Monday, August 29, 2016

What to do when your children fall in bad eating habits ?

Between the demands of school, homework and extracurricular activities, healthy eating can often be set aside for visits to fast food counter, missed meals or less nutritious foods. Adopting more regularly such behaviors can ensure that your children learn bad habits and increase their risk of obesity, heart disease or other health problems.

As a parent, you are able to teach your children the basics of healthy eating and hope to instill good eating habits. Here are five common habits that you should try to follow in order to help change their habits.

Habit 1: My child eats tons of snacks, but never dinner

Provide snacks and meals at fixed times Children can make a habit of snacking throughout the day rather than eating the meal. Children have better appetite when they are offered three meals and two snacks a day. Make sure the size of the portions you serve them right for their age. Turn off the television during meals, as this is often a distraction that prevents them from eating well. Try eating in the family whenever possible and serve foods that your family loves, like our chicken soup and barley.

Habit 2: My child does not have lunch

Set a good example Children often learn by example. If you do not take time for breakfast at home rather than road or in the office, how can you expect your children to do so? Teach your children the importance of breakfast while lying down with them to enjoy a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk, accompanied by sliced strawberries or raisins. Make time on weekends or during the holidays to prepare whole grain muffins, for example, that the whole family can enjoy with a glass of fruit juice 100% mornings when time is short.

Habit 3: My child does not eat vegetables

Serve mostly fruits and vegetables If we try always to include vegetables in the diet of our children, how will they develop a taste for these important foods for their health? Make eating foods like vegetables and fruits a fun activity, such as "name the vegetable", rather than hide in other foods. 

Remember that it takes eight to 10 attempts for a child to enjoy a new food, so be persistent. Why not try a new vegetable every week? Serve carrots this week and accompany them to our recipe beef stew.

Habit 4: My child only eats fast food or practices

Prepare more meals at home Overloaded family schedules mean that many children start eating pizza restaurant, chicken strips or macaroni and cheese frozen. While this is acceptable once or twice a week, these meals often contain no vegetable or fruit, and lack of essential nutrients while stuffing our children unhealthy fats and sodium. With a little planning, a home-cooked meal is not complicated to prepare. 

Habit 5: My child eats too many sweets

Define your guidelines Most children prefer foods high in sugar, salt and fat (such as candy, chips and soft Bissons) if they have at hand, to the detriment of healthier snacks. However, avoid ban these types of food, because you will make them irresistible, especially during the holidays. Teach them to incorporate these foods in their diet as long as they also consume more nutritious foods. For example, children will choose a snack like some cookies for their lunch, provided eating only after the most nutritious foods, such as a turkey sandwich or tuna on whole grain bread or the leftovers from the previous day accompanied fresh fruit. Returning from school or after an afternoon of fun to slide or build snow forts, still have ready baby carrots and low-fat dip, fresh fruit, whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese. Even the popcorn in the air and salt-free whole grain pretzels are more sensible choice than treats. Limit or eliminate the amount of foods high in sugar and fat in your pantry.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Right Clothing Style on the First Date: Women

What outfit to wear on first date is a dilemma that every single person has been trying to solve for decades! To some, it’s like a no-brainer nevertheless when it gets down to wire; all of us experience some sort of first date wardrobe fright when the pressure of "dress to impress" is on!

You are perhaps not going to like to be super dressed up if you are going out on a hiking date. Conversely, you probably would not want to show up to a fancy restaurant wearing old jeans and t-shirt. You need to know what type of date it is going to be before you get your final fashion choice.

If you’re Going Out on a Low Key Date

If you are going out on a picnic or on a coffee date, wear the nicer variant of what you generally wear. Like, if you prefer jeans and Tee, make sure you are wearing your nicest jeans with your best T-Shirt (or a pretty sweater over your T-shirt). If you prefer wearing skirts and flat shoes stick with that. However wear something a little fancier than usual.

If you’re Doing Out on a Fancy Date

If you are up for a fancy date, look for the restaurant dress code. You don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed, do you?  If you have no clue, just go for a black dress, with your best pair of shoes, and your finest piece of jewelry.

If you’re Going Out on a Lunch Date

Jeans, casual staples (converse or flats) sunnies and T-shirts, and are a great option if you are going out on a casual daytime setting.
An easy dress with a jacket (depending on what you prefer—a denim jacket, leather cropped bomber, ora cardigan) is always the best outfit combination. You can also do wedges or flats or depending on setting & what you are most comfortable with. The final goal is to accomplish the effortless "I just threw this on" vibe.

If you’re Going out a Dinner Date

If you’re going out on a dinner date, choose a nice pair of skinny pants that flaunt your figure (classic fitted jeans or black leather) along with a nice silk tank and clutch. I would personally recommend you to try J-bees Woman Jeans, as they are classy and sophisticated. You can also add a black heel or classic nude to dress up your looks—a fine mix of dressy meets relaxed. Perfect outfit require perfect shoes too, however again, it depend on the date. A nice pair of flats can either dress down or dress up depending upon your outfit and are versatile (and comfortable) choice of footwear. Do not go for heels unless you are comfortable doing so and are not in danger of tripping face down.

For makeup, it is all about the balance. Don’t go for too much or too little. Look like you put in the effort to look pretty, but didn’t want to overdo it! You would want to heighten your features, not overwhelm them.

If it’s summer, don’t wear shorts while going out on date, rather wear a skirt or a light pair of slacks.From a casual dress to jeans, my best piece of 1st date advice is to make sure that your outfit is comfortable.

Be unique.

Uniqueness is what really attracts. While you probably do not want to overwhelm your date for your 1st date, making sure that you’ve a flare of distinctiveness will help them remember this quality time, and they’ll be more attentive and would put an effort to get to know you.

Find yourself something that makes you stand out in a crowd of people. This’s where accessories are especially beneficial, as you can always put on a jazzy pair of earrings or some fun leggings, or a predominantly dashing scarf to give yourself some eccentricity.

Wear at least one thing that is brightly colored. Do not stick to just drab colors and do not only wear black. You can wear a bright purple belt, red tights or vivid socks. You will want something that draws the eye (especially that of your date’s) However, the first priority is always the comfort.

Also, do not show too much skin! Elude extremes like heavy makeup or exaggeratedly trendy outfits. Minimal and Natural is always best for your first date, as the saying goes: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Struggling in their own country - Pakistani medical graduates from China/Russia

Many students opt for medical field in Pakistan. Many of them want to pursue medical studies in Govt College of Pakistan. The students who get 90% gets admission in govt colleges but those who are unlucky but still they want to study cannot go for govt colleges. Some get less than 90% but that does not reduce the spirit to pursue medical. 

The only colleges they will get admission after getting less % are private colleges. These private colleges take millions of rupees and it’s not possible for middle class students to pay this much money. So they move towards the countries like Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Cuba, Ukraine and many others to fulfil their dreams. It is still much expensive for middle class student to live in another country i.e.  different language, culture, lifestyle, a whole new beginning. But this does not concern Pakistan govt. After they come back to their own country they call PM&DC (Pakistan Medical & Dental Council) a big fish.

PMDC is basically an independent department which has complete authority on govt and private colleges. So when a rich student want to do medical in a particular preferred college then they can pay donation of 1 million rupees as a donation then they can get admission. This is sweet way of doing corruption. The middle class students can’t pay so much money and they are left behind. PMDC has been guilty for issuing fake degrees to foreign graduate. PMDC members are changed from past few years but corruption has reported multiple times.

It’s more like a hell to find good internship and jobs for the Pakistani foreign graduate. They fall into corruption of PMDC and other parties that control everything. This is not how a country will led. How can they mistreat the future of the new generation? This will severely affect the country future if not taken into consideration. The worst part is association which are working for young doctors like YDA are not doing anything regarding this. Something should be done and it can be done when all foreign graduates will be united and fight back for their rights. Unity is important in this matter and nothing is bigger than unity. All the foreign graduates who are suffering or will suffer should join hand and fight back. They can show their true power.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Ten reasons behind success of any commercial shopping mall

At the time, you've probably all seen, circulating mass of social networks, our new information highways, photos and pictures of malls shabby and abandoned. 

Original cradle of malls and shopping centers first generation, I felt like in this post to take you back to try to better understand the reasons for this disturbing scourge we called the " dead -malls ".

There is variety of reasons which lead to failure of shopping malls. A mall to hit bull’s eyes it should have good facilities. 

Kid’s fun area is a must which will bring many kids to the mall and with kids their parents will also come which will increase the chances of product selling. 

Food court is also important for college students and families.

Good passages gives good way to come out and in through a mall. It removes the possibilities of confusion.

Good lights are a must for shopping malls as customer should clearly see where to go, what to purchase and it builds safety. 

Good centrally air conditioned will increase the number of people in the mall as many will come to enjoy ac air. 

Well mannered staff is very important aspect of a mall success as how you treat your customer matters the most. 

Good vehicle parking facilities is important as it avoids parking chaos. 

Good entry and exit helps new mall visitor to identify which way the exit and entry is.

Famous brands association attracts good crowds as the brand products will be searched by the customer and if your mall is associated with the brand then discount offers just is icing on cake.

Mall neatness is good for health of customer and everyone associated with the mall. A dirty mall will just give a bad reputation to the mall and bad feedback from majority becomes the most important reason for closing of a mall. Extra activities on special occasions give a plus and it brings family crowd to the mall etc

Now a day’s many old or some new malls around the world don’t have all or missing some of the above points so they slowly fail to get visitors and then finished.