Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Top Luxury Brands with Great Turnovers that You Must Know about

If you ask me what luxury goods are, my answer would be simply that commodities which are present at the highest end of the market in the terms of price and quality. These brands are growing day in and day out. Even though the economic markets witness depression or recession, the sales of the luxury goods have always shown an inclination. This means that there is no notable impact of economic fluctuation on them; people will still buy luxuries regardless of the present economic status of the market.  

Even the facts narrate a similar story: the value of the global personal luxury goods market was estimated  at 217 billion Euros in 2013.  Gigantic luxury brands are presently heading towards capturing a major portion of the consumption market, and have achieved this goal to a great extent. Here is a list of top 5 brands that rule the luxury world and have jaw-dropping annual turnovers. Here are some of these giants:

·         Oscar de la Renta

This brand is the biggest name among all the luxury brands in the industry. It was formed in 1960’s and till date they have never seen back, rather set new benchmarks for others brands. They carry an extensive range of products that include bridal dresses, apparels, handbags, accessories, and child wear. Their revenue for 2016 is $120.974 billion Euros till date, and  they are planning to expand their business throughout the world. 

Oscar de la Renta

·         Louis Vuitton

The next on the list is Louis Vuitton which has one of the most amazing and stylish collections of bags and accessories. Be it Rihanna or Selena Gomez, you will easily find celebrities flaunting their LV bags that can make you crave for them too. They have over 460 stores in more than 50 countries. They have a brand value of $27.3 billion and brand revenue of $10 billion.


·         Prada

It is one of the most expensive brands of the world and produces expensive and designer ready-to-wear outfits, shoes, watches, leather products, and accessories. It is counted amongst the top most popular brands of the world that widely rule the posh class. The company estimated its profits to be $9.4 billion, which are colossal and impressive figures. This brand backed 97 spots on the Most Valuable Brands in the World 2016 issued by Forbes. It has a brand value of $6.8 billion and brand revenue of $3.2 billion.


·         Chanel

The company enjoys a really good reputation for their products, especially perfumes that are launched by designer Coco channel. They estimated their annual profits to be $7 billion which shows their good financial status. They were listed at the 80th rank on the Most Valuable Brands in the World 2016 issued by Forbes. Their brand value is $7.2 billion and brand revenue $5.2 billion.


·         Dior

This brand was started in 1946 and offers to die for collection of footwear, accessories, leather products, apparels, and even skin care products. They are one of the most loved brands by designers and celebrities. In 2011, the firm declared its annual profit of $2.4 billion which speaks volumes about their financial position. According to a survey, they made $35,081 billion as their annual revenue.


The annual turnovers of these 5 top brands have established new success pyramids for other brands. These brands add bling to your lifestyle, and are loved by many for the status image and styles they represent. They remind me that we can get for what we pay for, maybe this is the key reason behind their huge success and popularity.  

Sunday, September 25, 2016


As you may know that the USA has acquired the first place in Rio Olympics 2016 by successfully winning the most medals. The United States have won 46 gold medals, 37 silver medals, and 38 bronze medals. The sports that have helped them in setting a benchmark includes swimming, athletes, gymnastics, wrestling and basketball. However, many of you may wonder, how exactly they made their people that good? Or what strategies they implement to get such impressive results?

Rio Olympics - 2016

Well, wonder no more because in this article we have compiled some of the best reasoning that ensured USA’s success in Olympics. It may help other countries to prepare for future Olympics.

Discussing the Olympic success of USA's would be a never ending subject. Let's look at some of the features and main reasons why they have been so successful in this regard.

The one thing that stood out as compared to other countries was USA's women were far more focused, skilled, and hardworking professionals that they won more gold (61) than the men(55).

Training and Hard work will always be the key ingredient towards attaining success. There is no doubt in it, which the American athletes are well prepared for the competition they are to face. They are provided with best possible methods, exercises, instructions, diets, workouts, equipment, and other supplies to provide the best for the country's representatives.

One of the least but most troubling thing that Olympians and organizations would have neglected was the conditions they were going to be participating in. Rio has a completely different climate, housing, edibles, water as well as the training. Nothing seemed to be an easy task for the athletes. To overcome the psychological obstacles placed in the path of Olympic glory, USATF and USOC started sketching out the trip's plans and preparations well before the time were to show up for the final display of skill.

This included the renting of a nearby naval base, apartments, and hotel accommodations in such areas where outdoor running was possible. The planning for the logistic challenges was necessary as well as the most important thing that enabled the US to its Olympic Glory in RIO this year.

The Olympians were mentally strong, which led to the possibility of what they have achieved this Olympics. Names like Michael Phelps who are the standouts for USA's success couldn't be neglected. He alone won so much for his country as well as for himself.

USA - Swimmer
These were just a few things that other countries may put their resources into for success in upcoming Olympics. Any country who wish to do well in sports may know their strengths. As you can see that the US people are more good in sports such as swimming and athlete because of their physiques. All countries should acknowledge what areas they can perform well as compared to other countries. This way countries can prevent the loss of their money and resources.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

What should we learn from Amber alert story?

It has been 20 Years And The Amber Behind The AMBER Alert Has Still Not Found Justice !

AMBER stands for America's Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response. The AMBER alert System found its way back in 1996 when Dallas-Fort Worth broadcasters joined hands with local police to build up an early cautioning framework to discover abducted kids. Their endeavors were prodded by the capturing of the nine-year-old Amber Hagerman from Arlington, Texas, who was kidnapped while riding her bike and after that severely killed.

Amber Alert system

Different states groups and communities shortly started setting up their own AMBER arrangements as the thought was embraced throughout the country. Law implementation authorities trusted that cautioning people in general to kidnapped kids as fast as could reasonably be expected, would bring about their protected return most of the time. We can not deny the fact that, as of December 23, 2015 there have been 800 kids retrieved and returned particularly in light of AMBER Alert. Amber Alerts likewise serve as obstacles to the individuals who might go after our youngsters.

Despite of the various success stories that the AMBER Alert System shares with us, it is an irony that still the founder of this system, 'The Amber Behind The AMBER Alert' is holding up justice..

Few things that we can learn from the AMBER Alert story are,

-Judging by the case of Hailey Owen another victim, to whom, AMBER Alert failed to provide assistance due to broken system, AMBER Alert ought to be a nearby, not statewide framework since kidnapping is a local offence. Had the AMBER Alert been issued inside minutes, not hours of Hailey's snatching, she might just be alive today. Obviously, in the most edgy cases like Hailey Owens, time is of the quintessence.

-If we really need the desired results from the AMBER Alert System one factor should be kept in mind and NEED to be worked on, that most captured kids who in the end wind up killed, will be killed inside three hours of their snatching. However, ironically, AMBER Alerts are infrequently issued inside that basic window. It requires investment for the powers to start thinking responsibly, and when the caution goes out, it is regularly past the point where it is possible to have any effect !

Let's just hope that Amber will find justice just like Lisa Bonham, who was 6 years of age, was kidnapped from Reno, Nevada in 1977. Her case went cool for a long time before her homicide was explained. It was unexpected that anybody would be captured, yet now her killer is serving a lifelong incarceration.

Yet we still can't deny that the Amber Alert system has had its triumphs but it is time we need an improved system for our children's safety !

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Can ban on burkini get Muslim women nude on beaches ? Really a joke!

Fifteen towns in France have issued bans on the Burkini, the full-body bathing suit that agrees to Islamic modesty guidelines and is worn by some Muslim ladies everywhere throughout the world.

Women in Burkinis

The ridiculous reason (for the ban) they come up with was,
"..beach attire that ostentatiously displays a religious affiliation, while France and places of worship are the target of terrorist acts, is likely to create risks to public order.”
So Finally a Swimsuit has become a Security Threat ! What a time to be alive!

The burkini leaves the face revealed, hence not intruding the current French law in any way, which bans face-covers. I fail to understand that how come pants, full-sleeve shirts and a head cover threatens public safety and security? I see no other reason behind this Burkini ban, than a well-planned effort to get Muslim women nude on beaches!! It's 2016, we live in a liberal society. People ought to have freedom to wear whatever they want.

It is of significance to note that Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights is the key arrangement, and it throws light on 'the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion' in the 47 member states of the Europe's Council. This incorporates the privilege of a man 'in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief, in worship, teaching, practice and observance.' However, a further clause allows for exceptions — 'necessary in a democratic society in the interests of public safety, for the protection of public order, health or morals, or for the protection of the rights and freedoms of others.'

Now only one question arises in my mind that how a Muslim woman who wishes to cover herself up, who, like others, want to enjoy herself at the beach without wearing a bikini or who wants to wear some outfit that preserves her modesty, becomes a threat to the society ?

The burkini's innovator, Lebanese-Australian creator Aheda Zanetti, had no such intention of open request as a main priority when she designed the suit. She disclosed to Politico that she made burkinis to prevent Muslim kids from passing up a great opportunity for swimming lessons and games exercises.

Laïcité is the thing that drove the French government to boycott religious images and dress — including crosses, yarmulkes (the Jewish skullcap, likewise called a kippah), and Islamic headscarves — from state funded schools in 2004 and to restrict face covering out in the open in 2011, and is what was being utilized to protect the Burkini boycott. Yet, as a general rule, laws that boycott every single religious image appear to for the most part target Muslims!

This was not the first run through that France has prohibited Islamic dress, headscarves are additionally banned in government funded schools — nor is it the first run through France's states of mind toward Muslim outsiders has provoked civil argument. French Muslims as of now experience an unreasonable measure of prejudice contrasted with French Christians and Jews in different parts of life like the workforce.

Or maybe, the burkini boycott was the most recent in a progression of arrangements, or endeavored approaches, that have victimized Muslim workers in a way that exploration proposes could negatively affect the battle against radicalization.

Mature nations can exceptionally well manage contrasts in dresses and traditions and live in peace with each other. The world has the capacity of that, lone if individuals would get it. Opportunity is not under risk when a lady wears a burkini, however it is under danger when a society bans them!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Thinking about National Dog day, What's your brain cook?

If you are clueless that what exactly this 'National Dog Day' is then here you go,

Basically it's a day celebrated earnestly by the Americans on 26th August to let people know that there are plenty of dogs who need to be espoused. We can not deny the fact that dogs work very hard to make our lives better, whether they are serving to keep our soldiers safe abroad, discovering individuals who are lost, blinding individuals to explore the world, comforting us in our hard times, or simply welcoming us at the front door in the wake of a prolonged day! Whatever job they are performing they WORK hard! We celebrate many days for ourselves so why not one day for our loyal fellows who works selflessly for us, who devote themselves to us?

Dog in Enjoyment mood

In 2005, National Dog Day was considered and advanced by Colleen Paige, a pet significant other and supporter.

According to Him,

"Millions of dogs are killed each year because they're simply unwanted."

As indicated by the American Human Association, the most widely recognized reason (around 29%) for surrendering a dog is on the grounds that their place of home does not permit them.

This day is all about bringing issues to light of the large number of dogs that should be rescued. It is an amazing day to remind us of all the good things our loyal chaps bring us. Dedicating whole day to them, spending your precious time with them, giving them the attention they longs for that, in our daily busy lives we usually forget !

So you might have been thinking about the things you want to try out this on this National Dog Day, well here you go, we are about to share few ways (our favorites) of celebrating this day in the best way possible,

- This day is all about the dogs, so the best thing you can do is to 'Get yourself a dog!' There are various neighborhood covers in many districts that takes animals that have been relinquished. You may want to go there and adopt a fellow for yourself.

- Contribute to one of numerous associations, for example, the Humane Society or the ASPCA, that help creatures in need. You can likewise give covers, pet sustenance and toys to your neighborhood animal welfare cover.

-Volunteer your time at your nearby creature salvage cover. Most sanctuaries work with volunteers. There is dependably a requirement for help strolling, sustaining, playing with and tidying up after the creatures.

-Most important thing.. Spend quality time with your dog! Give your dog a break, taking your four-legged-friend on a vacation would be a splendid idea though.

-Shopping.. Sounds good, Nah? oh we all love it! so why not pick up few things your pup loves?

-Last yet not least, don't forget to take them to the vet! Can you recall the last time your dog have had a check up?