Saturday, February 20, 2021

Five best Facebook groups and pages for Canva designers

Five best Facebook groups and pages for Canva designers

1- The Canva’s Official Facebook Page

Let’s start with the Official Facebook Page of Canva. This page is your ultimate source to creative design ideas, amazing tips and tricks, new features and cool insights. The page is really active with lots of interactions happening. The fun part is their hashtags like #WowWednesday using which they keep the users updated about the latest happenings in Canva design.

2- Canva Design Circle

Canva Design Circle is an amazing Design School which gets its users the latest updates, tips, and insights straight from the Canva team! The community is an ideal place for its audience to discuss literally anything related to design, and with such amazing interactions happening, one can’t expect anything but immense inspiration and support. So, if you have recently started your pilgrimage with Canva, do not forget to join this group!

3- Learn to Design with Canva

This group is for you if you want to learn how to use Canva professionally. They offer Learning Opportunities by providing video tutorials. They also promote discussions and community help and the users can actually post their designs for review. They offer PROMO CODES as well to purchase their paid courses in Udemy!

4- Design with Canva

Design with Canva is a community focused on improving the lives of Creatives and Entrepreneurs using Design and Branding. The community’s focus is to bridge the gap existing between the designers and industry by providing resources and tools to help members become pros at design and branding to improve the face of their business, drive traffic, earn customers trust and boost sales. The group also teaches the users to use the acquired skills as an alternative source of income.

5- Canva Design Community

Another cool Facebook Group called Canva Design Community offers amazing tutorials, support and awesome community. This group equips you with all the resources required to get started with Canva. The members are kind and helpful and are always there to extend their support to each other.

Five Best YouTube Channels For Canva Designers


Five Best YouTube Channels For Canva Designers

1-Canva - Design anything. Publish anywhere

One of the finest learning resources for Canva is the platform’s official YouTube channel itself, for it offers oh-so-amazing tutorials, tips and tricks. It has amazing playlists and each serves a different purpose. The channel offers Webinars as well called Canva For Education Webinars. There’s a whole playlist dedicated to guide the viewers to use Canva for curating designs that can be printed professionally. Can you believe there’s a playlist that guides its viewers to use Canva on their phones? There are also creative challenges and campaigns.

2- Design with Canva

This fantastic channel owned by Diana and Ronny, who also happened to have an amazing Udemy course dedicated to Canva. Diana is a Canva Certified Creative and Ronny works at Canva as the Head of Communities! They have hundreds of videos explaining cool features and functionalities of the platform. Their videos are fun to watch and are pretty engaging too. If you wish to learn Canva from scratch with amusing tutorials, do give their channel a try!

3- Learn With Seb

This channel offers incredibly useful insights on Canva. The channel has highly informative videos explaining various awesome features of the platform. He enlightens the viewers with easy and simple tips and tricks that can make their designs stand out. Infographic, Carousel, profile pictures, GIFs, YouTube thumbnails and whatnot - this channel teaches you all these cool stuffs. So, what are you waiting for? Go and start learning with this awesome channel!

4- I Can Canva

This channel is owned by Hadas Avidor Goldin - a Canva Certified Creative and a graphic designer. This channel contains some impressive content including creative hacks, 3D Canva, Stop Motion, making cartoons and animations, Speed motion, typewriter effect and other cool things. Do pay a visit to the channel and get to know these interesting stuffs.

5- Darren Meredith

Darren is a Canva Certified Creative and Digital Content Creator. His aim is to help his viewers and their businesses grow by inspiring them to produce better digital content. He focuses on teaching about social media, video, photography and the art of curating great content that can be shared on multiple platforms. His channel is all about tutorials on Canva, photography, video and other content creation software, with regular videos uploaded every Tuesday and Friday. If you are an aspiring graphic designer and looking forth useful resources to get started with Canva, his channel is a must-subscribe then.

Thursday, February 18, 2021

11 Best Instagram Accounts to follow for Canva

New to Canva and looking for some inspiration? We have got you covered. Check out the best IG accounts to follow for Canva Design Tutorials, Tips and Tricks:

11 Best Instagram accounts to follow for Canva Design Tutorials, Tips and Tricks


What’s better than following the Official Instagram account of Canva which is full of cool design tutorials, responsive customer support, and some pretty useful tips and tricks. Moreover, they regularly update the account with the latest features, so make sure you follow this gram account right away!

2.Canva Life

This IG account is full of insights of Life at Canva! It covers exclusive stories of the Canva team and start-up life. Absolute delight to explore more about Canva.

3.Heena | Canva Educator

Heena in her IG offers some awesome design tutorials and useful tips to make the most out of Canva. She calls herself Canva Educator and has trained 220+ Students to successfully start their journey with the design. She also offers 1:1 tutorial. She’s definitely a Must Follow if you are starting your voyage with Canva.

4. Amar | Canva Designer

Amar is a Freelance Content Designer and his Insta is a true depiction of it! He offers amazing insights and cool tricks that let you enjoy Canva at its finest.

5. Naeem - Canva Tutor

Naeem is an awesome Canva Tutor who offers Content Creation & Coaching of Canva. Every now and then he throws amazing giveaways as well which includes Canva Pro accounts as well!

6. Abhishek | Canva Designer

This account is aimed to help people by saving money/time with DIY design. If you are looking for clever hacks, look no more! Go give this account a follow and explore Canva in a creative new way.

7. Habeeb || Visual Storyteller

A picture’s worth a thousand words and that’s why it’s essential to learn the art of storytelling using fun designs. This account is dedicated to this sole purpose. 

8. DWC— Content Stylist

This account is all about Content Styling. They help SMEs & Creatives in creating engaging visual content.


Naomi is an inspiring Canva Tutor who encourages her users to level up their Canva creations. She is focused in turning non-designers into designers by providing time saving & valuable tools.

10. Ranjeet Raj | Canva Mentor

Ranjeet Raj is a Canva Graphic Designer & Freelancer. His goal is to help five thousand people to become Canva Pro & create Awesome Freelance Designer in 2021. He has mentored over 160 people to get started with Canva.

11. Sandee Sevilla_Canva Certified

Sandee Sevilla is Canva Certified digital product & content designer. She offers templates and designs. If you are looking for inspiration, you should definitely follow this account.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

How did I Express my love to wife with Canva?

Do we need any particular day to celebrate our love for someone special in our life?

I believe your answer would be “No” and I also back the same thought. If we love someone then we need to express it unconditionally. Yes, fixing it with a particular day shows a condition of expressing it with some particular day or time.

I have not been so much expressive though I love my wife I always try to reveal my feeling to her through different mediums. We do dine-ins, traveling or watching series together even sometimes just to keep her happy, I go with her side despite being busy with other chores.

Recently, I have written poetry for my wife. (I AM NOT A POET 😊)

My wedding anniversary is in March so I wanted to express my love with something special.

But I didn’t wait for this day and shared my feelings with her. She loved it and wanted to get it printed.

How did I Express my love to wife with Canva ?

Then I thought to share it again using my Canva design expertise. Canva is so beautiful and easy to use platform for any kind of business or occasion. You can design anything anywhere using their app and the final results would always amaze you.

Learn canva design tutorials, Tips and Tricks

I just used some elements to create this design. You can create anything similar to this, I am sharing the keywords for all these elements.

𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐊𝐞𝐲𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐝𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐠𝐧:

  • Basic square with a Drop shadow (If you need any other shape, then just change the word square in the elements section)
  • Shinny 3D Red Heart
  • Red Shimmery Tape (Added drop shadow from photo section under edges)
  • Crumpled paper Background
  • Rose corner border
  • Search tear paper photos from the photo section and use background removal options before using it in your design over the crumpled paper.
  • Fonts - Dancing script & Belleza

If you love this design and my poetry as well 😊 then wish us happy married life. I will show your comments to my wife. She is such a kind and soft-hearted lady would be very happy to see your comments. 

See below the second version of my design where I just changed the rose with the real rose image (png).

How did I Express my love to wife with Canva ?

Saturday, February 6, 2021

How to split one image into different frames in Canva ?

To split one image into different frames in Canva, You always need to keep the same alignment of your image in each frame. I have recorded a video for your quick reference and understanding.

How to split one image into different frames in Canva ?

You need to understand one noticeable point here. If you will move the frames into different angles or tilt them, You always need to tilt your image as well before inserting it into frames. It is required to achieve a straight view of any image inside frames.

If you want to know how to create 3D look of this design then follow the below steps and watch the video for better understanding.

Step - 1- Remove background of your photo.

Step - 2- Lock all your photo frames.

Step - 3- Adjust this photo with removed background on top of your all frames and crop it as per your requirement or need to achieve the 3D look. 

Canva design free tutorials

Recently in one of my designs, I have used the rectangle frames with a little angle. In this case, I had to tilt the image as well before inserting it into frames. I have inserted the same image into each frame, double-click on the image and adjusted it with the same alignment in each frame.

I have added textures to this design for some different look. See below the second copy of this design with these texture effects. I am sharing the screenshots for these texture keywords. Use the same if you want to achieve the same results for your designs.

How to split one image into different frames in Canva ?

How to split one image into different frames in Canva ?

How to split one image into different frames in Canva ?

How to create neon curve text effect in Canva ?

Curve text was the much-awaited need for all the canva users around the world. Everybody was anxiously waiting for this amazing text effect. Finally, canva added it into their text effects.

How to create neon curve text effect in Canva ?

Now the next requirement people were looking for is the curve text with neon effect. Although currently, Canva is not supporting this feature but with a little easy method, you can achieve a neon effect for your curve text.

In today's article, I will share few steps related to this requirement so that you can create neon curve text for your next project.

Special Note – This option is workable for dark backgrounds only.

Step 1- Write your desired text and apply curve text on it from the text effects option.

Step 2- Download your text in png/transparent format and upload it again.

Step 3- Create three copies of your uploaded text.

Step 4- Now adjust these three layers on top of each other as per the below instructions.

  • Layer 1 (Bottom)- Original text with 50% blur.
  • Layer 2 (Middle) - Original text as-is.
  • Layer 3 (Top) – Original text with 30% blur.

You have achieved Neon curve text now. 😊

Canva design free tutorials