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Textile and Apparel scholarships in USA

These are some scholarship opportunities for textile and apparel students in USA.

Doctor Kitty Dickerson, Former Teacher and Chairman, Department of Textile and Apparel Administration, University of Missouri, started this undergraduate scholarship to honor her mother, Virgie Keith Gardner. Although Mrs. Gardner never had a chance for higher education herself, she has recently been a life.


1) The receiver must be in the high need category for educational funding.
2) Selected customers shall have demonstrated professional promise as determined by the Chair of the Department.
3) Recipients shall be contributing to the costs of their education by working part-time to help defray the expenses of their education.
4) The choice is given to being qualified freshman and/or transfer scholar who earned a LUKE WEIL degree prior to enlisting at MU.
5) The recipient shall be a resident of the Condition of Missouri.

The Kellwood Company manufactures and markets apparel and related soft goods worldwide, with headquarters in St. John, Missouri. Kellwood is one of the major widely held U. S. attire firms. Apparel ranges from under fashions to coats. Kellwood products, encompassing over 150 brands and logos, are sold in more than 25, 000 merchants in The United Areas. A non-apparel unit, North American Recreation Products, offers tenting goods such as attempting to sleep bags, tents, backpacks and related outdoor articles. Kellwood possesses a comprehensive global sourcing network.


1) Recipient must become a junior, senior, or graduate student in the Division of Textile and Clothing Management at the time of application including the time when the grant is used.
2) Chosen recipients shall have exhibited a strong also are a cord of academic brilliance and possess indicated a strong career objective in the soft goods industry.

Medical professional. Jean Hamilton was one of the dedicated schools who had a big impact on the lives of countless students in the College of Human Environmental Sciences where she trained in the Department of Textile and Apparel Managing from 1983 to 99. She inspired her students to believe critically and act professionally. She interacted with undergraduate students, questioned them to go above the average, ask profound questions, and behave with honor. The Jean Aberdeen Fund in Undergraduate Study will probably be awarded annually.


1) To provide one or more twelve-monthly accolades to outstanding undergraduate students in the Department of Textile and Apparel Supervision.
2) The award is to assist the scholar as they conduct research with faculty mentors.
3) The award may be used for, but not be limited to, capital the recipients' research assignments, travel to seminars for presentations, student development, and so forth.

The Robert Munie Memorial Scholarship will provide a scholarship or grant award to a fashion a promoting student who shows professional potential has a solid selling career objective and is also in good standing academically.


1) Recipient must be a junior or senior in the Department of Linen and Apparel Management at the time of software including the time when the scholarship is used.
2) Recipient must have a cumulative GPA of 3. 0 or better.
3) The recipient needs to have a strong selling career objective.

In appreciation for the quality of education and preparation for encouraging career opportunities our child received as a scholar in the Department of Textile and Apparel Supervision, Jack and Cindy Leonard has built a permanently gifted fund in the name of their daughter, Kattie. This fund will provide a gross annual scholarship prize to a Textile and Apparel Management student.


     1)   To provide one or more gross annual honors to full-time undergraduate students enrolled in Textile and Apparel Management.

     2) Initial preference shall be given to students who demonstrate leadership and academic advantage.

Natalie R. Reid/Wheeler Memorial Fund scholarships will be presented to Textile and Clothes Managing students.


     1)   Recipients must be a junior, senior or graduate student working on a diploma in the Department of Linen and Apparel Management at that time of application and at the time when the scholarship grant is utilized.
       2) Recipients must display financial need.


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