Saturday, March 27, 2021

Design Social media post in Canva with Glassmorphism technique

Glassmorphism is a design technique which is in trend for the last year. This can be seen in many graphic designs by different companies or brands. Social media designers or UI experts are not just using it but they are adding value to this design method day by day.

Design Social media post in Canva with Glassmorphism technique

In the Glassmorphism design, you will see the backgrounds or any image through the glass with blurry or scattered color inside look. I learned about this technique through my friend / Canva buddy Zoul Fazlie. He did not only create many beautiful designs using this technique but also shared few video tutorials on his channel.

In today’s article, I will show you a couple of my designs in which I tried to use the Glassmorphism method. Though my method is not a true depiction of this technique still I used the concept of Glassmorphism in these designs.

Design Social media post in Canva with Glassmorphism technique
Use this Template Free

Design Social media post in Canva with Glassmorphism technique
Use this Template Free

I have uploaded a video on my channel to show my method for Glassmorphism but with a little more modification or following Zoul’s method, You can achieve outstanding results.

How to design Social media post in Canva with Glassmorphism technique ?

In my designs, I have used the below-mentioned simple steps.

  • Select any shape from the elements section, I have selected rectangular shapes for my designs.
  • Select any suitable color or keep it black and increase the size of your selected shape on the canvas.
  • Download this shape in PNG / Transparent form and upload it again for reuse in designs.
  • Use the uploaded version, apply effects – Shadows – Glow ( You can increase the shadow size, blur, or transparency as per your requirement).
  • Use the duotone effect to match the color of your shape exactly with the background image.
  • Reduce the transparency of this shape now or up to 10 or 20.
  • Now your Glass is ready and you can use it on any image or background, See the below video for more details.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?

Gradients are one of the elements in graphic designs which can easily add professionalism to your designs. Canva has plenty of premade gradients available in their element’s library. If you will scroll through the template library, you will find the usage of these gradients in different creative ways.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?

While exploring the canva element library recently, I have found “circle gradient”. I have used this element in two of my design and observe that it can be used in plenty of other ways. Your creative approach can lead your mind with more creativity with circle gradient. This is a FREE element that means you don’t need to have the pro canva account but still you will have the option to avail 30 days free trial period as offered by Canva for their pro version.

Below is the design I have created for my client who has a baking business. Overall, I had created five templates for the same series and this design was one of the different concepts fitted in the same category.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?
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The second design was my business card where I used this element, you can learn more about creating a business card in canva in my other tutorial.

How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva for business card ??

  • To find circle gradient, you simply need to write the keyword “circle gradient” in the search bar of elements section. See the below snippet for your quick reference. 
How to use circle gradient creatively in Canva ?
  • One of the beauties of this element is that you can change the colors as per your design need.
  • Reduce the transparency of this gradient to achieve a better 3D circle look.
  • Selection of colors for this element as well as for background is very important so use them correctly to see better results. I would suggest you try different color options as I have shown below the video.
  • You can even crop the circle in half to attain half circle 3D look.

If you have learned something new then write in the comments. I would love to know about your experience using this element in your design.

Sunday, March 21, 2021

How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

"Speech bubble" is a special type of shape over the head of any character with few words written inside. It represents the thoughts of that particular character. These are commonly used for comic books or characters etc.

How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

In today’s tutorial, I will show where you can find these speech bubbles in Canva as well as how can you give them creative look?

You can find “Speech bubbles” or “Comic bubbles” in the elements section. See the below snippets for your quick understanding.

How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

You can also find peculiar and colorful speech bubbles inside the Canva image library.

How to make creative speech bubbles in Canva?

Step – 1- Select your desire shape for the speech bubble. It mainly depends on the character or thought you need to represent through these bubbles. You can select the best match bubbles out of so many available options within Canva elements.

Step- 2- Once you will place it over the heads of your character, you simply need to write your text inside the shape.

Step- 3- You can change the colors of your selected shapes from the color pallets easily.

Step-4- To apply shadows under speech bubbles, duotone, filters, or adjustments, you first need to download your speech bubbles with transparent (png) format and upload them again into Canva. You can find all these options under “effects” but these are available for Canva pro users only. You can avail 30 days free subscription for Canva to experiment with all these options for your speech bubbles.

Step-5- If you select any speech bubble from the Image library then you can apply all special effects directly. You can also use the option of “background removal” to gain your suitable bubble from any image.

Watch the below video for your better understanding regarding the usage of these effects.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Best ways to make money with Canva

Are you a Canva designer and thinking how to earn money with Canva? So, buckle up because today we are going to enlist some creative ways that will enlighten you how to make money with Canva. Let’s get started!

Best ways to make money with Canva

1- Selling Design As A Service

The fundamental way to make money with Canva is by getting started as a freelancer and exchanging your time for money. For this you only require two things:

  • Intermediate design skills 
  • A good understanding of the design fundamentals

Now let’s talk about the tricky part i.e., finding clients. We have got some tips in this case too! 

  • Reach out to your friends and family, let them know about your services. Who knows they might actually end up utilizing a few?
  • Get to know your local area better. Try speaking to people and identify their needs. Maybe a neighbourhood shop needs to have a logo designed, or a newly opened gym might need your help in creating their flyers… And the possibilities are endless!
  • Collect testimonials from satisfied clients to build trust, as well as your reputation.
  • Categorize your designs in different bundles or packages and offer functionalities accordingly. In this way, you are providing your customer more flexibility to make a choice.
  • And once you start getting enough customers you can actually create opportunities for other people! How? Create a design Industry. Recruit designers that work for you. Simple!


2- Sell Templates

So, this way of making money with Canva requires some advanced Canva design skills. You just need to have slightly more experience with Canva. There are two ways of selling templates:

1- The Traditional Way: (which requires you to have a Canva Pro account by the way) It’s pretty as all you have to do is to share a design as a template on Canva with your client and they can modify that template as per their need. 

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2- Canva Creator Beta: This project is still under deployment and it’s Beta version is out. This is a program offered by Canva where users can make money with Canva by designing their own templates and selling them on Canva’s official website and get the royalty as well!

3- Set up People's Account

There are people out there who simply want to learn and might not be comfortable with technology or do not have an IT background. You can earn money with Canva by simply offering your services in this regard. You can bring order and clarity in their designs, organize their projects, or maybe simply give them a newbie tour.

4- Impress & Convert New Clients

Impress your customers by making a positive first impression. Use Canva to create project proposals and other designs. Be creative and make your designs appealing. This would definitely impress your new clients and who knows they might actually end up purchasing your services for that sole reason!?

5- Teaching Canva

Another awesome way of earning with Canva is simply teaching individuals or groups how to use Canva. Offer training modules, guides, workshops and teach people to create different designs. Offer 1:1 training, try reaching out to small businesses and teach them to create different kinds of designs for their everyday usage. For this purpose, you have to research and keep yourself updated with the needs of your target audience. 

So, these were some ways to earn money with Canva. We hope we have answered all your queries and you must not be thinking how to make money with Canva now!

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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Five best Udemy courses to learn Canva online

Five best Udemy courses to learn Canva online

1. Canva 2021 for Beginners: Learn the Canva in just 1 Hour

One of the highest rated courses on Udemy with 4.7 out of 5 stars, this course is undoubtedly a win-win purchase for just 20 dollars! The coolest thing about this course is that this Course is created in 2021 meaning it covers all the latest features and functionalities of the platform. The course offers a quick and easy way to create professional eye-catching designs without having to spend time and money on any complicated software. It is designed for absolute beginners and the instructor has started from the scratch. There is also a certificate of completion. So if you are a complete newbie to Canva, we highly recommend you to try this course. 

2. Learn how to design quickly - Canva Masterclass 2020

With a 4.4 out of 5 star rating and 4,505 students, this course is also a good learning resource for learning Canva. If you want to learn graphic design in less than two hours, then this course is the right choice for you. As per the instructor he is intended to create independent designers who would make the best out of this platform. The course includes a vast variety of resources and theoretical lessons that evolve around color theory, branding, color psychology and typography. The total investment of the course is $12.99.

3. Learn Canva from an Expert Designer: Let's Create a Brand!

The purpose of course is to enlighten the users to make the most out of Canva by learning to use Canva for creating logos, social graphics, T-shirt, poster, advertising, biz card, letterhead and more! The course is offered for $12.99 and has a user base of 2018. The good thing about the course is that the instructor is Canva Certified Creative and has 12+ years of graphic design experience.


4. Canva Next Level: Become a Canva Expert

The instructors of this course, Diana is a Canva Certified Creative and Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities which is totally cool! The purpose of this advanced course is to share 10 extraordinary courses with the users which will improve their visual identity. Their content is pretty unique and engaging. Have a look at their course content:

  • Build Quick & Easy Websites with Canva
  • Create and Use your Bitmoji with Canva
  • Create Animated Stories for Facebook & Instagram with Canva
  • Create Irresistible YouTube Thumbnails with Canva
  • Create a Killer Resume with Canva
  • How to shoot Professional Photos without a Professional Studio
  • Create Beautiful Mock-ups with Canva
  • Create Convincing Business Proposals with Canva
  • How to Create Animated social media posts with Canva

This is by far the awesome-est content we have come across! This course is offered for $12.99 and we highly recommend this.

5. Canva 2019 Master Course | Use Canva to Grow your Business

With 9719 students, 4.7 star rating out of 5, & offered for $12.99; this course is also a good choice. This course is Canva 2.0 ready, meaning it covers all the latest functionalities and features of the platform, some of which include; publishing the designs directly on social media from Canva creating animated text and GIFs and building simple websites and landing pages with Canva, scheduling social media posts from Canva! Another pro of this course is that by joining this course the users also gain access to a mastermind group on Facebook where the author publishes tutorials and Canva news.