as MP4.

All the features used above like remove background, object animation and shadows are available for Canva Pro users only. 

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