Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Social media is not a guaranteed way of Long Lasting fame but enough to make someone a “HERO” overnight!

We have often heard that sometimes it's the luck that changes life in seconds. Same thing happened in the case of Chai Wala. A few days back, Arshad, the Piyara Chai Wala, now the famous model and probably a celebrity was just a tea seller and it was a matter a day or two, with a single picture of him being posted, he broke down the internet with his charismatic eyes and looks. 


Chai Wala having real name Arshad is only 18! He belongs from Mardan, KPK and has 17 siblings. He came to Islamabad at the age of 14 to find work and support his family. Before working at the tea shop, Arshad sold fruits and vegetables and utilized garments at the bug advertise for a considerable length of time. He had been working in the tea stall for months from morning to evening for Rs. 500 a day.

So from where did that fame part come?

It all started when an Islamabad-based freelance photographer, Jiah Ali suddenly captured a photo of this handsome Chai Wala, while he was pouring some tea, and Instagrammed it. The picture broke the internet overnight, with thousands of shares at social media with the hash tag of ChaiWala.

After that, Arshad all of sudden became the center of attention when young men and young ladies began thronging his tea shop to take selfies with him. At first, he thought he'd accomplished something incorrectly. He quit his employment and remained in isolation until companions and relatives let him know that it was his photo that had made him well known.

He got media coverage as well, as our media always need a 'story' to keep them busy! Within no time he got several modeling offers due to his good looks. The Islamabad-based apparel retail site then reached him for his first demonstrating shoot and he now graces the site's landing page, displaying T-shirts.

Not only that, he hits his first commercial featuring a motorcycle brand.

The stunning part is that Syed Noor has also decided to give him a chance in the industry and would cast him in any upcoming movie however the details are not revealed yet

Reviewing the minute Ms. Ali took his photograph, Arshad says he was serving tea when a lady going by abruptly halted, took a snap and left. He overlooked the occurrence and just understood the photo had made him celebrated when individuals let him know his blue-green eyes were a top inclining subject via web-based networking media.

"My mom regularly used to let me know that one day you will end up being a renowned man. I generally thought it was a desire and that's it. In any case, now I feel it is because of my mom's petitions that I have turned into a model from a tea dealer.", told Arshad in an interview.

However, we need to keep one factor in our minds that fame earned by social media doesn’t necessarily last long. Social media is a nasty business; it can make you an internet sensation, a celebrity overnight on the other hand, it can also ruin your life long earned success and good will within seconds! We have multiple such stories in our industry for example: The Justin girls who at first, became the eye candy of social media but by the passage of time, got vanished. Hardly anybody remembers them now.

We have seen the journey of this lad from being a Chai Wala to now a Fame Wala. It's just the beginning. He has just started his career. We hope he won't be forgotten shortly. We wish him good luck for his future that I am sure he has a really bright one!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Five Most Intelligent And Brutal Moves In The Businesses Around The World

The real business world is ruthless and not really reasonable, but on the off chance that you take after specific tenets, you stand a truly decent shot of ending up as the winner. There are times when the business requires from you certain moves that may be brutal and intelligent to keep you going. History is filled with such events and examples. Let's take a glance at a few.

Starting with a recent example,

1.  Instagram Replicating Snapchat's Feature.

Instagram owned by Facebook has recently come up with a new feature, Stories, that are almost identical to Snapchat stories. It's no wonder that Facebook and Snapchat are rivals of each other and Snapchat has even turned down Facebook's offer of $3,000,000,000.00 back in 2013.

So, after 3 years Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook launched Instagram Stories. Well, sounds like a smart move! On the off chance that you can't get it, spend a small amount of what you would have, on replicating it! Insightful, smart yet brutal.

2.  Founder Of FedEx, Gambled His Company's Last 5 Grand In Order To Save It From Shutting Down.

Frederick Smith raised $91 million ($525 million) and was bringing home the bacon. One day, however, his endeavors went to a detour and he was simply left with $5,000!
With his organization gazing at unavoidable collapse, he could either be valiant or extremely dumb. He picked both.

He took out those $5000 and straightaway made a beeline for Las Vegas. That evening, he just had two options, either to lose all his money and close FedEx or make a pretty penny. Well, what happened that evening in Vegas, did not simply remain in Vegas!

He gambled all of his 5 grand on blackjack and won a groundbreaking $27,000! Returned home with his crown jewels of blackjack and got his planes up and running in a couple of hours.

Today, FedEx's revenue is standing at 47.45 billion US dollars!

3.  Steve Jobs Funding Pixar After Losing His Job At Apple.

Subsequent to losing a power battle with the Apple top managerial staff in 1985, Steve Jobs went ahead to establish NeXT, a PC stage improvement organization for the higher end and business markets. The next year, he additionally obtained a PC representation division of Lucasfilm that went ahead to wind up Pixar. There, he served as CEO and a 50.1% greater part shareholder until Disney purchased Pixar in 2006. He got 7% of Disney shares and joined the board as the single biggest individual shareholder.

In 1996, as Apple attempted to convey its next working framework, Gil Amelio, the new Apple CEO, chose to influence the NeXT stage as the establishment for the Mac OS X. This opened the entryway for Jobs to come back to Apple, first as an adviser and after that as acting CEO. He, at last, continued his title of CEO and continued to bring the organization once again from the verge of insolvency to productivity.

4.  Burj Khalifa Blocking The Services Of Tenants Who Doesn't Pay Their Rents!

In general cases, most landlords typically hire lawyers in an attempt to evict people. The issue is, it requires an investment of time. Furthermore, if your inhabitants don't have cash, you may never recoup the unpaid lease, regardless of the possibility, that is the thing that the judge chose.
So when Emaar Properties, Burj Khalifa's owner discovered that some of their inhabitants quit paying their rent, they took an intelligent yet brutal move.

They simply blocked these inhabitants' A/C access and elevator cards.

Okay so, climbing up to floor 163 (2,722 ft) each time you need to go home, to end up in a human-sized pressure cooker in which none of the windows can be opened (for safety and security reasons) is not a situation one would be delighted to end up in!

5.  Bill Gates' Strategic Acting In Obtaining Copyright For His Framework :

IBM was searching for a program called OS (Operating System) for their home computers. A gathering of officials from IBM went to meet Gates, who was then running a little organization.

Bill Gates anticipated his MS-DOS working framework as a goldmine, and he deceived IBM, the greatest PC organization on earth, into giving him a chance to hold the copyright.

It was a smart move taken by him that led him to all this success.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Proved Ways to Choose Right Locks For Your Home

When we choose locks for our home, the first thing that comes in our mind is Security. The other things like cost, style and the look of the finished products come after security. Choosing a lock is also dependent on the style of your door. There are different types of locks available in the market and even we can find different style of locks for interior or exterior doors. Selecting a door lock is as difficult as choosing any household thing- it’s never easy. Before we make our mind to buy any lock it’s very necessary that we take some time and research on it. This will surely help us to search kind of locks that we want for our home. Locks are very essential part of our home because the security of our family and our personal belongings depend on it.

So I have created a list of things we all need to consider before choosing any lock:

Door Type

The type of door you wanted to install at your home or you have already fitted will surely give you an idea of the lock you want to use. It is very necessary to read the product description before choosing the lock, so you can check whether the lock will be suitable for your door or not depending upon the size and color of the lock. As hefty locks are perfect matches for heavy doors. For exterior protection, sturdy doors with heavy locks are the best choice. There are many specialized locks made by professional locksmiths if you have sliding glass and pocket doors installed at your home.

Unlocking Door Locks

Selecting door locks also depend upon the way you wish to unlock the door. Most people prefer to have a door lock which opens with a key. Recently there are many other ways to unlock a door; you can open it by entering the right code/pin. These door locks are designed with a single code that is given to every family member or different code for each person of the family. These types of door locks are preferred by the people who always misplace the keys or don’t like to carry keys at all. There are many door locks which need to operate with a combination code.

Door Lock style

You can get the different varieties of locks in market.  It gives you the opportunity to choose the locks according to your door style. You can also select the doors that go perfectly with your home decor and hardware accessories such as hinges, plaques and knockers. Locks come with different styles and different colors as silver, bronze and gold to suit your home décor. Even some doors come with engravings that make them look more beautiful.

Door Lock Features

Every door lock is built with different features. As you can see there are many doors with knob and other don't have knob. Some door locks are made with different functionality that if you shut the door the lock automatically locks itself. You must choose a lock system that gives you the surety that the lock has been locked and properly maintaining its security system. So, it's a tough decision for you to choose a lock that will fulfill all your requirements of home security. You can check the security ratings of the locks given by locksmiths before buying any lock system for your home. Some companies produce locks with grade system and by knowing the grade of the lock you'll definitely get an idea what type of lock will be required for your home. These grades are given to the locks according to how much protection and security they offer. So, again read the description of the lock and choose the lock system that will be suitable for your home.

So, choose your lock for full security and live safely at your home!!

Monday, November 21, 2016

How to take Care of Your Cast Iron Skillet?

Cast Iron is considered to be an excellent cooking utensil because of its heat retention properties. So in this article, we are going to discuss some ways of using as well as taking care of a cast iron skillet.

  • Start by getting some steel wool. Scrub it down with steel wool with mild dish soap, just keep scrubbing along all of the sides, on the back of it, turn it over, and get the handle. Once you're happy that it's all clean, you can go give it a rinse under hot water.
  • Dry it off with a towel and then put it onto your stove and turn it on.  And let all of that excess water, any extra moisture dry off.
  • Apply a thin layer of oil.  Flax seed oil is the best oil for the job. It creates the best non-stick, longest lasting seasoning, but   canola oil will also work just fine.
  • The surface is actually porous, so we want to fill up to make a nice, smooth cooking surface.  So once we have this thin layer of oil all over the skillet,
  • Wipe all the excess oil off.rub off as much of the oil as you can.  If you don't wipe off enough oil and have too thick of a layer, then it comes out of the oven very sticky  and does not provide the best results
  • Put your cast iron in your oven on the highest temperature it can go, between 450 and 500 degrees. So this process is going to take about an hour.  The reason we need our oven so high is that we actually want the oil to bond with the cast iron. So if you've ever taken your skillet and it's still kind of brown and sticky, it's probably because your oven wasn't hot enough.
  • After an hour, you can turn off your oven and let it cool in there. The result is a hard glassy layer that we're looking for that helps make our cast iron non-stick.
  • A good rule to remember whenever you're dealing with cast iron is water will make it rust. We always want to get it as dry as possible.

  • Preheat it onto a low to medium heat.  This may take five to ten minutes.
  •  If the food is sticking to the pan.  Usually, that's because you're putting cold food in a cold cast iron pan.
  •  When you put any meat in your hot skillet, just leave it, as you want it to sear and caramelize. Let it cook.  When you see the kind of brown crust forming on the outside, that's when you know it's ready to flip.
  •  You can get a nice layer of caramelization from a high heat on the stove and then finish something cooking in the oven on a much gentler, radiant heat.

As you are beginning to clean your cast iron, you need to hit a sweet spot. On the off chance that it's chilled off excessively, the nourishment will follow and truly adhere to the container. What's more, if it's excessively hot and you put it under cool water, you can chance it splitting. So you need to wash the container quite not long after you utilize it.

The tenderest approach to clean your skillet is with boiling point water and salt and a non-metal scouring cushion or the unpleasant side of your wipe. The salt acts as a rough and scours off any sustenance that is on there without harming the flavoring by any means.

Once you're upbeat that your skillet is spotless, give it another towel dry and after that let it totally get dry either on the stove or in a warm broiler just to ensure there's no waiting moisture or dampness. What's more, that is going to shield it from rusting later on.

So the last thing, we're going to put a defensive layer of oil on the skillet before we store it. Precisely with a paper towel, rub that up and down within. Turn up the warmth until the oil is smoking, at that point turn it off and let it cool on the stove. The motivation behind why we need to take up to the smoking point is so that the oil doesn't turn rotten.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Freelance Writing – The Journey that Needs to Be Undertaken

Okay! First thing, you cannot get down to being a freelance writer, just because you anything else could not pan out for you. The reason is pretty simple – it does take talent and dedication, and if you lack in either of these, I don't see how you can last long in this profession. There is a journey that you will have to make, odds that you will have to surmount, certain compromises that you will need to make on the way, lessons that you will learn as you commit mistakes and achieve goals. But, when you are there, you may never have to look back. And, the journey itself will be fulfilling. I have been a teacher most my professional life, and my career as a freelance writer is pretty tiny as compared to my previous profession. But, I too had one fine day when I set on this journey. So, here I do endeavor to summarize the journey that any such aspirant who needs to go freelancing will and should go on.

  • Chapter 1 – Setting on the Journey
So, goes without saying that you will have to make a start. But there are more ways than one to do that. If you have been working full-time, as a writer, or as an accountant, or as anything under the sun for that matter (writing has nothing to do with what you do to earn your bread), it is a really bad idea to quit and go fully freelancing, UNLESS, you have been doing some freelance jobs along with your regular work. Nevertheless, if it is your first attempt at any work, so be it – go full-time, and direct all your energy towards it. It may, at times, seem too lazy a job for you can do it in your pajamas, but well, that is how we roll.

  • Chapter 2 – Camping is Not Really an Option
So, you did start off with is, but all you can see is tiny success as procuring work? You may have felt before that you are going to be your own boss, but it turns out that nothing much is happening in the scene. Pretty much a common sight. What do you do then? Leave it aside for a while and go on a holiday? Nope! You stay put. Hanging your shoes and camping is not an option. You may make small weekend halts, but that is that. Keep going; keep looking for jobs on freelance websites; keeps in touch with your old work contacts; remind them (don't pester them though) that you are available for work. This is how slowly, yet steadily, you will set the ball rolling.

  • Chapter 3 – Improvising on the Map
Yes, improvise on your road map. We usually start from simple things, small gigs, plain pieces of writing – essays, blogs, articles, short descriptions and the like. But, you must improvise now; move into directions; see where your interest lies – fiction, non-fiction, poetry, technical writing (it could be whatever interests you) – because now you do get to make a choice. 

  • Chapter 4 – Reaching the Destination
Once you start feeling that you have learned at least 60-70% more skill and improvement in the process than what you had started with, you feel satisfied with the quality and quantity of your work, and you feel that you have more than broken even financially, that is where you must consider that you have reached your destination. Now, you don't look for work; the work looks for you.

  • Chapter 5 – The Wanderlust Continues
But stop we mustn't. Being comfortable in a profession can actually be a bane in disguise. Why, you ask? It stops you from progressing and making yourself better by the day. Unless you let your wanderlust take over and let yourself to go beyond freelance writing jobs online, you are so very likely to stop making any progress with time. The only way to stay in the profession is to keep honing your skill.

I hope you have a great journey ahead!
Authored By Priyanka Arora
Priyanka Arora is freelance writer herself. Making a switch from education to writing.   She feels that the transformation has been a very learning experience, and one that had added to her sense of language. She writes mostly about writing and reading (which she never mentions without a hearty laughter.)
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Monday, November 14, 2016

10 Things You Must Know About Ladislao José Biro - A man behind Great invention

In spite of the fact that his name may not be promptly well known, Ladislao José Biro's reality popular creation – the ballpoint pen - now utilized by millions over the world absolutely is!

Ladislao José Biro invented ballpoint pen

Here are the 10 amazing things you need to know about Ladislao José Biro.

1) Belonged from a Jewish family.

2) He was a journalist.

Once after he left school, he started his career as a journalist in Hungary.

3) The ballpoint pen was roused by the daily paper printing press.

As a daily paper editorial manager in Budapest, Biro became acquainted with the fact of how effectively daily papers were printed and how quick the ink dried contrasted with the then-universal fountain pen. Disappointed by the fountain pen's smeared and blotched results and not able to get more thick quick drying ink to pour through its nib, to make radical new sort of pen, which moved ink onto paper in a comparative style to a newsprint roller.

4) Biro was compelled to escape Nazi powers as he explored different avenues regarding his invention.

As he belonged from a Jewish family in Budapest, Hungary, Biro was compelled to escape the nation in 1940. In the wake of getting away Hungary, Biro set out to Argentina where he discovered backing to transform the Biro into a business product.

5) His invention acted as a powerful tool in World War II.

6) Biros are the most well-known pen.

In 1945, Marcel Bich purchased the patent for Biro's pen, which quickly turned into the Big organization's primary item. 
The Bic Cristal biro is currently the world's most well-known pen and Biro's name stays synonymous with his innovation in numerous nations all through Europe.

7) The created the ballpoint Pen along with his brother, who happened to be a chemist

Biro enrolled the assistance of his sibling, Gyorgy, a chemist, to concoct the ballpoint pen. He attempted to utilize daily paper ink inside the pen, however, it was too thick.

8) Biro's birthday is recognized as Inventors Day 

In Argentina, where Biro started mass creating his ballpoint pens, his birthday – 29 September – is commended as Inventor's Day. Biro departed in Argentina in Buenos Aires in 1985, at 86.

9) On 29 September 2016, on his 117th birth anniversary, Google remembered him with a Google Doodle for "his relentless, forward-thinking spirit".

10) Biro is a registered trademark.

A ballpoint pen is broadly alluded to as a "Biro" in numerous countries, including the UK, Ireland, Australia and Italy.Although the word is an enlisted trademark, in a few nations, it has ended up genericised.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pocket Welcoming Styles to Upgrade Your Work Attire Closet

If you just settled an office job and you already have a suitable closet (or a spare $200 lying around to purchase all new-fangled garments) you are all set. On the another hand, if you look into your wardrobe and only spot t-shirts, jeans, and the suit you hired from your roommate to dress to the work interview, you have a drawback. Luckily, you can rapidly accumulate a simple office wardrobe that won't breakdown your bank, just by means of some simple basic fashion guidelines and by shopping intelligently. The key is to amass a wardrobe that you can dress every week without it being palpable that you only have one week's value of garments.


Assembling a work friendly closet within budget is not a rock hard mission. You just have to be a calculative. After all, you do not need to devote your hard earned dollars on something inefficient. Right?

So, let’s check out what J-Bees online Store said on how you can shape a work wardrobe without harming your wallet:

The Wide spread Misunderstandings

1. Apparels shopping have to be luxurious – designer products are the top quality. This is not often the case so the finest method to discover which styles, colors, and cuts suit you is to purchase at the lower end of the amount scale 'til you have decoded what you like and what looks decent.

2. You should evade sale products and special offers this is particularly erroneous when basic, staple things are reduced. There is nothing incorrect with shopping sale, it is a great chance to snap up wardrobe necessities for less than you were organized to pay. We cannot find a disadvantage to that.

3. Former style rules go in – you perhaps have not appropriately been shopping in a long-long time, your body form and taste have most likely transformed. Gears that you liked 8-10 years ago may not be suitable now so be open minded and attempt things you may have sacked at one time or another. Try being a bit exploratory; if you are a casual dresser try choosing the formal costume. You may astonish yourself.

4. Developing a new closet means scraping all of your present garments – whatsoever your reason for building a novel wardrobe it does not mean you have to entirely strip your closet and jump from scratch. Often we have fragments in our cupboards that we may have failed to remember about or are flexible and these should indisputably be unified into the new one.

5. Budget garbing looks economical – they are meager quality and not well crafted. This is a very common misunderstanding. Often the class of cheaper clothing is just as virtuous as high end, what is deficient is an upmarket tag and price label. It is likely to apply little money and still look classy. Things such as underwear and t-shirts are a perfect example of this.

Go Neutral

Keep in mind to hold on to neutral shades when shopping for new garments, especially the basics. Colors like white, black, beige, gray, and tan work fine with each other and other colors so you won’t have a hitch mixing and corresponding your dresses.

Do not let this halt you from buying whatever colorful- a brightly shaded blazer or scarf balancing with a mostly neutral clothing will help keep things exciting!

Target for Quality

You might be drawn to buy as much as you can, but you do not certainly have to dress a different clothing to job each day. So give attention to on superiority as compared to amount and purchase dresses that look elegant.

Quality garments do not always have to be posh- pay close attention to the buttons, fabric, seams, and zippers, and you will be able to tell apart an inexpensive attire from a quality one.

Three Useful Budget Closet Staples

The White Plain Tee

A classic and important wardrobe product, you should have a small number of simple white t-shirts in your closet as they can be dressed in anywhere, anytime day-to-night.

The Tweed Jacket

A tweed blazer is an impressive substitute to a suit jacket or coat. Gear it up or down with chinos or jeans and test with what you dress underneath it.

The Jogger

The Jogger is commonly assumed of as the lazy day staple. You can hold it casual but there is a way to wear it up; with parka and a shirt for example.

Top Instructions to keep in Mind

1. Consider the ins and outs for wanting to create your new wardrobe – which part of your life are you really missing when it comes to garments? Formal dress? Casual attire? Have a clear attention when determining which items you really want and tailor your shop for that reason.

2. Get a 2nd view – you may be trying out innovative colors and designs that are entirely alien to you. If you do not know what to style of that patterned shirt or that khaki bomber, then get another judgment from a friend who you know will be truthful with you.

3. Shop at ease – take your time when you are determining which fragments to add to your new closet. Impulse purchases will likely take up luxurious and needless space in your wardrobe. Think of the goal is to keep expenses down so if you blunder upon something that takes your expensive, add it to your shopping basket and mull over it for a few days. That way, with the advantage of observation you can adopt whether you truly need/want it.

On that note…

‘You do not want a Porsche to find out how to drive.’

Keep in mind, constructing a new wardrobe does not have to be posh. You can still appear magnificent shopping sale and own brand stuff. If you are going to pay out a little more, keep your budget in attention and take the time to mull over which statement pieces you are equipped to fork out for.

You do not need a stock of money and luxurious garments to dress well.

Now that you have read these tips from J-Bees, you need not worry about creating your work closet in spite of being on a budget. Keep the guidelines given here in mind and shop items steadily, and you will soon have a desirable work closet!

Monday, November 7, 2016

13 Lesser Known Facts About Great poet Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal, the man whose divinely insight and great vision lead to the creation of Pakistan. He was a poet, philosopher, politician, mystic and Sufi.  He infused the concept of Khudi ( I – am – ness ) into the Muslims. He was always concerned about the miserable conditions of the Indian Muslims and wanted them to fight for their rights instead of falling victim to the situations. He was the originator of the famous Two-Nation Theory that formed the basis for Pakistan.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal

Let us take a look at 13 amazing facts about Allama Iqbal, that, I am sure will probably stun you!                                          

1. Allama Iqbal Had Three Marriages:

His first marriage was with Karim Bibi in 1895. His second marriage was with Sardar Begum in 1910 And Finally had his third marriage in 1914 with Mukhtar Begum.

2. He was awarded that "Khan Bahadurddin F.S. Jalaluddin" medal in 1897 for  achieving a splendid result in the Arabic language.

3.  A Street is named after him in Germany.

In Heidelberg, Germany a street has been named after Iqbal to immortalize his  stay there. 

4. He was bestowed the title of SIR in 1922 by King George.

Iqbal earned for a scholarship University Of Cambridge, Trinity College and earned the degree of Bachelor Of Arts in 1906 and achieved his degree of 'Doctor Of Philosophy' in 1908 from the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich.

Two titles are attributed with Allama Iqbal that are,
  • The Thinker Of Pakistan ( Mufakkir E Pakistan )
  •  The Sage Of The Ummah ( Hakeem Ul Ummah )
5. After the World War I, he was appalled by the tragic events and disasters Muslims had to face. In order to guide them through his poetry and words, he wrote Khizr e Raah ( The Guide ) and Bang E Dara ( The Caravan Bell ).

6. Persian was Iqbal's preference for poetic expression rather than Urdu.

7.  He was elected to the Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1927.

8. Iqbal accepted the hospitality of Spain, while he was in England. He had the distinction of visiting Cordoba and being the first Muslim to offer the prayer over there after the exile of Moors.

9.  Javed Iqbal, the late senior justice of the Supreme Court Of Pakistan and  recipient of Hilal E Imtiaz Award was born in 1924 to Allama Iqbal and his  2nd  wife, Sardar Begum.

10.  Not known to many, yet the famous 'Taran E Hindi' was written by Iqbal.
  Some of the famous books written on Iqbal includes,        
  •      The Political Philosophy of Muhammad Iqbal: Islam and Nationalism in     Late Colonial India By Iqbal Singh Sevea
  •       Iqbal: The Life of a Poet, Philosopher and Politician By Zafar Anjum
  •       Muhammad Iqbal (monograph) By Dr. Abdul Haq
  •       Stray reflections 
Author: The book is regarded as his personal diary. It was started by Iqbal himself back in 1910. Later on, his son, Javed Iqbal finally published it in 1961.