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6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

Plane crashes are the worst nightmares especially for frequent travelers. Despite maintaining strict SOPs (standard operating procedures) before flying, several plane crashes happened. All those incidents caused by some genuine technical errors or violations in SOPs. All airline companies are working hard to enhance their safety measures. But, nothing is beyond fate. If your death has been written, No one can save you. Your family members will keep repenting on various factors that caused your death. 

6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

In one of the recent incidents, PIA plan A320 (Flight PK-8303) crashed in Karachi. It happened a few minutes before landing. We will not jump into further details as the investigation is already undergoing. But our purpose here is to reveal some of the ideas we generated after this incident. These are not guaranteed ways but can increase the safety measures to save precious lives.

Before listing here further, we checked on the internet for "How to survive a plane crashes". Many possible solutions mentioned there so we tried to avoid the duplication here. 

Below is the list of articles from authentic websites where you can read about the best possible solutions. 


6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

Here is the list of six smart ideas that can probably save your life while travelling through Air anywhere in the World.

1. Always Travel In World's Best Airline Companies

Airline selection should be on top of your list. There are many reasons which make any airline the best in the world. Their safety measures are one of the main factors which bring them on top of the list. 

According to the list of Best airlines in the world for 2020 are. 

1. Air New Zealand
2. Singapore Airlines
3. All Nippon Airways
4. Qantas
5. Cathay Pacific
6. Emirates 
7. Virgin Atlantic
8. EVA Air
9. Qatar Airways
10. Virgin Australia
11. Lufthansa
12. Finnair
13. Japan Airlines
14. KLM
15. Korean Airlines
16. Hawaiian Airlines
17. British Airways
18. Alaska Airlines
19. Delta Air Lines
20. Etihad Airways

Etihad - Generic Banners

2. Avoid Travelling Together

If you need to travel with the whole family then try to split it into two or three groups. i.e Book seats for four persons in two different flights ( two each) for the same destination. In this way, any two members of the same family can survive a plane crash if it happens to any, God Forbid. 

3. Give priority seats to Children, Old age and Women

In many of the ideas, mentioned in the above articles. They suggested booking the aisle seats or near to the emergency exit. This is a good idea but for this purpose, you always need to book seats in advance or need to request your travel agent or at the air ticketing counter. If you somehow couldn't be able to manage it then always prefer your Children, Women, or Old age people for aisle seats. This can help them to evacuate easily in any sort of emergency. 

4. Avoid Short Distance Flights

In one of the articles above, they suggested taking the direct flights; we suggest our readers avoid short-distance flights. Especially when you need to travel domestically, preference should be by road or train. Nowadays many countries have established an excellent infrastructure of rail and road transportation. so travelers should opt for them rather than risking their lives just to save a few hours. It is obvious that for shorter flights, airline companies will not use Boeing planes which are considered much safer then ATRs or Airbus, etc.

5. Fire Repellent Cloths for Passengers

In the above articles, It has been mentioned to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while traveling as well as suggested to avoid short clothing. In many of the airline crashes, it has been observed that burns are the main causes of deaths. Textile and airline companies should establish a joint research and development system to prepare the special fabric for airline passengers. This fabric should be in reach of each passenger on their seats. They can cover their bodies before observing any sort of such crashes. This can be helpful to minimize the burning factor in crashes. 

6. Wear Good Quality Masks

Although in the current pandemic, Wearing masks may have become compulsory for passengers. But in many cases, this can also help them to avoid inhaling smoke in plane crashes. This might be helpful to save their lives. 

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We have strong faith that despite taking all the necessary measures, we cannot escape ourselves from death when it has become our destine. Nevertheless; if we need to live more in this world then we can be among survivors like all these ten people. Two more people survived in a recent plane crash in Pakistan as well.

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Is this a high time to start an online business?

The need for online presence in any sort of business is acknowledged in the current crisis. Especially small businesses are encouraged to develop their online infrastructure for better survival. Companies like Facebook come to support the business community in these crises. Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook shops, a wonderful idea to support small business owners.

Every business owner needs to understand a few important points at the initial stage. Let us brief you on the logic behind the online business. We will also discuss the pros and cons of online business in this article so be with us for a few minutes. This will help you to establish your long term successful online business presence.
Difference between Freelancing and Online Business

Many people don't understand the difference between online business and freelancing. Both are entirely different things. Freelancing is a kind of self-employment. You work with clients directly by using third party platforms. You are bound to follow the certain TOCs that agreed among all stakeholders. i.e Payment method, delivery schedules. You have to communicate with clients through a third party system as well. Any breach of contract can cause permanent cancellation of your account. You can even lose your hard-earned money as well.

There are many such platforms where thousands of freelancers are working already. They earn a good amount of money by selling their service against different requirements.

Some of the famous freelance platforms are:
Some frauds/scams have been faced by the clients or sellers while working on these platforms. Freelancing is not a life long opportunity to earn money online. It can be considered part-time or second source of income stream but to fully rely on it would be very risky. Moreover, the freelance market is becoming saturated day by day. Many companies have already started outsourcing digital services in the freelance market. An influx of freelancers has created a very tough competition among them. They are not only facing extra hustle to get the orders but also facing tough price competition as well.

Why is the online business presence important?

This is a widely discussed topic on the internet already. People are encouraged to buy different products online by many sellers. From necessities to luxuries, online buying is helpful to maintain social distancing. Consumer buying trends are shifting towards online purchases. Companies availed the greatest benefits out of this crisis with an online presence. Many have missed this opportunity those were lacking behind. Another important factor is the product type. Certain products were not in demand in the days of the crisis. Those products couldn't make any difference in sales for their companies. It helped them to take prompt actions to enhance their product categories. Their proactive approaches supported them to grasp future business opportunities. They launched the need-based products out of their available resources and capabilities. Strategy to sell the right products at the right time helped them to increase their sales.

How to start an online business

Step 1

Understand the needs and demands of your products

For example, you have your pharmacy, general store, or selling bakery items. You might not be losing your sales revenue even in the crisis time due to your product category. You are selling high in-demand items for which supply will remain consistent. You might be losing a good amount of sales for not having an online presence. Your competitors may be earning more with their online selling platforms. Customers always want convenience and fast response with better quality products. You would be able to earn more by meeting customer's needs in all sorts of situations.

An online presence can help you to target the right customers even if you are selling luxury or beauty items. You will keep your brand image alive as well as remain in touch with your loyal customers.

Evaluate your market and it's potential

You can not sell your product even online if you are not targeting the right customers. For example, you are selling frozen food items and try to sell them at different locations in your city. Your competitors have already established their presence there. You first need to evaluate the type of products being sold in that market and with what price and level of quality. Of course you need to enhance your level at less price if you want to beat them. Brand loyalties of the people would be challenging for yourself.

My advice is to start with an online presence first. Investment in the traditional market should be the second priority. Target the right audience through Facebook ads. If you don't see the desire results then your presence in that market would be difficult. If you can generate a good amount of revenue then move forward to scale up your business.

Understand the customer psyche

In the online business world, the customer always expects...
  • Quick response
  • Better quality products
  • Fastest delivery
  • Easy payment options
You would be successful in a shorter time if you keep following the above parameters. Always remember, one bad customer review can cost you losing many loyal customers.

Buying power for your products categories

Always keep an eye on the buying power of your targeted customers. Try to keep the same or less price from what your competitors are using in your targeted market. If you are a pioneer in your product category then focus on developing your customers first. Remember sooner or later anyone can jump into the same category as soon as they find it higher in selling online. Moreover, respect the income of your target audience. Their loyalty to your brand would depend on their affordability.

Step 2

Investment cost analysis and understand the best suitable online platform for your business

For your online business, you always have to rely on a third party. For example, you might have to start with Facebook pages or accounts on Instagram. You can sell food-related products on Foodpanda. If you are a graphic designer or photographer then you can sell your work on Shutterstock or Istock. You can develop your e-commerce website. You need to buy templates, hosting services, and plugins. You can also make a blog on BlogSpot/WordPress etc to promote your products and services online. If you can start a business with Amazon or dropshipping through Shopify. Every platform has a certain initial investment cost. It depends on your budget and business needs. In any case, you are dependent on third parties which can cancel your account at any stage of the process.

Whatever you decide, do proper research first. Also get expert advice before finalizing anything.

Step 3

Split the business into sections, traditional and online

Total dependency on the online platform is not good due to any of the below-mentioned problems.
  • Internet connectivity issue
  • Website or pages technical issue
  • Hacking
  • Laptop/machines out of order situation
  • Issues at third party service provider or courier/supply chain companies
  • Account cancellation by your third-party service provider. 
To keep your business dealing and sales smoothly. Keep both sections of your business alive. It will always give you better results even in tough situations.

Step 4

Scale-up the business gradually and add up products of different types

In online business, you will see the opportunity to target a larger audience at once. But you should not be greedy in the beginning. You should always start with a specific and limited part of your targeted audience. Do some trials again and again with different demographics, interests, and behaviors. These trials will help you to analyze your true audience in a shorter time. You can start scaling up your business after proper research and analysis.

The same method should apply to add new products. Always launch new products with proper RND before adding them to your existing range. Keep an eye on trending products in your niche market before launching it.

Step 5

Always think for long term business

The traditional business method can be enough for you to earn a good amount of money but If your competitors are selling the same products online then you will be losing the share of your sales.

We always suggest keeping the portions of your business in both splits. Online businesses mainly rely upon...
  • Supply chain methods
  • Reliability
  • Product appearance from image to physical
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Customers support, returns and claims policies, etc. 
You must not be lacking in any of the above-mentioned criteria. Otherwise you may end up losing your online business share. Your competitors would easily take advantage of this situation. You should also have good knowledge of online business strategies, tools, and procedures. You can outsource the products or services. Having basic knowledge can help you to better negotiate with developers, designers, or digital service providers. You can save your money by learning the required skills on your own.

You can hire the best virtual assistant or graphic designer through Fiverr.

Best Fiverr Gigs To Order For Web Development, SEO And Internet Marketing

You can also learn skills through Udemy online courses.

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Why Should we watch Turkish Drama Dirilis Ertugrul ?

Turkish season Ertugrul has become a sensation in Pakistan especially when it went on air by national television network, a country largely accessible channel. It was also a highly recommended drama by the country's Prime Minister Imran Khan. It did not only help PTV in gaining thousands of subscribers and millions of views on Youtube within two weeks but also the current government efforts are being admired by many for showing the true events of Muslim history at a national level. It is helping the state-owned television in a monitory term as well. Although the credit must be given to the Turkish government and their national television network TRT world for making this masterpiece but showing this Turkish Drama Ertugrul in Urdu in Pakistan is a blessing in disguise for this nation.

I have been watching it from the last five to six months and kept me consistent before I finished it up. There are many lessons I learned through this drama but before I write anything further, I want to bring something interesting, unique, and surprisingly shocking remarks about this drama as soon as it went on air.

There are different types of people in our society who are absorbing it differently. The most disturbing factor is that criticism coming from those who did not watch even a single episode of this drama but there are many as well who are discussing it upfront with their followers positively and constructively. In the end, it depends on your mental capability and perception of different things or creations.

Qasim Ali Shah is a famous motivational speaker, he recently explained in one of his videos about the reason why did he start watching this drama. He seemed positive throughout his video even after a few glimpses of it and people like QAS don’t convince with anything like this so easily.

Ashraf Chaudhary is a Pakistans number one sales trainer, He has a great fan following on his Facebook page as well. His efforts in training and motivating people in freelance markets are commendable. He has not only started watching it recently but explaining sales and marketing tactics by using the characters and storyline of this drama which will help his audience in understanding the real essence of sales, marketing, and business-related fields.


Law #15

(The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene)

"Crush Your Enemy Totally."

I have watched...
Posted by Ashraf Chaudhry on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Jibran Nasir is a famous social activist, I recently came across one of his statements about this drama where he showed his concerns that it will invoke the identity crisis in Pakistan. Infact he was trying to keep authorities stick to our own culture rather showing others on our national television. Some people replied to him beautifully in tweets.

Shan Shahid is a famous film star of Pakistan, He showed his concerns as well on his twitter account.

Pakistanis are very innocent, as soon as they start watching it, they start feeling the characters and assuming that all will be living with the same school of thought in their real life. That’s why when they jumped into their social media accounts and could not find any such thing, they start spitting poison in comments section. For all of them, our famous Junaid Akram came up with this amazing response.

Lastly, a good positive sign is that a piece of news is circulating that a famous Pakistani writer Khalilul Rehman Qamer is planning to write something similar to Ertugrul which people are anxiously waiting for now.

10 Lessons I learned from Turkish Drama Dirilis Ertugrul

  • True family values and culture have been depicted in this drama, whether Turkish or Pakistani, being a Muslim nation, All our Islamic traditions are the same. Like we should eat together with family, how to behave with elders, How to treat kids and slaves, How to deal with Non-Muslims etc.
  • All our basic obligations have been practically demonstrated in this drama like sometimes we see them offering daily routine prayers practically as well as funeral prayers, Simple wedding ceremonies with complete Nikah procedure. All these things are important to learn for our young generations.
  • On many occasions, Muslim scholars guide the people in the light of Quranic verses and Ahadith to boost their religious moral and faith in Allah. That helps them to conquer any battlefield with a strong belief in Islamic teachings.
  • Many stories of Islamic worriers have been narrated especially to kids in this drama by elders that were the good part to educate children as well as to grasp their attention through this drama.
  • Excellently portrait Islamic values while doing any sort of business especially with non-Muslims where providing them equal rights was the responsibility of Muslim nation.
  • Women have been shown brave and fully supportive to their brave men and their rules in dealing with businesses and other day to day family matters have been presented solidly.
  • Muslims' histories are full of traitors, highlighting this part in this drama is important for people so that they can keep their eyes open in their surroundings and proactively act before any storm which can thrash them out.
  • Muslim Scholars, Educationist, Qazis (Judges), and Physicians, etc have been shown great respect by the Muslim state, infact their security has put on top priority whenever they felt any danger or treacheries within state or from enemies.
  • They always used to discuss all the important matters in council meetings, established mutual agreements with unity or in some cases, leader's vision and planning had been shown respectfully acknowledged. 
  • No one was superior before the law, especially when it comes to business trade, all the merchants were bound to abide by the rules defined by the state with strict criteria of meeting product qualities and maintain ethics among people of different communities and religions.
Lastly, those who are not interested to watch this drama due to personal reasons or considering it fictitious or over manipulation of a truly historic event, They should stick to their thoughts, No one is forcing them to watch it but at least they should accept the fact that such serials are far better than those rubbish dramas or films which have nothing to do with our true religion and family values. 

Now if you have decided to watch this drama then have a look at this amazing Turkish Kebab recipe and enjoy your food while watching Dirilis Ertugrul :)

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Changing buying patterns on Amazon during quarantine

Like all other occasions or happening across the year, the retailers want to know what the bulk of consumers intend to buy intensely, in this quarantine period, as well. 

The consumer needs in this unpredictably ending lockdown is quite an unusual trend to the world yet perfectly suited to the situation. 

Customers intend to buy more of indoor clothing along with other products that may help them to crush the boredom or maintain their well-being inside their homes.

As it is evident from the top selling products on amazon, consumers no longer have interests spending cash on products not used indoor. However, this buying trend may shift abruptly to the opposite categories once there are announcements of the lockdown ending. Endurance related floods topped in ahead, until mid-March, yet declined strongly before the finish of the period broke down, while the more "needs" based ventures, for things like bread machines and open-air furniture, were on the ascent at that point.

Concluding from an overall survey, the consumer buying behaviors on amazon are fluctuating depending on these two:

1. Protection from COVID-19

Optimistically, the coronavirus awareness campaigns have had a positive effect. People have understood the importance of hygiene and isolating. Therefore, the fastest growing categories on amazon include products maintain the social distancing and aiding to hygiene.

People have been ordering disinfectants belonging to registered pesticide companies from amazon. In order to choose the right ones, consumers consider the products with a proper registered EPA number. Keeping in mind that reading the label directions are important for the perfect use. Other products in demand include hygiene care items like Lysol Spray and Clorox Wipes. These two mentioned products specifically had also faced shortage at the start of quarantine due to their high demand in the market. Apart from this, hand sanitizers are also sold rapidly.

House-Cleaning Kits

A couple of house cleaning products are also the need of the hour. Amazon has also seen buying patterns intensively increasing from products like cleaning buckets to disposable nitrile cleaning gloves. Other in demand products include:

Canned food Items

In the lockdown period the buying behaviors at amazon have revealed that perhaps the most straightforward approaches to start a nourishment plan is to purchase a couple of extra canned products at each outing to the supermarket. This technique, got back to stocking, can assist you with building an underlying nourishment stockpiling supply. Afterward, when you include more mass merchandise, these can in any case serve to increase the value of your endurance unit. A number of canned tomatoes, corns, baked beans and food survival kits are in trend and intensively craved by consumers.

2. Making Quarantine Productive

People also tend to make there isolation periods quite productive. Consumer buying trends have also unleashed their urge to polish their abilities to come out of this quarantine as a better person that pursues extraordinary fitness or skill goals. From being interested in the best bread maker machine to the best weight training equipment for home, making the most out of this quarantine break is what the consumers tend to do. Here are few trends summarized to understand the buying behaviors better:


In light of the shutdown, and to catch customers stuck at home, the boutique wellness development, particularly bunch wellness, presently lives on the web. People have been focusing on fitness and wellness of their bodies and as a result, huge amounts of weight training equipment, exercise machines and other fitness kits are sold on amazon since the last month. Weight bands and similar items are sold on amazon now with the intensity in which outdoor clothing was bought before the lockdown.

Online work/study

This crisis has driven numerous to remain at home, which spells a strong open door for development in online instruction. Understudies can continue learning with different video addresses, online classes, activities, understanding materials and furthermore decide on online tests. Office going people also have to work online now. Therefore, best computer monitors for home office and computer chairs and screens are in demand on amazon.

How to Teach Online and Start earning from your Home

Indoor Games

Every other consumer these days stuck in quarantine looks for prepackaged games, computer games, trampolines and warmup pants. Games are unmistakable from work, which is generally completed for compensation, and from craftsmanship, which is all the more frequently a statement of tasteful or ideological components. 

In any case, the differentiation isn't obvious, and numerous games are additionally viewed as work, (for example, proficient players of observer sports or games) or workmanship, (for example, jigsaw riddles or games including an aesthetic format, for example, Mahjong, solitaire, or some computer games). Games are hence one of the most convenient ways to kill time during this pandemic. A report took a gander at Amazon successes during this period and found certain items soared to the highest point of the blockbuster records in their classifications. The Jenga game rose to be as high as No. 1 in its class. The business positioning of the KBS STainless Steel Bread Machine rose as well.

Cooking Freak

Under typical conditions, the standard would be first in, first out in case of food items. In any case, right now, you need to ensure you'll have a pleasant assortment of nourishments for the following month or more, it's an ideal opportunity to cook somewhat more deliberately. Cooler things are the most probable ones to have real lapse dates, rather than best-by dates, so shop from your ice chest first. Huge numbers of those should be eaten inside a week or something like that. Therefore, people willing to make the yummiest things out of frozen items are also enhancing their cooking skills. As a result, the consumers are buying more of cooking utensils on amazon.

Home decor

Handling home improvement ventures during the coronavirus isolate presents a specific test. While you may have a wealth of time at home to finish them, you probably won't have the entirety of the essential supplies and apparatuses close by. What's more, you'll unquestionably need to abstain from anything too risky that could bring about an excursion to the medical clinic. Cultivating gives remedial advantages, remembering decreases for both nervousness and misery. Studies likewise show that investing energy in nature and doing gardening has tremendous emotional well-being benefits. With an uptick in emotional well-being protests amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, presently may be the ideal time to snatch a spade. People seem to be following these facts and spend time in gardening and decorating their homes along with keeping them clean. Evidently, the latest buying trends on amazon have also have seen items like gardening tools and painting kits.
These trends in consumer buying behaviors are not going to change any soon. The selling out of these in trend products may intensify in the upcoming weeks as well. Another fact is that, with the increase in demand of these products, these products may also become short if the quarantine lasts longer. The reason is that, industries making these products have been shut and the stored stock may not last that long. However, the retailers will surely find solution to this.

Conclusively, this might be a period of crisis, but if you dig into an optimistic approach towards it, it will surely help you stay physically and mentally healthy. Moreover, cherishing what you like can help you enjoy the boring isolation period.

If you are a person not able to relate this with your buying behaviors this quarantine, adapting to this, like the rest of the world, will help you become a better person. Hence, stepping out of quarantine, you will feel much lively unlike ever before.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"