Saturday, October 26, 2019

Mind Blowing Hologram Technology Introduced by Microsoft !

AI has continued to amaze the masses with its awesome features. This time the new technology introduced by Microsoft is ready to be the new apple of eye for the users. This new launch enables you to speak any language in your own voice. Previously, the Google Translate was one of the company’s most used products in the market. This time the Google AI recent blog gave us an overview of this new launch and the exclusive idea behind it. The Google AI basically, decided to invade beyond its old photo to language translation and voice to language translator services.

What does Google have to say about this?

Here is what Google mentioned about the launch:

“Dubbed Translatotron, this system avoids dividing the task into separate stages, providing a few advantages over cascaded systems, including faster inference speed, naturally avoiding compounding errors between recognition and translation, making it straightforward to retain the voice of the original speaker after translation, and better handling of words that do not need to be translated.”

Let’s dig into what the Translatotron has to do in this. It preserves the features of the voice of the person whose voice is subjected for the translation from one language to another. This has great application for dubbing purposes in films and TV. Researchers have said that the hologram model performing translation may not be that accurate but performs the translation fully well and further improvements will soon be made.

How Hollywood movie “STAR WARS” has changed the thoughts of generations?

A number of applications like SayHi and iTranslate have been launched and seen on the app stores, willing to perform the same function of translation of voice but the results have not turned out to be as smooth.

An insight to the launch

The Microsoft’s CVP, Azure Marketing, Julia White in Las Vegas showed the demo of the launch to the people. She mentioned that, “this technology is made by the intermixing of two of the most amazing AI technologies; the Azure AI services and mixed reality.” The game changing experience was then showed to the audience that consisted of a hologram of her delivering the speech in Japanese language.
It was a truly ravishing experience and a blow to the vision to see how the hologram portrayed the woman, standing right there, giving the speech in another language. In this particular launch, cutting the intermediary from the process of translation has enabled the speech to be directed in your very own voice. Hence, making it all smoother, more user-friendly and attractive. The Google representative, while presenting the demo briefed the audience of its advantages by saying that she wondered while travelling into different nations, interacting with people of different cultures, we often will the weak connection due to the middle man. This new technology, will process the voice input from your microphone detecting it and then converting it to the required language.

Another question that may arise while going through the details of the new Microsoft launch is that how is it better in comparison and more useful when we already had the Google Translate and TTS (text-to-speech synthesis). The Google Translate provided the translation to different languages, depending on the fact that your pronunciation is appropriate and whether your voice clarity. The availability of your own voice and personal existence in the communication however, lacked, which has now been made up by the smart intermix of hologram and Google AI.  The company has showed masses the demo and the technology will soon be available for use after the required testing and critical improvements.
Undoubtedly, the AI field is expanding cross thought and expectations. Providing you the comfort and attracting everyone out there, increasing its users smartly, Microsoft has a lot more stuff to show in the near future.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"


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