Sunday, January 31, 2016

Some Important points to remember by each traveller at entry and exit of Airports worldwide

Thinking to travel to places like USA, UK, India and other such places? So here are few tips you should remember while visiting such places. Before making any plans just make sure you have a valid passport and keep the copies of it both at home and in your wallet if it ever gets stolen or lost.Security and health checkups are important as many countries ask for it while you visit them. Take proper care of the currency and check for monetary conversion along with this you should have a credit card and ATM service provider working in that country while carrying local cash always.

Contact your credit card provider as they might think that fraud has occurred if sudden transactions occur and can turn if off as a security measure and be aware of the country’s entrance and exit fees which can vary from $25 to $200. Buy tickets of the places you want to visit before visiting that country and get guidebooks, maps and all the essentials stuff that is required so you don’t feel lost.

Research about the events that will happen when you visit any new country. Take the necessary electronics item like wireless charger, voltages of the item and check your data plan on roaming. Luggage and packing of bags should be taken care of and some healthy snacks should be taken while travelling.

Here are some rules that one should remember while visiting this countries:

1.    India - Travelling abroad require a valid Indian passport and the authority of the destination country to travel while some countries also insist for a minimum amount of visa validity. Foreign Nationals coming here should have a valid passport or any other document proving his national identity. Visa on arrival is allowed for selected countries by the Indian government.

2.    Australia - You must have a valid passport at the time of entry and a single page is required for the entry stamp. A tourist visa is required while visiting this country and there are restrictions on the currency while entering and exiting.

3.    UAE - A six months valid passport after the date of arrival is required and a single page for the entry stamp. You don’t need a tourist visa if you’re staying there for not more than 30 days and no such currency restrictions in this country. Taking photographs of any private or sensitive sites might get you in trouble.

4.    UK - Valid for the duration of your stay with a single page for entry stamp. You don’t need a tourist visa if you’re staying there for not more than 90 days and no such currency restrictions in this country.

5.    Germany - Valid for at least three months after your planned date of departure and a single page for entry stamp.  You don’t need a tourist visa if you’re staying there for not more than 90 days but there is currency restriction of Euros 10,000 both the time.

These are some quick tips for the traveller who would love to travel without spoiling their mood.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

What is it like to live without hearing?

How you will feel after losing your hearing sense

The hearing is one of the most important parts for a human being after eating and breathing. Many of us don’t know the pain it feels when you can’t hear your own voice. There are a lot of problems that one has to face when he/she can’t hear properly. People around you make fun of your problem, laugh at you. We all know the importance of hearing as it enriches and empowers one’s life. It also helps us to socialize and interact in a communication with another person. It keeps us safe and give us the warning about any accident or any other kind of danger.

The hearing is an essential part of our life and helps to participate in various activities and make you an active person in the society or at the workplace. It also helps us to get a lot of information from our surrounding which without the absence is not possible as you have to read everything and try to memorize so as not to forget any of the important detail. The things that you hear are stored automatically in your brain without applying many efforts.

Losing the ability to hear can make things really worse be it at the work, at a social occasion or for your own safety. At work things can get too tedious and hard as one has to participate in group meetings, have to follow a conversation in office and to receive important calls from the client. Social occasions like Talking to a friend or participating in a family discussion, talking on the telephone. While when walking on a busy road or any accident that might occur anytime so the safety is also a big question for the deaf. During learning, we can easily perceive things even if we fail to concentrate which helps to remember many things with just a little effort.

I think the main problem comes when it comes to loving a person as no one would like to fall in love with you because of your inability. You can’t love a person you had never talked to, but how to communicate effectively? I’ve read a blog where a person at an age of 23 discussed the problems that he faced. He wrote that while communicating with a normal person, they have to repeat some actions or words many a time so that they can understand what they want to say. But when it comes to love it is all about the conversation so to know each other really well but having this inability creates a lot of issues and even they are not sure whether the other person has understood what the person wants to convey from his words or actions.

Some people achieve what they want even with disabilities. Though many people take this as an inability few of them take this as a blessing and that’s what makes them a better person in life.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Top ten innovative ways to market Textile/Apparel products through sports

For trading you must be innovative with your presentational skills or your product must be innovative enough so as to attract as many people as it can and one can do this by promoting those products through sports as over the past few years this has been in trend. Advertising help or allows us to present our product or brand to the public by reporting their features to them it can bring profit and exposure about the product, so it is inevitable that every product must be advertised and thus will give your product a chance to conquer the market. There are many ways which will help you to expand your business and to gain profit and reputation in the market.

1.   Organize an event be it local or national and try to give sponsorship, this will cost you a little but surely help your business to gain profit. You also can distribute some apparel that you are launching in the market to make people aware about it.

2.   Sports magazine is another way which will help to expand your business in a short span of time and making it more popular among the people.

3.   Advertising on some of the sports channel is also another way of growing your business as people remember more about the ads that they watch with some short slogan and this will help them to search for your product easily without too much pain on their head.

4.   Recently, sponsorship of travelling expenses of player is the one in trend though it will make a hole in your pocket but it is worth trying.  

5.   If you’ve a product which can be used as a jersey then go ahead as it will prove the best kind of promotion of your product. Player feature on the television and people are more crazy about the jersey their favourite teams wear no matter how high it costs them.

6.  Banners on the street are old fashioned and almost used by all the merchandise to promote their product. People hardly show any interest looking at them.

7.   Social media can be proved helpful if you don’t have a high budget as people tend to follow pages of their favourite team or player and with the help of those pages, you can promote your product.

8.  As we have seen many commercials where players or the entire team members together promote for any product this is again can be done only if you’re willing to spend some more and have complete faith that the product will gain success.

9.  Promotion through tickets is the latest and easy way of promoting the product as people will check their tickets, again and again, to check their seat so this might give a good start to your product.

10. Trophies or the cheques that are paid to the players for their efforts in the game can be also useful as during the presentation they give a description about the sponsors.

These are some ways in which you can expand your business through sports and help your product achieve success.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Why South Asian countries have immense need of energy savings?

As we all know the renewable resources are getting depleted due to its uncontrolled use and this has become a major problem of the energy crisis and almost all the countries of the world are facing such problem. South-Asia has to provide water, food and energy to almost a billion of people in different cities throughout the day and not proper attention is given to such problem and sustainable management of such resources should be done. Policies on saving these resources should be applied so to avoid such resources from getting depleted, for example, the European Union’s policy on energy is based on sustainability, efficiency and security on the energy supply. South Asia is facing various crises along with insecurities in price hikes and fluctuations of the energy resource which in turns paralyzing the energy capacity of those regions.

This problem are very common in South Asia and due to this India experienced two heavy breakdown and almost at the same time, the annual energy demand is increasing by 4% and some official figures proved shortage of the same at the peak time by 10% and this is not bounded till India but its neighbouring countries like Pakistan who is facing energy crises from 2007 and the estimated demand will reach up to 50,000 MW by 2030. Bangladesh is even in worst condition because only 30% household in rural areas is getting proper electricity while Nepal is facing power outage for almost 20 hours a day during the dry season.

The only concern is how to produce enough amount of food so as to serve billions of people with the same amount of land (sometimes less), a limited amount of water and with the increased price of energy. However these regions are not devoid of other energy resources such as oil, gas, wind, coal, solar energy, etc which allows them to exchange resources with other regions and stabilize the resources need in their own region.

Oil resources in India are almost about 5,500 million tons followed by Pakistan which has 3,600 million tons and 0.96 million tons for Nepal. Afghanistan being the major producer of gas with 120 billion cubic meters while Pakistan produces around 7,900 billion cubic meters. India is the topmost producer of coal. Though India and Pakistan are more independent when it comes to such resources Bangladesh is more dependent on this countries for such resources.  

     There are some projects that have been undertaken to meet this energy requirement by various regions and are as follows:

1.    Central Asia and South Asia (CASA) 1,000 Electricity Transmission Project: This project will provide hydropower to Kyrgyz and Tajikistan in Central Asia while Afghanistan and Pakistan in South Asia and the trade will be of merely 1,300 megawatts in the summertime and thus generate revenues to both of this two Central Asian countries.

2.    India Mizoram Road: This project is developed basically to open transportation services between India and Mizoram as it is the only source of transportation facility available there which will reduce the cost of travelling for the people living in neighbouring states like Bangladesh and Myanmar.

3.    Nepal-India transport project and regional trade: It is also one of the important projects and help to remove trading and transportation constraints along the Kolkata-Kathmandu boundary.

Thus such projects between the small countries and big countries will eventually help to solve the energy crises by some good amount and help to build good relations with other countries.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

How can we concentrate on studies rather being distracted ?

Most of us would like to get an answer to this, that what are the things that one must do in order to not get distracted while studying and the simple answer is to try to concentrate well jokes apart. The most important thing one must follow while studying is to try to not think unnecessarily and there are things which you can avoid and will help you to concentrate on studies. Most of us know the fact that our brain has some capacity while working and beyond that it will give up and won’t let you work and eventually you’ll feel tired and sleepy. So the amount of time you have been very limited to get your work done.

 Different people try different tips and tricks which will help them to concentrate but these are basically myths which they are following and also getting success. Talking about those tricks and tips, there are generally thousands of myths where each of the regions follows different thing maybe with few modifications. But the fact is our mind is always occupied with thoughts which demand attention and the reason why you get distracted. You must have got the feeling that if I will continuously keep thinking an explosion would eventually take place and would destroy the remaining peace that your mind is giving you. You’re probably not aware of the thoughts that are running inside your mind. Some tips and tricks that you can follow

1.  The first thing you need is some inner peace with which you would be able to concentrate and without wasting your precious time on thinking over unwanted things which are not to be taken care off.

2.  Take a walk. Well, this also proves to be very helpful taking a long walk early in the morning is the best but if you can’t manage and a person who stays up late at night than evening walks could be helpful and can be done in the garden, beachside where there is a good supply of fresh air.

3.  Talking with your near ones and discussing with them the problems you are facing can also be a good thing as they might help you out to get rid of the problem by some good suggestion. So you must keep a good communication bond with the one’s you feel to share your thoughts with.

4.  Take a good nap, this is the most important thing. If you sleep well you will concentrate well on your studies.

5.  Listening to something which you like most or doing things which you like or can help you to get distracted for a while from the unwanted thoughts is also a good option you can go with.

6.  Meditating for 30 minutes or so would also help you to stabilize your mind and will help you and follow by taking some deep breaths will surely boost you up with some good and positive energy to the soul.

7.    Multi Tasking means doing two or more things at a time can also affect your performance. Try to give your 100% in a single task and there will be no such thing stopping you from achieving your goal.

So here are some of the tips and trick you can follow which will surely help you to get rid of unnecessary thinking. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

How people are being attracted through excellent food presentations in different parts of the world?

When it comes to food most of us prefer hygienic and the one which is presented really well even if we had to give some extra money for it. You won’t compromise with the quality of food and visit a good restaurant for a lunch or dinner, but what makes a food more attractive? The taste obviously, but beside this, we also give much importance to the way it is presented and attracts anyone easily. It is only the presentations that give the final touch to any dish and make you feel hungry. Now talking about presentation whenever a chef is processing any dish he makes sure that it is well modified and for that he garnishes it with some simple and edible stuff that makes sense to the tongue and to the dish too.

Some of the foods are moulded using circular or other shapes and make it look neat and clean the most being done is the rice. Colors and shape are also used to present any dish, for example, sea-foods or meat and such other things are well presented with two or three colors which helps them to sparkle and make it looks alive and the use of vegetables which are being shaped can be used in the plate too.

The plate should be balanced what it means is, if the plate is over packed with food it will look messy whereas if the plate is large and the quantity of the food will look skimpy and the reason why you should have a proper balance between the food and the plate that is being used. The temperature at which the food is served also plays an important role. Some stencils are also used to decorate the food and make it look more attractive and nowadays edible pencils are used to decorate cakes and other bakery products.

    Talking about the food let’s take some examples of the dishes that are famous worldwide

1.    Canada is famous for its poutines which are made up of fries or potato wedges(sometimes) garnished with some melted cheese and peri peri to add some spice.

2.    The USA is famous for their hamburger which is made up of veggies, cheese, patties and some other spices.

3.    Italy is known for their pasta which are made up of wheat noodles and boiled. It is thereafter processed with different sauces and veggies to give the final touch.

4.    Japan is maybe known for their sushi but their national dish is Ramen which is a noodles soup with added sushi and other vegetables.

5.    Crepe which is a thin pancake is all time favourite in France which is made up of a thick butter and served with cream and ice-cream.


6.    Who can forget about tacos which are famous in Mexico and made up of corn or wheat tortilla which is the covering and is being stuffed with chicken, pork, cheese, etc?
7.    India is well-known for its use of spices and flavours and has many dishes famous across the world some of them are pav-bhaji, Dosas, Punjabi, Rasgulla, etc.

Every country has a different taste and different dish which is loved by the locals out there and when presented with some proper ingredients and spices will give a taste which other might won’t and thus the presentation of the food is a must.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Top 12 worldwide Textile, Apparel and Denim annual Fairs which every merchandiser must know

As a merchandiser, you must know the places where you might get to see a different variety when it comes to your domain of interest and for this, there are such fairs that are being arranged by different countries to showcase the talent that they possess. Through such fairs trading is done among different countries and help merchandiser to build healthy business profit. Every year various shows and fairs are being arranged from different companies or a group of companies and even this year it's the same stuff that will be repeated  and some of them are as follows:

These are the 12 best annual fairs that a merchandiser must never forget about.

1. MAGIC is the world’s largest fashion marketplace be it children’s, women’s and men’s apparel are showcased in this fair along with thousands of different accessories and footwear. This fashion show is already expanded in 120+ countries spanning from 85 years and constantly proving its name in the fashion industry. This show gets up to 65,000-70,000 of industrial insiders and exhibitors in Las Vegas. This project also has a sister show that takes place in January in New York.

2. Fashion Industry Gallery is another fair that takes place in Dallas with around 28,000 square-feet places this is the second most famous fair in the world. In this fair brands for men’s, women’s and children’s are exhibited in a wholesale price and some permanent showrooms where it provides an opportunity for retailers to gain access to new trends.

3. L.A fashion market is a trade show hub hosted in Los Angeles featuring brands for each one of us with the comfort of opting different size, shape and colors.

4. Chicago collective is a place where nearly 300 exhibitors showcase their stuff under a single hut which offers classic and contemporary apparel for men’s wear.

5. World shoe accessories in Las Vegas has accounted for $20 billion in customer spending this year according to the report from Statistic Brain. This fair is more specialized towards footwear and provides the best of any brand in affordable prices.

6. New York shoe show is another one that comes in the list where there is about 300 footwear manufacturer showcasing about 800 brands of shoes which turn out to be a must visit fair.

7. TexWorld USA in New York provides a chance to interact with the largest textiles and branded accessories manufacturer for Asia, North America and many other countries across the world. Different types of denim, silk, prints, linen, embroidery and more are showcased in this fair.   

8. Stylemax in Chicago is held almost 4 times in a year with specializing in women’s accessories, gifts and many more and it's been lasting for more than 15 years.

9. Intermezzo and accessories circuit is a perfect place if you are looking for leather belts, handbags, fine jewellery and other such accessories.

10. Who’s next is a fair in Paris where almost 800 brands are divided into 5 areas of creation namely fame, private, trendy, urban and studio. They also encourage young talents of designers and help them to display their talent.

11. Kingpin Denim fair is hosted in Amsterdam which is an invitation-only fair where almost all the brands display their apparel and will last for 2-3 days.

12. Bread and Butter tradeshow is the one if you love everyday clothes and street wear. Being a leading fair for ready-to-wear fashion, it is hosted during Berlin fashion week.  

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Most promising personalities of the world who proved themselves to be called a “HERO”

Muhammad Ali Jinnah
What it takes to be a successful person not in terms of just money or some powers but by winning hearts of the people and doing something for them which will improve their life or improve the society, lets talk about few of them who worked so hard and tried to change their society. From Pakistan the one I would like to talk about is Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was one such hero. He was a lawyer, politician and founder of Pakistan and gave a thought that there should a country who will be identified as a Muslim majority and thus formed Pakistan and his birthday is celebrated as a national holiday. He was the first Governor-General of Pakistan and after giving independence from the Britishes he died at an age of 71 in 1948 and is considered as the greatest Pakistani’s leader.

Mahatma Gandhi
Next we will discuss about India who have many great hands behind getting freedom from the British rule and one such great personality was Mahatma Gandhi who believed in nonviolence and inspired many of the young souls from that time to fight for Independence and after his many efforts India got Independence in 1947 after calling “Chhodo Bharat” because of the heavy taxes that were applied by the Britishes on salt and also began Dandi Salt March and because of this he got imprisoned for many years. He was assassinated by Nathuram Godse an Indian nationalist on 30th January 1948 by firing three bullets into his chest which result in a sudden death. He is also famous as Bapu and was born and brought up in Porbandar in Gujarat.

General Yue Fei
Now we will discuss about China which is the world’s most famous and populated country but it has many heroes which helped their country in every other way and one of them was The Great General Yue Fei which is not only famous for his military success but also for his high ethical standards. China was attacked by the invaders from the north by the Jurchens and he has to make a tough decision of whether to go for the battle against the invaders or to look after his mother. To encourage him his mother wrote behind his back some encouraging words jing zhong bao guo- “Serve the country loyally.” He then went to the battlefield with around 500 men and remain undefeated against 100,000 Jurchen soldiers and forcing them to go back. He is still remembered as one of the heroes of China.  

Nelson Mandela
Napoleon Bonaparte
The one from Africa is Nelson Mandela who was a leader and an armed resistance who fought against discrimination against white and black which landed to a prison for almost 3 decades and after releasing became the first president for the blacks and remained a devoted champion throughout his life. Talking about Europe Napoleon Bonaparte was a French leader who was also associated in military and in the French Revolution too along with this he also participated in European wars.

Abraham Lincoln
Andrew Banjo Paterson
For America it was Abraham Lincoln who was the 16th President and helped the country to overcome from some serious crises such as military and constitutional affairs and for Australia none other than Andrew Banjo Paterson who was a poet and a  nationalist patriot  he was a writer who contributed much towards newspaper and poetry and broke all the records in Australia and became the icon itself.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Top ten Denim Apparel retail brands and their impact on world’s economy

In today’s world where people are more into the fashion industry and like to wear a number of different things be it clothes, shoes, belts, watches and many other things the competition of serving the customer and fulfilling their needs has become one main goal of the companies. They also focus will be to keep a track on the latest fashion and promoting their brands in a various way and this has been the main reason why this textile market has a huge impact on the market worldwide. It has now become a global enterprise which is ruling the market.

Due to the heavy demand from developed countries production from developing countries has increased which require more of labour work and also increase job opportunities for many which in turns helps to raise the economy of the developing countries. India, China and Japan are amongst few of them and in some years, it is going to increase further with the growing demands.

1.   Levi Strauss and Co is an American company known worldwide as Levi’s and founded in 1853. The company employs a total of 16,000 staff across the world. Their denim jeans have a great demand in Asia and USA.

2.  Lee is also an American denim based company founded in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. The company also launched Lee National Denim Day which was celebrated as part of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

3.     Diesel is an Italian company located in Breganze, Italy. It has two different brands for clothing Diesel and Diesel Black Gold and also has clothing available for kids called as Diesel Kid. The company spends a total of $5.8 billion on advertising in U.S. so far.

4.   G-Star Raw a Dutch company, who is well-known for their denim and various accessories, founded in 1989 in Amsterdam and now has 6500 worldwide shopping points.

5.    Naked and Famous is a Canadian based company but all its apparel are imported and fashioned in Japan through their high-class material and the name is because of their celebrity-obsessed culture. They are one of the expensive jeans in the market and averaging for a $300 for denim.

6.    Giorgio Armani S.p.A was an Italian fashion designer who started making Armani Jeans and the company known as Giorgio Armani who is planning for collaboration with Emaar properties. The denim is famous as Armani jeans and is increasing their production in Asia.

7.   Pepe jeans London is a denim-based company which established in London in 1973. In recent times, it has made a good reputation in the denim world with its good apparel which last long.

8.   Killer Jeans is established in India and owned by Kewal Kiran Clothing Limited which was introduced in 1989 and has brands across India and is well-known for their high-class denim.

9.    Spykar recently reported a turnover of almost $45 million is ruling the Indian market and on the minds of youths. They use their lab to bring a lot of varieties in the material  of the denim.

10. Tommy Hilfiger is an American based multinational company which has spread its business in almost everything be it denim, accessories like watches, belts, etc.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Importance of product development in merchandising

Product development is the initial stage where business sources for ideas regarding a new product. The concept of new style or perhaps design is produced by designer who can be merely a layout or sketch around the paper. The function of the product development process should be to certify that the particular supplier understands and adheres towards specifications established for a specific product. Normally, a retailer’s objective should be to provide their customers while using highest quality and service at the most competitive price. Clothing stores can certainly meet this objective most successfully while their supplier fully understands the item development process.

Product development is the particular life-blood of businesses and societies. The product might be a physical product for example an automobile, mobile phone, or coffee manufacturer. It could additionally be services for example new IT answer, new manufacturing method, or a new real estate investment marketing concept.
All successful product or service development actions provide following:

New benefit for customers
Improved society
Continued existence from the company

New benefits for Customers

The primary and most important grounds for any new development should be to provide new value towards customer. Without this kind of, there is no reason to enable them to trade their money to the new device. Nonetheless, if the goods and services offers overwhelming benefit, then customers will flock with it.

This new and also increasing value is actually what keeps businesses growing. If there is no new value to supply customers, the firm wilts and finally dies. If the worthiness offered is not increasing, then the corporation is losing ground out there as its opposition increase their value out there.

Improved Society

Many services are simply an incremental improvement above the previous version with only some brand new features or slight faster performance. The products may sustain the business by offering plenty of new value to create additional revenue; nevertheless they are hardly some sort of boon to contemporary society.

There are certain instances where services will improve contemporary society beyond just the particular immediate gratification from the consumer. Example these are innovative new drugs to deal with debilitating diseases and also automotive safety equipment that save a huge selection of lives per year. Neither of these may offer the consumer swift full satisfaction, but they save lives and therefore improve society.

Continued Existence and Growth

New products are the lifeblood of any business. Without them, the firm withers around the vine and often dies or is actually absorbed by an additional firm. Society is well-served because of the continuance of these companies from the employment from the individuals who perform there (who may also be consumers), and the assistance for society at-large available as taxation and charitable giving.

Companies (and civilizations) possess little choice nevertheless to grow and improve if they want to move from survival to thriving. The new products created and provided by companies of all sizes provide mechanism for this kind of growth and enhancement.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How leasing has changed the dynamics of auto business worldwide?

What do you mean by leasing or rather we can say lease let's get into this in detail. Lease is a kind of agreement between the two parties and that agreement or bond could be anything related to land, personal property like car or real property like business lands, appartments, personal home etc. It is a kind of contract between the lessee and the lessor who agree on certain terms and condition. There are certain elements in such agreement which include the name of both the parties i.e., the seller and the buyer, the start date and the duration of the agreement, condition if the agreement gets terminated before or after the time, the basic condition about the use of land or any other thing on which the agreement is based on, insurance for the loss and its proper maintenance.

More often we have been hearing about the agreement of land which has worked really well be it for a business use or a commercial building or for any other purpose. A word tenancy is used when the lease is for a land and some kind of amount is paid monthly or on certain condition it could be annually too. Now in recent years there has been an advancement in business and leasing is been performed at almost everything but we will specially focus on auto business. Here vehicle leasing is done which is giving access of your vehicle for a fixed amount of time at some fixed amount of money under certain conditions.

 This is generally offered by dealers as an alternative for purchasing and is been in a good demand in recent time. This gives profit to both buyer and seller as the buyer will not have to spend his entire savings for buying a vehicle and will not have to pay taxes and only a fixed amount after every month end, while the seller will still owe his vehicle and earn enough until he finds a permanent buyer of that vehicle. This kind of lease is only performed for a short duration of time maybe for a month or two.

The agreement is also made upon the number of miles a vehicle is permitted to run. Before handing the vehicle some deposits are taken by the seller from the buyer of the vehicle and this are security deposit which is handed by the landlord unless and until the vehicle is been returned in a good condition as it was earlier the other one is damage deposit which is the money the tenant has to pay if any kind of damage has been done to the vehicle and lastly the key money which the tenant has to pay for the vehicle he drove for certain amount of time.

 Of all there are always some pros and cons for everything some of them are:

-     No headache of paying any kind of down payment before buying a vehicle.
-     Just fix this thing in mind that the vehicle was never yours so as to avoid getting hurt once it leaves you.
-     No more worries about the insurance cost or any sort of maintenance that you might suffer is it was your personal vehicle.
-     But before leasing a car or purchasing the same make sure you go through the cost benefits for example the monthly lease or the EMI, the free maintenance cost against the service cost while buying your personal vehicle.
-     You have to keep in mind that after paying the EMI of the vehicle it’ll belong to you and you can sell it whenever you feel like but not in case of a lease.
-     But if you are bored of the same vehicle than leasing is the best option as you can get a new car whenever you want.