Saturday, February 27, 2016

How Hollywood movie “STAR WARS” has changed the thoughts of generations?

Star Wars is an American film released in 1977 and directed by George Lucas. The main aim from the movie point of view is to destroy the space station of Galactic Empire. A total earning of $771 million worldwide and surpassed to become the highest earning movie of all time, until Extra-Terrestrial in 1982 made it to the film industry. Lucas started writing for this film in January 1973 by taking small notes. He used to write for eight hours per day and 5 days in a week. Many of you must be thinking that what’s a big deal about star wars and why people are posting it on the social media to express their emotions. Millions of dollars are going be generated through toys, games, movie and other things that include star wars in it. This may seem insane to some who has not watched star wars yet.

 The earlier generation didn’t had a great knowledge of filmmaking and was exposed to very basics ideas about how to shoot the overall scene, but the one that was released in 1977 did surprise many of them who were not expecting that the movie will take their viewing experience to another level. From being the biggest hit of all time to selling all its accessories and become famous in children, Star Wars has achieved everything in this time span. I would like to get into more detail about the new release of the Star Wars and that is The Force Awakens and though I’ve come across many movies, this was the most reviewed one when compared to others so I rather thought of analyzing what other people think about Star Wars than expressing what I felt. Many of the people surely loved the way it is shot and what I meant by that is the visuals, sound effects, a breathtaking topography and effects and there are some also some scene where you’ll get a feeling of nostalgia.

There are basically many things that inspired many generations through different ways and this has made a huge impact on every generation and because of the 4th and later edition has been released later which had more of actions scenes made people curious about the first 3 editions to get release to help them understand to know the whole story and link between all the parts. Characters in the film imagine themselves into other planets when they go through a comic book and this has what made things interesting. Various use of technologies not only in the recent parts but also in the 90s where there wasn’t much exposure to technology. The movie has showcased how the world will be like in the near future and how far it will take humans in terms of technology and other things which we are still dreaming about and this is why Star Wars is achieving success to drive people crazy about it.

There might be more advancement in the movie in the later part and people flooding the social sites about what they expect in their later releases.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Top five textile and apparel testing companies of the world

Any denim material is declared of a good quality if it is thick and stretchable so that anyone can fit in but before that it must pass a number of tests in a testing laboratory so as to be made available for the processing of jeans. There are numbers of laboratories that are reputed worldwide for their testing and the optimal results that they provide for that particular sample and some of the topmost laboratories are as follows:

1. SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance) is one of the world's best laboratories for inspection, verification, testing and certification which is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Almost around 1,800 offices are handled over by around 85,000 employees. The work in different industries like agriculture, automotive, chemical, construction, consumer goods, energy, oil and gas, etc. The company joined RE100 in 2015 a global group of companies which aims to generate energy completely from renewable resources.

2. Bureau Veritas is also a global company that is specialised in performing testing and inspection. There are almost around 1,400 offices worldwide and located in 140 countries providing employment to 66,000 employees. They are also leading in industries like aerospace, mining, chemicals, agriculture and food, automotive, chemicals, etc.

3. Accugen laboratories, Inc is an FDA registered which offers full microbiological testing with antimicrobial testing and bioburden. They have a highly experienced testing team in various industries and their professionals have decades of experiences in this field which makes them the best in this profession. Microbiological services are provided to textile, cosmetic, food and personal care, household, paint, medical devices, etc. They provide cost-effective service to their customers as too.

4. Consumer Testing Laboratory offers a wide range of testing products like kids wear, swimwear, handbags, men's and women's apparel, gloves, socks, etc. They perform color approval, product specification is correct or not, the Physical performance like the strength and other minute things, fiber composition, fabric construction and physical testing is also done.

5. Drycleaning & Laundry Institute is also a testing laboratory founded 75 years ago and carries out all the testing along with dry cleaning facilities and all the tests are performed by this institute is kept confidential so as no one can change the original reports. 

ASIATEXTILE INSPECTION Pvt Ltd is also one of the Fastest growing inspection companies of the world. ATI is an independent inspection service company having 13 office worldwide with 100 plus qualified inspectors. They are playing their equal part along with other testing and inspection companies to produce the quality products.

 These are some of the institutes and laboratory that provides good testing result so as to give their consumer good quality product. testing is one of the important factor when it comes for manufacturing of denim jeans as people are willing to pay a good cost for the desired material and if the quality is not good then it will inturn affects the growth and economy of the company manufacturing the denim material. In Testing Phase the material is processed and passed through a number of techniques to check the strength, color and many other things to ensure that it is fit to make denim jeans. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How coincidence never leaves you ? Some great examples!

As we all know what coincidence can do in our day to day life and happens almost every day. Many times people try to relate or link it with some other thing or even can take it as some sign from the universe. The main reason why they been called as coincidence is maybe because it causes real accidents which occur by chance without having any connection with anything. But it can be harmful, harmless, funny or rather dangerous.

Here are few examples of coincidences

1.   In the early’s of 1930, a mother would be grateful to a man named Joseph Figlock who was walking down the street when the baby fell down from the window and luckily the fall was broken and both were unharmed. a year later that same baby fell down again on the poor as he was passing beneath and then again both of them survived.

2.   On July 28th, 1990, King Umberto 1 of Italy went to a restaurant in Monza for dinner and then he realized the owner has the same name and after discussing they found out some more similarities like both were born on the same day, married to the woman with the same name on the same day, the restaurant opened on the same day when he was crowned and the very next day he came to know that the owner died in a mysterious shooting and while expressing regrets he too was assassinated by anarchist in the crowd.

3.   In 1985, there were only two cars in the state of Ohio and both of them crashed into each other.

4.   The graves of the first British soldier and the last British soldier that died in the world war 1 are just 7 yards away and face each other. The placing of the grave was not deliberate.

5.   A South African astronomer named Danie du Toit aged 49 while giving a lecture warning that death could come at any time. Concluding his speech he sat down, popped a peppermint in his mouth and promptly choked to death on that candy. 

6.   Two women went into an office to register a complaint as both were allotted the same social security number due to a computer generated error later they found that both of them shared the same name, born on the same date, both of them share the same father name and both of them were married to military men in the same year each having two children aged 19 and 21.

7.   In 2002, a 70-year-old man was struck and killed by a lorry when he was attempting to cross a highway on his bicycle 600 kilometers of Helsinki. Two hours earlier a 70-year-old man died just 1.5 km away at the same spot and they both were brothers and both were identical twins.

8.   West side Baptist Church in Beatrice, always used to held practice for its choir on Wednesday evenings at 7.20 pm sharp. At 7.27, there occurred an explosion due to leakage of gas but luckily not even a single soul was harmed because all those 15 people and the director were running late that evening.

These are some great examples of the coincidence that happened in the past and proved that they can occur anytime without any notice.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Top ten richest businessmen of the world who are related with Textile, Apparel, and fashion business

Here is the list of the famous businessman that are related to textile and apparel and are ruling the world with their major contribution.
1.    Armancio Ortega is on the top when it comes to the richest person in the field of textile and apparel. According to the result generated by Bloomberg his net worth was around $70.4 billion. He stepped down as the chairman of Inditex which was a $15.8 billion fashion firm. Son of the Railway worker he started as a gofer in the shirt store and now he own properties in  Madrid, Florida, London. His daughter works for Inditex though. He is the man behind the worldwide famous retail store Zara for its clothing and accessories.
Armancio Ortega

2.    Bernard Arnault is a French businessman, CEO, and chairman of the famous French conglomerate LVMH. His net worth is almost around $31 billion till January 2016. He retained the title of the richest European and fourth richest person in the world. Due to the strong demand for the luxuries like Dom Perignon champagne, Louis Vuitton accessories, and  Tag Heuer watches in Asian market helped to rose their market by more than half since 2010.
3.    Stefan Persson is the current chairman and shareholder of H&M (Hennes & Mauritz) and earned a total of $24.8 billion till January 2016. In a report made by Bloomberg, he was the 17th richest person having a net worth of $23.5 in the year 2012. He landed his properties to H&M.
Stefan Persson

4.    Miuccia Prada has a net worth of $4.2 billion as it was estimated by Forbes as of May 2015. She is a designer of women's apparel and fashion. She got married to Patrizio Bertelli who is her business partner too who takes care of the finance while Miuccia takes care of the creative flow.
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 Giorgio Armani a fashion designer has a net worth of $6.4 billion according to Bloomberg, as of January 2016. In 1975, he formed his own company Armani which is famous worldwide for its apparel and accessories which helped him to notched up a turnover of almost around $1.6 billion and was acclaimed as the successful person of Italy in 2001. In the year of 2013, the net worth of the company was around $8.5 billion.
6.    Alain & Gerard Wertheimer owns the famous French brand Chanel estimating the total net worth of $11.6 billion according to Bloomberg. Apart from this, they both own two vineyards in France, Rauzan-Ségla in Margaux and Chateau Canon in Saint-Emilion.
7.    Ralph Lauren has an estimated net worth of $6 billion according to Forbes as of January 2016. He bought a house spread around 5.5 acres which has a tennis court made of clay was once owned by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He also has a collection of dozens of cars vintage watches like Ferrari, Bugatti, Bentley, etc.
8.   Patrizio Bertelli has a net worth of $4.2 billion. He met his wife and business partner Miuccia Prada in a trade fair and took over their family business in 1978.
9.    Renzo Rosso owned a clothing company Diesel and has a net worth of $3 billion. Diesel is known for their denim jeans and apparel worldwide.
 10. Nicolas Puech has a net worth of $2.1 billion and is on number 704 on Forbes Billionaires 2013.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What can we learn in one minute that will be useful for the rest of our life?

One minute is enough to learn lifelong lesson

There are things which you can learn in a minute and some take the whole life to get learnt. It all depends on the way we think and the way we perceive from our surroundings. If your understanding power is good enough you might start learning in no real time. You learn from everything that is present in your surrounding but for that, you must be aware with a high observing power. You should learn to observe first and then act accordingly to let the consequences work in your favour. Here are few things you can learn

1.   Got a habit of sneezing almost all the time and feel like avoiding it then just try pressing the area between your nose and upper lip with your finger this will prevent you from sneezing.

2.   One thing related to sneezing is the germs that spread out during this process and to avoid this cover your face with your elbow rather than doing it with your palm and this will surely help to avoid spreading germs.

3.   Wish to make your teeth white and shining as a white marble than using salt to brush your teeth will do the trick for you and most of the toothpaste do contain artificial salt, sugar and carcinogens. This has a bad effect on the teeth as well as on the gums.

4.    Wearing clothes with wrinkles in it and don’t have enough time to go in the laundry machine for ironing the clothes? Put some ice cubes in the washing machine while drying your clothes in the dryer this will avoid the clothes from getting wrinkles.

5.   Do you suffer ear pain when a flight loses its altitude then don’t worry just block your nose and mouth and blow it hard this will solve your problem almost all the time.

6.   Many of us get irritated when clogging or blocking of nose hits us but sleep on the opposite side of the blocked nose and the clogging will run away in minutes.

7.    Got a habit of losing important documents then here’s a simple trick you can follow to avoid getting into trouble. Take pictures of your important documents and store it in your mobile phone and other places where it can be easy for the retrieval and don’t worry the next time you lose it but don’t make it a habit.

8.   Feel lazy to click a new tab option every time while surfing then double click on the mouse scroll wheel on any link, that link will get opened in a new tab.

9.   If you're learning something new and different then try teaching it to any of your friends and ask them to ask you any random questions related to the topic and if you are able to answer those question then congratulation you’ve understood the topic really well.

These are few of the life tricks that will surely help you to do well in future if you face any of these common problems. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

How Denim appearances and characteristics evolved during last five years ?

As the recent advancement that took place in denim markets, manufacturers are encouraged for manufacturing varieties of denim materials which are then processed for making good quality jeans. The Advancement in the production of jeans took place in the early 1950 and in the year of 1957 around 150 million of jeans were sold across the world. In the making of blue jeans, 100 percent cotton is used and the most common dye that is being used is synthetic indigo.  The manufacturing process is done in different steps and is woven and dyed at one location only. Preparing the cotton yarn comes on top while manufacturing as there are various steps in between when the raw cotton is plugged from the farm and made cotton yarn. The next step is dyeing the yarn that obtained after processing of the ginned cotton and then is slashed which makes the threads stiff and strong. Weaving the yarn comes next and the threads will get processed in those huge mechanical looms and are stitched with blue threads as the denim is not 100 percent blue and has many white patches in it. At this point, the denim is almost ready and can be finished by applying a variety of treatments which includes brushing to remove loose threads from the denim.

The quality of the denim that is used in making jeans is very much important and strength of the material along with its weight is calculated and the strongest amongst them with low weight is considered a good quality material.

1. 3D weaving is a whole new concept in weaving where three-dimensional denotes length, breadth and height of woven fabric. The thickness is the most important thing as multiple layers are formed using multiple series of warp and weft which helps to increase the thickness and thus recently found a great success in the field of medical and weaving of vascular prosthesis is the area of specialization.

2. Air-Jet Loom is a loom in which weft is being propelled by the means of jet air through the shed.

3. Light Scraper is a third generation laser technology that will be fully automated and efficient along with ethical and ecological production without losing the way garments looks naturally.

4. G2 dynamic ozone technology is the technology that helps in bleaching of jeans without using any sort of chemical substance which was not adopted by many till 2005 and is only used in 5% of production.

5. E-flow is the biggest amongst all which states that using water in the manufacturing industry was pre-historic. What this technology does is it converts the air from the atmosphere into nanobubbles as chemicals and water distribute themselves, forming nanobubbles skin due to distribution. As it acts a carrier that transmits the chemical that contains the nanobubbles into the fabric in more efficient and optimal way thus uses minimal water.

Due to this recent advancement in the technologies work has got easier and the use of labour to make the material and then processing it to make a jeans has reduced considerably. Thus only the installation charges of the various technologies will be a concern for the manufacturer.

Friday, February 5, 2016

How to choose the relevant topic for your niche which can boost your blog traffic as well.

Writing is an art and when it comes to the blogging, it becomes technical because bloggers need to keep their niche always into consideration while choosing any topic to write on as well as to keep alive the relation with their loyal readers throughout their contents.

Well, I am not going to discuss about shinning tools and techniques of topic selection because these are just few clicks away and you just need to give the relevant keywords to google search engine and limitless results will appear in a second but here in fact I will be sharing my own experience which did not only prove to be successful for my blog but also I am pretty sure that it will make your efforts fruitful as well in your blogging career.

When I started this blog, I had the lot of questions regarding blogging and among all, topic selection was one of the biggest challenge because I wanted to bring on something new or creative which will have a positive message for the people related to my field of work as well as for general public but I was a bit confused and used to ask below questions at different platforms like..

How to choose the topic for any particular niche?

How can be the research done as well as how to get arranged the relevant material to write on for the selected topics?

And many other similar questions, believe me I used to get the same kind of tips and tricks which I could find through search engines as well.

Oh, I think I have taken your enough time to reach at the point but thanks for being with me till here. Let’s move on…

Initially I started writing on random topics but soon I realized that I am squeezing list of my readers by myself because in blogging you first need to build a relation with your loyal readers first who will not only keep reading your thoughts and ideas but also their valuable inputs will bring a lot more other readers as well which will help you to increase your blog traffic and ultimately earning as well J

Keeping my field of study and work into consideration I started with the niche (Apparel/Textile/Marketing/Merchandising) and again all these are broader fields but I was not going to write something technical for these subjects in fact I had the aim to share my own experiences which as a merchandising manager I learnt through travelling and meeting with my clients as well as through people related to my field directly or indirectly.

It is just a matter of jolting your mind and keeping a deep eye for the events and happenings in your surroundings, you will get a lot of things which your blog is demanding from you and yes when I took this initiative I suddenly observed many areas where my fellow merchandisers/marketer need some knowledge as well as through different events which had been part of my life and with the the help of them, I could extend my trust and working relation with my customers.

So I decided to choose and write on the topics which are equally important for everyone, here I am just giving you two examples. Seeing my blog, you will notice a lot of general topics but behind every topic there is a reason which was the source of my encouragement to write on for that specific topic.

Every merchandiser or marketer meet with different people locally and internationally and same thing happens with me, one day we had a meeting with our American client and once we got free and started with routine gossips, one of my fellow colleagues asked them “Why Americans don’t love cricket like baseball ?” and it was the complete silent because no one was able to give the answer except his own personal opinions in general but here I got my topic to write on because I knew this is something which everyone wants to know the answer so why shouldn’t I do some research and write on it.

Yes, this topic blast and boosted my blog traffic and as evidence you can see that it has become the most popular article of my blog whereas it has nothing related to my niche directly.

I also wrote about “Lake Saif-ul-Malook” because it was some recreational trip which was arranged by our company, we enjoyed a lot and I took some amazing pictures for this heavenly beautiful place, when we returned I posted all those pictures on my blog with a little detail and share the link of my post with all my customers and friends and believe me it became another hit which has not been adding visitors to my blog daily but also it helped me to give positive image of my country to my international clients as well.

Let me conclude this article where I must say in the end, if you have entered into this blogging career then you should always focus on your niche and if you have something to write on any general topic then never forget to add some essence for your loyal readers into it because they believe and trust in you for what you write and that will be something in favor of them.

Finally keep reading and always be the part of different platforms, it will not help you to get the more knowledge but will also give you lot of ideas and topics for your blog.

One of the best platform is quora which I can suggest you all, I got to know about this through my brother Hassam Ahmed Awan (founder of bloggingehow), This is the platform where people can ask about anything and can give his/her answer or advise on any topic as well,  you can get so many ideas for the topics of your particular niche on which people are inquired to know about in detail and if you are interested to know that how can you earn money through this platform then must read below article written by Hassam brother.

Hope my experience may help my brothers and sisters, looking forward to get your feedback.

The idea behind this article has been derived from the facebook group ASKHASSAM Making bloggingsimpler where one brother asked the relevant question and author had given the detailed answer for which he had been awarded “Honourable mention for the week” by the admin of this group.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Growth of European Apparel retail business in the last decade and how much benefits have gained by South Asian countries from this business?

After a heavy recession in the last decade European market is now slowly started to gain speed in the retail business of apparel but a growth of nearly about 3.1% in the last five years in 2014 there are still some hopes for the retail market, therefore, the verdict predicted that it might take a decade or up to 2017 to recover from this heavy recession so it is much more important that retailers try to seek out those gaps to find opportunities in such a limited time span. As we all know that the sales of branded apparels as that of locals (other) brands has not been so consistent and before the global economic crunch the retail sector of apparel and textile was ruling all over the world but due to economic slowdown there was a sudden decline in their overall sales and that has caused many problems.

Though most of the other countries are slowly under recovery and are doing well in the last few years European market is still slowly paced. We all know that the textile industry in Europe is very popular and almost stands on the top comparing with other countries and is one of the main sources of income for the locals. The versatile nature of the designers and different demands of the customers have forced the retailers to increase the number of brands in any showroom and the reason why this has contributed much more than expected in the European economy.

The main reason why the European countries are struggling is some of the countries are still struggling to recuperate from the financial loss that they have faced. There are still some hopes but Germany is doing much better and has taken a global lead in the clothing sector. The reason is they have provided customers a wide range of brands with reasonable prices and that has attracted more retailers to open up their stores in Germany.

 Talking about South Asian countries as they are not only the most populated regions but also are emerging as a strong contender in textile market and the reason being abundant availability of cheap labours along with water and other raw materials required for the textile industry and some good healthy production of cotton has set up a good potential in this region. Big countries like the US, UK and other such countries are strongly dependent on the textile that is being imported from this region. Countries like India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are the most beneficial due to the removal of textile quota from the developing countries.

 According to a report given by Apparel Export Promotion Council, in 2013, the textile export from India was about $40 billion and the total global export accounted for about $772 billion in which India contributed almost about 5.2%and the share has increased by 17.2% in 2013.  Displaying a growth rate of 23% India beats China and Bangladesh while the growth rate of global textile is only 4.7%. The growth is exceptional and remarkable and has left countries like Germany and Italy behind to become the second textile exporter in the world.

Due to such exceptional work South, Asian countries are doing much better as compared to other countries in the textile market.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Can we effectively raise a child without yelling?

How Yelling destroys the relation between you and your child

The moment you feel like your child is making you crazy as hell or misbehaves almost all the times and as a parent, you try to handle the situation by violence almost all the time. But instead of losing your cool things can be handled more patiently so as to avoid hatred in your children's hearts for yourself.

1.   Sometimes all you need is to breathe. By inhaling, exhaling multiple times the situations can be handled with ease without any kind of violence. Telling your child to keep the book complete while you have your office work done and after completing your work, the book is still incomplete which makes you angry and you might end up yelling up on your child.

2.   Every kid is polite or sweet it is just the thing that their behaviour stinks sometimes. While teaching your kid to play any sport do you punish them for not doing well at the first instance? Of course not you tell them to follow some basics tips and then by practising they learn to perform well. So do learn to be patient without hitting your kid all the time.

3.   But sometimes you should be a role model for them so that they can learn good things from you and get inspired to be like you. The main thing is to be calm and humble towards other and all this starts from your side. Teach them the natural consequences and ignore certain behaviour because they try many things to seek your attention.

4.   You should allow your child to express their feelings about how they feel about certain action so it's a lesson for you so as not to perform it back in the future. If your child doesn't like violence or fights then you both should stop fighting.

5.   Make some clear rules for your kid and don’t make it strict that it gets hard to follow them. The rules can be of the dinner time, study and playing time. This will help your child to manage and organize his / her time as they grow up.

6.   Before yelling at your child find out the reason behind your yell. This is the most important part even if your child have not done any mistake yelling for no reason will only create hatred in their mind towards you. Sit with your partner and discuss the problem behind your unnecessary yelling.

7.   Desensitized is caused when you yell at your child almost every time. First it is done to seek his attention towards you but as you do it regularly it will not create much impact on them.

8.   Remember that losing the control on your child means you’ve lost all the respect. Kids usually avoid talking to the ones who are offensive all the time and keep yelling at them throughout the day for no great reason.

Go through these points once and try to track the relation between you and your child before it's too late because parents are their kid’s first friends and they would not like it to break this friendship.