Sunday, November 10, 2019

Why is this High Time to invest in various sports for Pakistan ?

Muhammad Asif (Snooker), Inam But (Wrestling), Muhammad Waseem (Boxing), Rabia Shehzad ( Weightlifting), Mahoor Shehzad ( Badminton) and many other athletes and players are making Pakistan proud around the world with their talent in recent days.

Rabia Shahzad - Pakstani Weightlifter - First from Right

Undoubtedly Sportspeople are always considered true ambassadors especially when they shine with their success and character. World acknowledge their achievements whole-heatedly; nevertheless, that nation comes under the spotlight for producing such diamonds.

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with talent in almost every sport but just because of missing basic infrastructures, insufficient coaching and training facilities, inadequate planning and management, this talent is being wasted. Except for cricket, the rest of the games are missing sufficient financing from sponsors as well as from Government. Corruption in some of the federations has been highlighted but strong actions have not been taken against it so far.

Some of the games demand a certain level of financing for players just to buy basic equipment of the game they tend to play for, but their finances don’t allow them to pursue their dreams further and they left their dreams shattered in the hands of their luck. Some carry them with some financial support from their friends and families that remain restricted to some level.

Despite having all the above stated hurdles, we hear in the news off and on about players who are not only representing this country at individual levels with their expenses but also showing their class of talent to the whole world. Below are some of the recent examples.

In this article, our main purpose is to highlight the names of these people who did not only become a shining star but also makes us proud of their talent and victories in different games around the world.  We should not only remember these names but also appreciate and support them in our capacities.

However, the point of concern is that why such talent is not being recognized the way it deserves? Why are they not able to get the support from the Government? With proper recognition, motivation, and financing, Pakistan can be able to raise its flag on top in various games again and again. Moreover, this will also spread a positive message around the world that Pakistan is a healthy and sports-loving country that is producing such talented people.

Another positive aspect we should understand that many such examples are coming from female players in different games. If timely action will not be taken to safeguard this talent by Government authorities, sooner we will be losing it and miss the opportunity to show the brighter side of our country.


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  1. Mr. HMS khalid provide food for thought for the concerned government officials. They should initiate such steps practically to fulfill this dream. Subsequently it will be game changer in field of sports in Pakistan.

  2. Thanks Sir, your feedback is valuable.


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