Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Make Every Journey Count: 5 Tips from Experienced Globetrotters

How Experienced Globetrotters Make Each Journey Unique

Being led by wanderlust and hearing the mysteries of the world calling you isn’t just about being spontaneous. In order to see the world, you need to have highly developed planning skills. Although there are ways to get around without a fortune – and many globetrotters are more than happy to share their advice – you do still need money to travel.
However, when you develop your own strategies and get yourself out there, it’s quite necessary to do it with the right mindset or all of the places you visit will just blend together in a mist of vague memories. Here are five things experienced globetrotters do to make their journeys unique and my suggestion is for you to do the same.
Pay Attention To Details

The fact is you’re going to see many different city squares, woods and religious monuments, but in order to really understand the culture of one people and have a certain memory carved in your mind, you need to avoid looking at things from the postcard view. Every time you find yourself in a new location, make sure to pay close attention to details. That way, things you look at will get a life of their own and, thus, touch your spirit and stay with you.

Make New Friends

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a lone wolf or a social butterfly – being in a foreign country and isolating yourself from the locals is like going to a candy store just to watch the shop window. People are amazing and that’s not something you should deny yourself. So, like an experienced globetrotter would, make each journey count by making a personal connection.

Capture Memories

Fortunately, digital photography is cheap and you don’t have to think about quantities for one second when it comes to this matter. Therefore, you should take a photo of everything that draws your attention, especially those details that we’ve already mentioned. However, when you do go back home, you should introduce some order to your library, make them mesmerizing with some professional image editing services, and save yet another new album to your collection.

Write a Journal

Although keeping a journal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and although you might have never considered yourself to be a writer, you should give this idea a go. It’s not necessary for you to go into great detail when describing the events that happen to you, but you can write down dates and impressions and write sketches. You can also have people you meet add something to your notebooks and thus make your memories of them last forever.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Let's encourage this brave act by Dr Tasnim Jara in her wedding!

When we hear the term 'Bride', immediately the image of girl wearing expensive bridal dress, loaded with heavy jewelry and glittery makeup pops up in our mind. However Dr. Tasnim Jara had other plans as a bride. While it's mainstream that brides do wear makeup, and pretty dress and expensive jewelry and feel more confident because of these, this wasn't the case for Jara. She pointed out the fact that some brides feel pressured to look a certain way only to 'fit in' the standards set by our society and that we should be resisting against this pressure, so every bride can have a day she feels is her own۔

Dr. Tasnim was concerned about the fact that how people gossip about the bride's appearance at weddings. It is the standards that have been set by our society for a bride that make her feel pressured to "look for the best makeup artist in town," and pay "a hefty amount in time, money and energy, and end up looking nothing like herself; because the society constantly reminds her that her actual skin color isn't good enough for her own wedding."

Jara decided to break all these stereotypical rituals and customs that are defined for a bride by the society. She by herself presented an astonishing image of bride on her wedding. Instead of wearing heavy and expensive wedding dress she wore her granny's White Saree, did not apply any make up and of course no Gold and Glitter. She tried introducing the concept of simplicity and that the bride can enjoy her wedding without being dripped in gold. It wasn't an easy decision for Jara as she faced much criticism from her relatives. Some of them even refused to have their pictures taken with her as she was not "The Proper Bride". Despite of all the resistance she had to face, she was determined to present her point. She was determined to show that the concept of high expense weddings that we follow should come to an end۔


Her Facebook post became the center of attention for people soon after she shared her initiative and a heated argument started. Surprisingly she became the center of criticism on social media too. Many labeled her as the "Fame and Attention Seeker". Ironically, we as a nation are way too bonded to blindly follow the false concepts that have been dictated to us. We show resistance and tend to discourage the people who take stand and dare to break these stereotypical standards.
First of all, it was HER wedding so she had every single right to wear WHATEVER she felt like wearing. Furthermore, she has not asked other girls to stop wearing makeup or heavy jewelry or traditional bridal dresses. She just had kept her perception here.If anyone thinks that a bride doesn't look good without make up, or bridal dress, they have the freedom to follow their will however criticizing her for her act is nothing but a well depicted example of the pathetic mindset our society holds. If anyone takes any initiative he or she is immediately discouraged. I fail to understand that when will we step out of this mindset!

However, despite the negative comments and remarks there many sane people too who not only encouraged her but also shared their experience. Some even idolize her act and decided to follow her mind set. One of the most encouraging and positive comment that I absolutely loved was,

"Kudos for having the courage to face down social pressure and march to the beat of your own drum! I am so encouraged to read about your reasoning, especially that, " is a problem when she loses her agency in deciding what she would like to wear on her wedding day". As women continue to struggle for equity in the world on so many fronts, it is encouraging to see young women like yourself take a bold stance. Good luck to you and your supportive husband; stay strong!!"

Let's take a moment and appreciate Jara's act. It was indeed a step well taken to make it clear that a girl as a bride need not to "Doll Up" and look like a different person on her big day. She can remain the way she is, no need to glorify herself to look "appealing" as per society's set of rules.
Authored By Muneeba Anwar
"Muneeba Anwar is a Built-In-Geek & Tech Enthusiast who finds solace in reading and writing about latest technologies. She keeps a close eye on happenings in the world of technology and absolutely love to write on tech-related and geeky stuff. You can reach her out at"

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Buy best quality Nature's Grip, Eco-Friendly Jute & Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads


So today we are going to feature one of the best products of Amazon, the best quality Nature'sGrip, Eco-Friendly Jute & Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads!  These rug pads are well known for their superior griping capabilities, long lasting warranty, and eco friendliness. Let us have a quick review about this product.


ü  Variety of sizes available
ü  Provides amazing grip
ü  Comes with a 20 year warranty
ü  Can be easily trimmed
ü  Provide protection to floor from heavy appliances
ü  Safe for Vinyl
ü  Eco friendly
ü  No usage of adhesive chemicals
ü  lightweight

ü  Sticks to the floor sometimes
ü  Difficult to wash


People who have bought it already, are giving their valuable reviews.
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Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This product is a Must-Have for your home! How so? Let's see:

1- Provide You With An Amazing Grip:
We all are tired of having rugs in front of our entryways that keeps slipping all the time, right? What makes these Jute & Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads a stand-out in this regard is the superior grip, which they provide. Fear no more about slipping rugs while you these Jute & Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads!

2- Comes With A 20 Year Warranty:
Yep, you read that right! These fantastic rugs come with a 20 year warranty! So if, by any chance, any of your purchased rugs prematurely dry out or breakdown you know you can return.

3- Long Lasting:
As we all have experience of such rugs that deteriorate after usage of few months yet these rugs are different. These rugs are reported to be lasting long for vinyl floors as well as for hardwood floors. And if by ANY chance you seem to have any issue you have a 20 year warranty waiting!

4- Comfortable And Cozy:
Jute Rugs are truly comfortable to walk at. They are not that soft as compared to a carpet still they are comfortable and cozy and provide a nice messaging effect to the feet.

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing This Product?

Although this product is a win-win deal, but there are certain aspects that should be kept in mind before purchasing this product. Let's see what they are:

1-  When the temperature and humidity are high, the rug mat may stick to the floors. (Issues have been reported)
2-  These are difficult to wash. Should never be machine washed. However you can easily clean them by vacuuming.
3-  Jute floor coverings sometimes have a bizarre scent at first as well. Not an absolutely terrible smell, only a hearty aroma for the first day or two after you open them. So if you any sort of allergy with sand or grass you need to be careful. (Though it happens only sometimes)
Final Verdict?

Keeping in mind all these benefits that the Jute & Natural Rubber Non-Slip Rug Pads are providing, reasonable pricing as well as pretty good user reviews, this is the product you shouldn't doubt yourself purchasing!


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Why should you buy natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base ?


Today we're going to discuss about the famous Natural Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamp with Indian Rosewood Base. These are available at Amazon for an amazingly reasonable price. Let's have a quick review about this product.


ü  User can control the brightness as per their wish.
ü  Smooth adjustable dimmer switch.
ü  Proper base.
ü  Comes with a 15 watt bulb installed.
ü  Variety of Colors Available.

Despite having a number of pros, we should mention a couple of cons as well which we feel essential to bring into your knowledge before we encourage you to buy this great product.


ü  Doesn't come with extra bulbs.
ü  The bulb heats up, if the lamp is left turned on for long.

This is the product you shouldn't miss buying. Reason? Here you go:

1- Helps You In Stress Relief
Salt lamps are well known for their effect of putting out negative ions from their surroundings. Negative ions are essential for us. It's something that we actually need to help balance ourselves out because we're pretty much bombarded with positive ions especially from the electronics all day long.
Obviously when you're in your office or home that most of the time has its windows closed and no plants, it doesn't have much connection to the outdoors. Areas like these said to have zero negative ions. This is where The Himalayan Salt lamps play vital part. Most of the consumers claim that these lamps have actually been helpful in providing them the stress relief. The warm diffused light of the Himalayan lamp is said to be extremely soothing and relaxing.

2- Makes An Equisetic Décor:
If you are looking for a unique, elegant, stylish and artistic decor for your home, then these Himalayan lamps are the best answer for your needs! We all know that lamps are unquestionably a valuable bit of furniture. These lamps are beautifully designed portraying the most sumptuous and artistic look, so they make a piece of glamour to your home!

Honestly, who wouldn't love a pretty hand-carved soothing light emitting lamp in their home?

3- Health Benefits
Salt is generally known to help in curing In Insomnia. As the lamp's brightness is controlled by the consumer, you can dim the lamp's lights at night, which will make a great night light. These Himalayan lamps have been spotted as providing great health benefits to their consumers ranging from Insomnia to chest congestion, dry coughs and even sinuses.


People who have bought it already, are giving their valuable reviews.

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4- A Perfect Present
These lamps are the perfect presents for your companions and loved ones as anyone would be delighted to have these alluring and stunning pieces of art!
What You Need To Know Before Buying This Product?

Although we have discussed that these lamps are truly useful as a décor, makes the perfect present and provides various health benefits however here are few things you should know when purchasing this product.

1-  The container it comes in is a plain cardboard that fits firmly to the lamp which makes it look a little less appealing if you're sending these lamps as a gift to someone.
2-  Keep in mind that you are buying a natural stone so every stone is different in shape and not all sides of the stone are as lovely as they have been depicted in the picture. 
3-  The lamp does not come with any extra bulb. It has a 15 watt bulb installed, you can later change it as per your need.
One of customer had shared the detailed feedback which can be a great support in buying for everyone.

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Final Verdict?

Considering all these benefits the Himalayan lamps are providing, reasonable price as well as amazing user reviews, we find no reason to disagree that these lamps are a Must-Have for your home/office!

People who are buying this lamp, also buying TGS Gems 25 Watt Himalayan Salt Lamp light bulb which makes this product a best in use.

You can also buy some of the other similar good products at Amazon.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wake up call against such activities in the educational institutes of Pakistan

So recently while scrolling down my news feed something not only made me stop but also left me flabbergasted for few minutes. It was the dance video of a college event in Punjab where vulgarity crossed its entire limit. I found out that the video belonged to Punjab Groups of Colleges' Welcome Party event. It was uploaded on the internet soon after the dance performance took place and since then, it has taken the internet by storm. The pathetic video was about a girl (or may be a boy disguised as a girl) and a boy dancing to a song. I was actually left speechless minutes after watching that video. Lots of thoughts started racing down my mind.
I couldn't help thinking that indeed it is a pity, that our educational institutes are becoming; and a majority of them have already been turned into dance parties clubs where nudity and vulgarity are being showcased under the supervision of management that is undoubtedly affecting our young people. This type of activity in country's largest educational group (Punjab Group of Colleges) has raised many questions.

First of all, the most important question is WHO had allowed this? Definitely, the management did know about this specific dance performance before so why they allowed this in the first place? Even if we assume that the dancers were from outside the college or even if both were boys but why were they allowed to perform in the college premises? It is crystal clear that the management didn't bother to care about the effect this performance is going to impart on young people's mind!
The major problem is that we Pakistanis, as a nation, are trapped in between two extremes. Either we are the religious radicals or in the other case, we completely forget that we live in an Islamic state, The Islami Jamhooria-e-Pakistan. We are supposed to promote our Islamic, cultural and ethical values. I fail to understand that as these activities are arising in our educational institutions, "what" values our students are learning? It is indeed a thought provoking issue for us. We need to realize that whatever we are going to teach our kids, they're going to preach it too. This generation is our future and they are going to promote our image. If activities like these prevail in our institutions, we cannot expect our generation to promote our values in future!!

And not only Punjab Group of Colleges, this is happening in many other institutions as well, the most important question so far is, where are our government and regulatory authorities? 

Strict actions should be taken by the government regarding such activities. We send our kids to school for learning values, not losing them! Let us join hands together and demand the authorities to take notice of such activities in educational institutions which could (and definitely are) leading the future generation towards immorality and vulgarity.