Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lahore Cinema Leaked videos: What should we really need to think about ?

Recently an odd incident happened in Lahore when CCTV footages of some couples in obscene condition had been leaked out by cinema employees. People erupted with different thoughts on social media as soon as videos went viral. It also woke up authorities and they immediately reacted with some strong statements that such actions are not tolerable and people privacy should be considered first whenever such incidents happened at any place.

Many people are criticizing officials that rather taking actions against cinema for leaking such videos, they should call upon both types of culprits. One who did this in public place and one who had leaked it because both are equally responsible for this sinful act in our society.

What should cinema authorities do at first step?
  • It should be clearly written on tickets as well as on the walls of cinema for customers that all their activities are being monitored deeply through hidden cameras inside and outside cinema hall so they should be very careful.
  • If any vulgar or obscene act will be caught on cameras, concerns will be immediately kicked off from the cinema and strict action will be taken against them.
  • They can be handed over to Police for further investigation.
  • There videos will be kept in privacy and will only be given to officials who will further investigate this matter.
  • Heavy fine can also be imposed on such people for polluting cinema environment.
  • Before the start of each movie, all above rules and guidance will be shown on big screens on strict basis along with other important instructions.
Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

What should Government officials do?

  • Strict notification should be sent to all cinemas to keep strong eye on such acts and should be stopped and discouraged at first step.
  • In case of any misbehave from culprits, should involve security staff for immediately handing them off to Police along with evidences.
  • Privacy for such people will be kept by all means from either sides.
  • Government authorities should also create awareness to stop such incidents at public places by penalizing culprits with strict actions but without making their names in public.

Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

What should people know?
  • They need to avoid doing such acts in public.
  • If any couple can not control themselves then they should be aware of facing strong penalties for doing such things in public.
  • They should also understand the norms and cultures of the country where they are residing and should not trying to get involved themselves in such acts.
  • They should also understand the teaching and values of their religion especially Islam. No religion allows such intimacy without marriages and in public areas.
Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

We expect everyone involved should be equally responsible for such incidents which must be controlled by all means in future in order to safeguard the positive image of our country. 

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