Friday, May 20, 2016

9 Hollywood and Bollywood movies based on textile/Fashion

Textile/Fashion industry is one of the largest industries in the world. Many movies have capitalized on this industry directly or indirectly.

Some of the movies are:

Funny face of Stanley Donen (1957)

This musical adaptation of a Broadway play, starring Audrey Hepburn as role model Suzy Parker and Fred Astaire in Richard Avedon, is certainly an essential satire on the fashion of the fifties.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to travel Lisa Immordino Vreeland (2012)

Diana Vreeland, editor of two major US magazines from 1935 to 1971 whose influence is still felt today. The documentary brings together historical documents and interviews with Diana and his staff to track the incredible life and try to identify the personality of this visionary journalist and stylist.

Ciao! Manhattan from John Palmer and David Weisman (1972)

More interesting than the 2006 biopic, Ciao! Manhattan traces the life of the model Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol muse decadent, died of overdose three months after the end of filming. Abstract and conceptual, Ciao! Manhattan adds the shooting of images and evenings at the Factory on background hallucinatory replicas of Edie and shuffleboard between documentary and fiction.

Bill Cunningham New York by Richard Press (2010)

With his blue jacket and his bike, the famous photographer of street style Bill Cunningham walks the fashion weeks in New York and evenings with the same smile for decades. The documentary looks back at his impressive career at the New York Times and the intimacy of one of the most discreet fashion figures today. The focus is unlikely his apartment, a tiny closet of Carnegie Hall.

Fashion 2007

This was one Bollywood movie that showed the dark side of the fashion industry. The success and failure of a model were shown very well in this movie. The performance by Priyanka Chopra was very good and it made this film treat to watch.

Coco before Chanel Anne Fontaine (2009)

For the first biopic of Gabrielle Chanel, Anne Fontaine chose to cover the youth of the seamstress, until 1919. Nicely played by Audrey Tautou, Coco future dismisses one by one dress codes for women of her time and the first track lines of a style that will become iconic.

Blowup by Michelangelo Antonioni (1966)

Scandalous in its theatrical release, Blow Up has become a cult film, combining murder, fashion and eroticism background of Swinging London. Antonioni depicts 24 hours in the life of a photographer mods and obsessed megalomaniac, who loses control of his life for a murder he believes elucidated. The unbridled shoots and appearances of cover girls Veruschka and Jane Birkin in total Carnaby look still make us dream.

Devil wears a Prada 2009

This movie showed the success of individual independent women in the field of fashion designing. Various designer clothes were shown in this movie and the main plot of this movie was related fashion industries.

Zoolander 2001

This was one of the successful movies related to fashion industry starring Ben stiller in the lead role. This movie shows the rivalry in the fashion industry.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Travel around the world with best denim products

Whenever you decide to go somewhere for your vacation trips on your holidays what bothers you the most is “what will be your vacation look? While packing your bag one of the toughest jobs is to decide “what should I pack in my bag” and with this simple question the question regarding your attire, your cloths goes hand in hand.

If you are set for a journey and you want a classy, young, in fashion look then without much thinking you should go with a denim products. Here are top 8 denim products you would love to travel with!

1. The Denim Jeans

Acid washed, bleached, stone washed, used, right, slim, skinny, flare, and boot cut jeans are experiencing a multitude of variations today. Jeans succumbed to every whim and resisted most daring crazy techniques.

More than being just a cloth it has today become a fashion icon. Today it represents the modern culture and the recent fashion trends. This is the reason why today’s designers see a bright future in designing denim products. Well this can be really good news for those who loves to wear a denim jeans.

2. Denim Bags

What can give you a sexier look than carrying a denim bag on your shoulders? You can pair your denim bags with any of your denim products. We would suggest you to use textured and different shades of denim bags matching your attire to give you a fresh and stylish look.

3. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket has become one of the most important wardrobe cloths in a men’s room. A denim jacket can look hot on anyone wearing it. This jacket gives a completely different look and can go really well with all the style-conscious working men.

4. Denim Skirts

Time never affects the love for denim products. It can never go out of fashion. The fabric of the denim products goes perfectly on skirts to give a perfect fit on the waist of beautiful girls all around.

5. Denim shoes

If you say you would wear shoes just to protect your feet then this comment would be absolutely wrong as according to some research shoes are the first thing which people subconsciously notice about you when they meet you. So you should never forget to wear really classy shoes which suit your personality. Denim shoes can look perfect on any casual wear. The various patterns available in the denim shoes help you to match it with different outfits.

6. Denim Caps

If you are looking for some sporty and tourist look on your journey what can be better than a trendy denim cap. The cap won’t only give you a perfect sporty look but the cotton material used in the cap will help you protect your head from the heat of the sun.

7. Denim dresses

No dress can ever compare the peppy look that you get from a stylish denim dress. Go mark your style this year by purchasing some attractive denim dresses.

8. Denim Eyewear

Denim eyewear will for sure provide you a sexy look in the summers. This eyewear can protect your eyes from sun and it even helps you to look way sexier and hot to impress girls around.

So if at all you are planning for some vacation trip in this summer then never forget to pack up your bag with all the brand new denim products to make your journey enjoyable. So yes what are you waiting for? If you are ready then go and “Travel around the world with denim product”!!!!!!!!!