Thursday, December 8, 2016

Spotter Route – Planner: A Powerful App You Can't Miss Downloading

GPS apps are a must-download for your android or iOS that not only offers you basic driving directions, but also makes you aware of your entire surroundings. It's 2016, we don’t need to keep track of our surrounding places while an efficient and small application in your smartphone can do it for you. Today we are going to discuss an amazing, fast and efficient application called Spotter Route-Planner.


Spotter Route- Planner app is designed to assist you in finding nearby places around you in just the blink of an eye. The application covers wide range of areas/places around you including:

ü  Banks
ü  ATM
ü Airports
ü  Bus stand
ü  Book stores
ü  Beauty saloons
ü  Café
ü  Mosques / Churches
ü  Department stores
ü Embassy
ü  Fire station 
ü  Gas station
ü  Gym
ü  Hospital
ü  Hardware store
ü  Health
ü  Jewelry store
ü  School
ü  Shopping mall
ü  Stadium
ü  Travel agency
ü  Train station
ü  Zoo
ü  University

Ø  Last Updated: October 23, 2016
Ø  Requires Android: 4.0.3 and later
Ø  Rating: 4 stars
Ø  Offered By: Device Boost
Ø  Current Version: 1.0.4
How Does It Work?

The app lets you discover your location with Maps, allows navigation to become aware about walking directions and driving.
Once you turn on your location, the app lets you locate places around you as well as any spot round the globe.

The worth mentioning feature about the app is that it not only lists down your nearest places but also displays their details like Name, Address, website, contact details, ratings etc.

Number Of Maps:

Spotter Route - Planner supports following maps:

ü  Normal ( Road Map) View
ü  Hybrid View
ü  Satellite View
ü  Terrain View
The Normal View is the default map type. It displays the default road map view.
Image: Normal View

The Satellite View is used to display Google Earth images from the satellite.

Image: Satellite View

The Hybrid view displays the highlights of an amalgamation of satellite and normal view.

Image: Hybrid View

The Terrain view displays a physical map containing terrain information.

Image: Terrain View

The app also offers:

ü Navigation Tracks: Displays current position of GPS with various routes following with courses.
ü Walking Routes & Navigation: Displays your destination by walking with definite information.
ü  Driving Routes & Navigation: Explores all possible shortest driving routes.
ü  Bus Routes & Tracker: Exhibits subway maps, train locations and stations etc

           ·          Easy to use
           ·          Free
           ·          Vibrant and interactive interface
           ·          Provides the option to share your desired location with others
           ·          Authentic and detailed information
           ·          Displays all possible nearest location to you
           ·          Responsive customer support

           ·          Contains add
Bottom Line:
In a nutshell, Spotter Route – Planner offers an efficient, accurate and useful service to its users. The overall application's design and architecture, working and features make it a standout among other applications. This is definitely an app you need to download on your smartphone!

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