Friday, October 28, 2016

What Doesn't Wikipedia Tell About National Dresses?

National dresses play an important role in defining a country's history, culture, and civilization. They act as an integral element to identify to which group of ethnic individuals they represent and their nation respectively. These are regularly worn amid celebrations or important occasion of a nation. There are nations where the national dresses are required by their laws to wear as a regard for their religion, traditions, and customs.

A National dress is designed to be a distinctive and unique form of costume. The term costume likewise incorporates adornments, for example, the shoe, cap, glove, undergarment, tissue, fan, umbrella, stick, and gems; styles of wearing the hair and beard.  Worldwide occasions may cater for non-Western participants with a compound clothing standard, for example, business suit or national dress.

There are occasions where national dresses are required by sumptuary laws in modern times. In Bhutan, the conventional Tibetan-style attire of Gho and Kera for men, Kira and Toego for ladies, must be worn by all residents, including those that are not of Tibetan legacy. In Saudi Arabia, ladies are additionally required to wear the Abaya in broad daylight. It is a part of country's religious traditions.

Some Interesting Facts about National dresses are as follows:
  •  Although Cheongsam (Qi Pao) is the national dress of China yet China has 56 different ethnic groups and every one of them has an alternate culture, so their national dresses vary respectively.
  •  In Vietnam, female office laborers are for the most part required to wear Ao Dai, a customary dress, as a custom being passed on from era to era.

Ao Dai

  •  It is frequently seen in funerals that attendees wear dark garments to make an air of gravity, solemnity, and regard.
  • The English don't generally have a conventional National Dress as such!
  •  A standout amongst the most renowned national dress on the planet is that well used in Scotland, The Kilt.
Scotsmen in The kilt

  • Numerous national dresses are connected with dance since they were initially worn for devouring days, celebrations and occasions.
  •  Gold thread embroidery on the kaftan-style gown is usually observed in the appalling Bahrain's national dress.
  • Khussa is regarded as the national footwear of Pakistan.
  • Kroplaps that are decorated bibs worn around the neck by women is a part of the traditional costume in Netherlands.
As should be obvious, wearing conventional outfits in extraordinary events has turned into a lifestyle that can't be effortlessly superseded by cutting edge attire, however, precisely national dresses are not supposed to be worn everywhere like marriage ceremonies, business gathering, parties etc.  One need to make sure always, that they are dressed according to the event as nothing is more worst than finding out that you haven't dressed up accordingly.

National dresses have been preserving our national identity and integrity. They are in all way, deserving of individuals' worry and ought to be safeguarded. Neglecting to keep up the remarkable attributes of the conventional outfit of a nation will clearly bring about demolition on the trustworthiness of a culture.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Clean booster: Best App to make your phone and tablet faster

It is no doubt that various phone cleaner applications have been launched in the course of recent years. The main feature of any cleaner is to clean the phone and browser histories, wipe cache data, get rid of unnecessary or unwanted folders and keep your phone optimized. Finding a cleaner app from Play Store is not a difficult task, however, finding an app that satisfies all of these needs can be a bit tricky. A bad cleaner app not only clogs up the disk space also it could leave you infected with viruses and malware at worst!

In this article, we are going to take a glance at one of the recently launched, powerful and efficient phone cleaner and booster in the market, Clean Booster!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Is death of Jose Fernandez not enough to reveal the truth of life ?

Indeed, even an average baseball fan has felt the profound gloom encompassing the recent death of Jose Fernandez, a 24-year-old genius pitcher for the Miami Marlins. Generally perceived for a charming smile, appealing personality, and commitment to people around him. Fernandez appeared to have radiated enthusiasm, hope, and cheerfulness continually.
Jose Fernandez

Sunday, October 9, 2016


It's 2016, and Apple Inc has just unveiled their latest and greatest Smartphone, the iPhone 7 in mega style. Frankly, who doesn't want to get their hands on the very latest Apple products? The smartest Apple phone has just sought the global attention worldwide as all eyes were set on the release of iPhone 7.


Apart from compulsively buying the iPhone 7, there are various reasons for people going crazy over it. Here we are going to discuss why the fanatics have been in such an awe since the launch of newest edition of iPhone mobile series.
Some key factors that are stand-out and upgraded are:
  • Improved Battery Life 
  • Water Resistance
  • Camera Quality 
  • Speed / Processing
The one most talked thing, is the removal of headphone jack (which you may already be aware of), better get used to it. In replacement of headphone jacks Apple has upgraded another feature in their mobile phones (stereo speakers) for making the iPhone 7 louder. 

Apple has made upgrades with the screen display and to much amaze it's even brighter. As Apple stated:

“More shades of the color spectrum can be used to create an image, meaning that what you see on the screen is a truer representation of the world,”

It looks same as the previous two models, but what you always expect from the Apple they deliver the best processing speed and A10 fusion is to my amazement very speedy and has made the newer iPhone 40% quicker in processing as compared to previous iPhone 6. You might notice, the processing speed at first nor will you be finding any further changes as compared to iPhone 6.

Coming to the camera, it is no surprise it's giving terrific picture quality results to the users. It also comes out with a telephoto lens which gives your snaps a new, better and real looks to your images.

The Water Resistance? Yes, iPhone 7 is water resistant and being sunk in a pool for 30 minutes won't be ruining your smart, beautiful and expensive handset. No more risks of losing your precious iPhone to a splash short-circuiting the ICs.

Over the years a major issue with iPhones was offering the starting memory storage to be 16GB and users would have had to delete apps or games or other data to create more space for themselves. But now you don't have to be worried about your iPhone's storage space as the new iPhone 7 offers storage up to 32GB as a starting memory offering. Probably the best thing about the current iPhone in offering for their lovers.

In all, iPhone 7 has just a lot to offer once we get to know it we would love quicker processing, brighter screen display, better battery life, good quality images being clicked, high speed processing and a good amount of memory storage to offer as compared to the predecessors. Ultimately, many options have been in the right direction for the latest iPhone. In the beginning you won't see many differences in the predecessor or the newer handset but there are a lot more things you might notice once you get your hands on it. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Top 10 Tips for Structuring URLs

The URL, commonly known as web address of your business, helps create an inspirational first impression. You might have experienced the simple, straightforward and easy to remember URLs of the famous brands. These are not set automatically but restructured according to the search engine requirements and consumer friendliness. There are tips and tricks for removing the auto-generated codes from the URLs.

In addition to the manual procedures, useful tools and plugins can also be used. Among the various plugins, SEO URL PrestaShop module is worth mentioning here, as it automatically removes the unwanted codes and special characters, and restructure the URLs for perfection. It also set redirection to prevent your store from losing customers. Some of the amazing tips are given below that can help you restructure the URLs for maximum online exposure and visibility.

1. Enhance URL Readability

Replace the ambiguous words and abbreviations with the meaningful words to communicate either the product, service or post title to the end consumer. Online readers abruptly switch between the browser tabs and don't bother to dig deep into a website that is not conveying useful information in the address bar. For example, compare

and observe the difference in readability and understandability of both the URLs, so that you can alter the link address of your store accordingly.

2. Remove Auto-generated Codes

Transform the bad URLs into lovable link addresses by removing the auto generated codes and special characters. For example, the SEO friendly URLs in PrestaShop are accompanied with a default code. You can remove them either one by one or perform a bulk action through a module to achieve flawless readability.

3. Use Canonical Tags

A web page having two different URLs but contains the same content is considered duplicate in terms of SEO rankings. So, to avoid penalty and stay higher in SERPs, use canonical tags that tell the search bots to consider them a single entity. It will protect you from any updates that are penalizing websites for plagiarism.

4. Adjust Keywords in the URLs

Adding keywords to the URLs is a good old practice that helps the users as well as the search engines to know what a web page is about. For product pages, you can add relevant keywords in the URLs, whereas bloggers use a complete post title or a few words in the link address.

A moderate use of keywords is always recommended, whereas stuffing a keyword twice in the address or adding needlessly in the category and subcategory may harm the SEO rankings.

5. Maintain a Relevancy between Page Title and URL

It often happens that admin changes either the title or the URL after publishing a product or post, which shows irrelevancy when displayed in search results or shared on social sites. In return, you get an unfriendly response from customers. It reduces the click through rate of your website because the URL negates what the title say. So, to gain customers’ trust, you need to add matching content in the URL and the respective page title.

6. Restrict the Use of Stop Words

You can freely use stop words like and, of, the, etc. in the title and body of a web page, but you need to avoid them because search engines ignore most of them while indexing or ranking the URLs.  

There are no set rules either to use them or not, because most of the bloggers have to add a complete phrase from the post title as it is. To make the URLs readable they often ignore SEO requirements. You can also decide according to the varying needs of your industry.

7. Fewer Folders are Usually Better

Folders are added in the URL to clarify the categories and store structure to the consumers at a glance. An ideal link structure includes fewer folders as it let the customers know that the store is well-organized and easy to browse, whereas with excessive folders they perceive that the store includes many categories and it seems difficult for them to navigate through a long list of folders.

8. Separate Words with Hyphens

While adding a long tail keyword, a complete product name or posts title; the use of hyphens and underscores are recommended for separating the words for higher readability. Without this, the words are combined and customers face difficulty in scanning a complete phrase.

9. Set Redirections Sensibly

Redirections are usually configured to allow the users to land an alternate page if a specific product or service is not accessible. You can also set redirections for the convenience of your customers, whereas using them for looping the users to gain impressions and views may affect your website.

10. Merge www and non-www Versions into One

The search engines rank www and non-www versions of your store differently. It is just like doing business with two addresses. So, to save ranking and get traffic from both, you need to merge both the versions. You can either select a preferred URL in webmaster tools or set redirection from one to another.

The above-discussed tips can help you elevate rankings and user friendliness of the URLs, whereas, for implementation and further guidance, you can refer to the infographic compiled by the FME Team. 

10 tips for structuring URLs
Infographic by – FME Modules

Authored By Alastair Brian

Alastair Brian writer from "FMEModules" - a brand well known for top of the line reliable PrestaShop Add-ons, themes, extensions and services. Follow him on.
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Saturday, October 1, 2016

How 10 Ultra-Delicious Chocolate Cakes can make us happy ?

Every chocolate cake is without a doubt a delicious cake. But some extra-ordinary chocolate cakes make it to the round of ultra-delicious chocolate cakes. And we are sure you would not want to miss even a slice of these! 

1. Seven Sins Chocolate Cake

Seven Sins
Dark chocolate whisky cream, milk chocolate mocha cream and white chocolate dulce de leche, all of these in one cake. Can anything be more alluring? No way! And all these are accompanied by milk chocolate marshmallow frosting, dark chocolate drizzle and chocolate shavings. It’s not a cake, it’s a blessing!

2. Guinness Chocolate Cake

This heavenly chocolate cake embraces malted Guinness flavor and whipped cream, then embellished with lots and lots of berries and cherries. The heavy ganaches mothering dripping from the sides would make you take this cake out of the picture straight into your mouth!

3. Molten Chocolate Cakes

Molten chocolate is just bliss, isn’t it? How about molten chocolate flowing out of spongy walls of a cake? Just imagining it is so mouth-watering! I wonder how to stop eating more and more of these once you start.

4. Chocolate Beetroot Cake

Chocolate Beetroot
Beetroot is very healthy, but not easy to eat, isn’t it? But what if beetroot becomes a part of a dark, dense, super-moist chocolate sponge cake in rich cocoa icing? Mouth-watering already? This chocolate beetroot cake is just irresistible and undoubtedly the best way to make beetroot part of your meal.

5. Chocolate Raspberry Cake

Chocolate Raspberry
Two beautiful creations in this world: chocolate and raspberry. And how about the creation that results on combining chocolate and raspberry? Wouldn’t that be amongst the tastiest creations in this world? This chocolate raspberry cake with raspberry frosting is just too delicious for your taste buds.

6. Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mousse
A delicious sponge sandwiched and surrounded with rich, truffle-like mousse to create an exquisite taste which is a treat to your taste buds.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil's Food Cake Cheesecake

Chocolate Chip Cookie
Don’t stress yourself with the name. But just give it a thought; Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake. That is too much deliciousness in a name! Layered with thick, luscious cheesecake, garnished with the biggest hunk of choc-chip cookie dough, it is just a heaven! God bless the creator of this cake.

8. Layer Rich Malted-Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow Cake

Layer Rich Malted-Chocolate Toasted Marshmallow 
A six layered dark chocolate cake sandwiching an incredible Belgian chocolate malted frosting and a toasted marshmallow frosting; do we need to say something more about this marvelous cake? The looks are so appealing that it’s too difficult to resist this cake. Now we feel the need to have this cake before we could write any further!

9. The 'Best' Chocolate Cake

The 'Best' Chocolate 
The name is enough to tell you that this cake is indeed the best. A blend of dark chocolate and strong coffee makes this dessert amazingly delicious, and the ganache smothered on the top makes it look beautiful and taste even more delicious.

10. The Whiteout Cake

The Whiteout
What’s a white cake doing in a chocolate cake round up? Relax. No wait. Get excited! It’s white chocolate! This is a triple-layer ultra-delicious cake with silky-smooth frosting made with warm milk, lusciously-thick cream, sugar and white Belgian chocolate.

These wonderful and delicious chocolate cakes are bliss. Even if you don’t want to do the effort of baking these on your own or don’t have the time to bake these but still want to taste these delicacies, you can go for the online cakes! With a plethora of different flavors and designs to choose from, you’d be lost into the online world of cakes.