Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seven common mistakes visual merchandisers do and how can they keep themselves away from these errors ?

     Below are some common errors which Visual merchandisers normally do.

1.   Fault in photography: Low quality photograph will not help you to get good response from the retailer or any other person who is buying your product as it is the key to attract bunch of people towards you and by putting some good efforts in photography things can turn in your favour. By considering factors such as contrast, lightening, brightness, etc and getting those in a proper amount will enhance your picture quality.
2.   Clean background and surface: Busy backgrounds make your picture dirty because the background will take the buyers eyes away from the product and his interest in that product will eventually decrease and therefore a blur background will make a trick for you.
3.   Unorganised presentation: Customer is only going to buy your product if he/she finds the required details in a proper format and for that you need to present it in a proper way sub-features and other similar things can lower the interest of the buyer from the product.
4.   Poor efforts in selling: This is the main factor which will decide whether your product will be a hit or not because you should have got some tricks with you to impress the retailer or buyer and should be more focused in explaining the reason about why this is the best product from the rest that are available in the market.
5.   Improper product details: The person must have the complete detail about the product along with its advantage and disadvantage over other products.
6.   Poor selection of model: Here the model which is going to represent the product has to be exactly similar.
7.   Poor selection of prop: The prop that will be used with the product has to match the concept and if it is not related to the product than the buyers will not get attracted towards the product.

For proper visual merchandising these errors should be avoided so that there will be no effect to the product being merchandise.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Why Japan has more advancement in terms of technology than other countries?

In this blog we will discuss about the measures that can be taken by other countries to get ahead of Japan. Let’s talk about technology and how far things have gone except mobile phones and laptops. The recent advancement in technology has been exceptional and when it comes to Japan they are way ahead of other countries and undoubtedly has the biggest electronics market across the globe and not even electronics they are ahead in scientific research too along with medical researches and has received many Nobel prizes in this stream.

 The JapanAerospace Exploration Agency has conducted many planetary and space researches along with the development in rockets and satellites that they launch. They are working much harder in the field of nuclear energy after been hit poorly due to the failing of the nuclear reactor because of earthquake and tsunami. In some recent times they have worked in the field of robotic and artificial intelligence so as to automate the living of common man and make his/her life easier by doing almost half of their work with just a single touch. Japan is one of the few countries where automobiles industries are producing number of vehicles per year and it comes 3rd on that list.

   What next? they have turned restaurant where waiters no longer serve you and come at your table taking up your order but every table has been well partitioned from other and have been provided with a display where they can order whatever the wish too and the dish will get prepared and reach at their respective tables within minutes just with the help of the automated waiter which are nothing but computer programmed robots moving on the conveyor belt in a horizontal movement. After the order is processed there has been a machine which counts the number of plates and the content that a particular table ordered and according to that the bill is created. Some of the restaurants have separate cameras placed to do this task.

This is all we never even dreamed about but in reality things are really changing and humans are getting replaced by robots. Talking about the design it’s been made in E-shaped where it can serve number of people at a time without the help of chef and providing high quality food at a low price by automating the entire process and once you are done with it you put your dishes in a space where it gets washed automatically. There’s another technique which uses a normal looking plate with an IC chip that’s been fitted on the plate and when a hand machine is passed from that plate it will automatically calculate the price of each dish and gives you the total amount and the biggest advantage is it doesn't make any sound or vibration.

Looking at such technologies other countries are boosting and trying different things to increase their technological power. Steps can be taken by encouraging more and more youngsters to come up with new ideas and give them a big platform to showcase those and maybe one day even they will be having such technologies which can ease the work and remove the burden from the shoulders of the work on people.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Business in Malls is better or in Streets markets?

 In today’s world there are people who have different kind of liking towards everything be it nature, food, lifestyle, etc but when we think as a business person who don’t only want to make profit but reach at the top. In the developing countries street shopping has been in current trend the reason being its low cost be it food or any other thing. Malls are currently getting in trend in this developing countries but in developed countries like UK, USA and other foreign countries they have already replaced street markets (almost 90%), but the question that arise is which is better as from a customer point of view we all want good quality in low price or may be the maximum discount with warranty on the product.

 The traditional marketplace has been intercepted by the shopping malls which in turn shifting or rather transforming the choices of the people. In recent years there has been a drastic change in the lifestyle of the people and many of them are making a visit at least twice or thrice a month and due to availability of number of product for the same purpose and different prices more and more people are heading towards malls than street markets. The retailer has to choose ways in which there will be a flow of customers and maximize the profit thereby increasing the sales and revenue of the shop. Malls are built with only a single goal of providing optimal conditions for both retailers and consumers. For retailer it provides various trading offers and for consumers this a place where they can come with their families and spend some good time by shopping, rides for children, eating at a restaurant or watching a movie that’s what a mall offers.

 While going to a mall a good interior or various other factors such as multiple things in showcase which can attract the buyers in your store or a discount price also a good anchor who can handle or keeping the requirements in mind and helping them to choose what they exactly want can boost the sales of the store but when it comes to street market people usually go home from either their offices or from colleges and don’t feel like taking any kind of interest in it. During a rainy day the customer visiting the street market falls rapidly and thus affects their sales to a great extent. There are also various problem which while going for a street shopping the customer finds such as finding a place for parking, huge rush, anxiety due to the climatic condition and road traffic which leads to pollution and other problems.

All this problems eventually force customers to visit malls and they are willing to pay a little more for not getting tired and keeping their mind at peace as they provide good security, cleanliness of the surrounding along with spacious and healthy environment with air-conditioned facility. But malls are not completely heaven for the retailers as there are shops which are providing similar kind of products with variable price difference which are taking away the customers also the lease that takes place is not very flexible in terms of duration and taxes.  

 When we start comparing them there are almost equal advantages and disadvantages at the same time and based on the needs you can opt which one will suit you.

Saturday, December 19, 2015


When it comes to the people who we can say is the most deserving in our society there is no such measure in which we can define success or can distinguish who is more deserving than other rather we can the person whose act helped for the betterment of the society is the one who is most deserving. There are number of people in different fields each of them working hard in every aspect some do it for earning, few do it for passion and the rest do it for improving the state of the society.

 We all know that manual job is not respected when it comes to India or Pakistan but the irony is there isn't much we can do without them some of them are rickshawala, ambulance driver, sewage cleaner, waiters, plumber, electricians, sewage cleaner, drivers and lastly our mother. They all have been doing their work without even a pinch of appreciation so what if they ain't receive all this they are still doing their work with full dedication and a hope that maybe one day even their name will be taken with pride and give them the amount of respect and honour they deserve, but instead the politicians, MLAs, Bollywood superstars are getting fame for doing nothing but the main reason is they have enough capital and their so called work rather we can say controversies which the media give them for no great reason which helps them to stay in thenews headlines and on the front page of the newspaper.

In a recent research the estimated income of Shah Rukh Khan is around 4200 crore while that of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is 900 crore and most shockingly Sonia Gandhi income is anything which you can't even imagine 12,000 crore. In India any sport excluding cricket has not been given much importance that it should've received the reason being the talented media of Indian country who have been working so hard to promote cricket in recent years that other sport players see themselves as a normal person.

 Let's take a recent example of the world champion in Kabaddi (India) while reaching to the airport there was no one to celebrate their victory the players themselves got a rickshaw outside the airport taking the trophy back to home. If you are not into cricket there is not much support you'll get not even financially. But actions are been taken by the prime minister Modi and other sports are also getting the respect it should get. Waiters who serve you has to handle the harsh words of the boss and the manager if any mistake is made by him, but this job will eventually help you to learn to be humble and polite while talking to others and always keep a smile on your face. 

In this list there comes scientist too who work day and night just to their country to reach at the top with their amazing researches. Many of you know DR.A.P.J Abdul Kalam as he being the most famous scientist across the globe but how many of you know about Prof. C.N.R.Rao who has been awarded with Bharat Ratna award along with Sachin Tendulkar. Though they are not so famous but that does not mean they will stop serving their country with their work and that's what makes a country and their people more special.   

Friday, December 18, 2015

Education is not in a degree, it gives knowledge and complete way of life


What is knowledge for you, maybe to gather some kind of information related to anything which you would like to explore. For most of us it's the same old thing studying for 12-15 years get a job and get settle but there are very few of them who perceive knowledge not only for the sake of studying but also to explore different facts about any particular thing. The thirst of a learner never gets fulfilled as he/she always seeks to gain as much as they can. This is the main reason why some ordinary people are choosing to be a scientist and getting immense success in that field with just a passion to explore,learn and make.

As we all know without knowledge there is no development be it of a particular individual, the society or the country itself.  But wait gathering knowledge randomly doesn't make any sense if you are only perceiving knowledge, for that education is a must. What education does, it guides you and help you to decide your goal based on your interest, this is the main reason why education has been given importance across the globe and due to this the two country of Asia i.e., India and China has the fastest growing economy and all this is just because people came forward to support education and that has done the trick for this highly populated country.

This show how education has made life easy and help them to live at peace. Let's take an example of South-Korea who were facing enormous economic crisis than most of the African countries are today but what helped them to get out form this is equal education to both men and women which eventually solved the problems for their health care, better living, food and shelter, and lastly a considerable decrease in infant mortality. Due to a huge increase in the economy in the country of China there is a great hunger for education.

Education means participation in any form for the betterment of the society but there are institutions who sell education and play with the future of those who deserve but can't afford. The main problem starts with the thinking for example a middle class family thinks education as an expenditure as they have to look at other family members too and running the whole house with less salary is next to impossible with the growing price of the day-to-day need, but an educational family will think as an investment and will be expecting heavy return after a certain duration of time. Well after all such criticization let's talk about educated people, with their way of living,talking and behaviour along with the manners you can easily say if that person is educated or not.

When it comes to fight and bombing countries like India,USA and even the recent one in Paris you won’t find any educated person doing this, because it's the illiterate who find this meaningful and destroying the peace in the world and spread hatred for each other. The hazardous effects of global warming across the globe is not hidden and steps are been taken like planting more and more trees so as to reduce the increasing temperature of the earth but some uneducated people are constantly supporting deforestation which results in melting of the icebergs and eventually putting the world at risk. But steps are taken and maybe one day don’t get surprised if you see a 100% literacy rate across the globe.

How clinical pharmacists are playing an important role in the modern health care system?

Pharmacy is the technique or rather we can say is a science of preparing medicines and various drugs that are used in our day to day life to treat various disease or disorder. It is a profession which bonds the chemical science with science and has the main goal to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical drugs. The procedure is very tough as one has to add a proper amount of each substance to make a drug or mixture that will be effective on any random person with low or high reaction to a particular drug. Financially the cost to make each drug is more but substitutes are used instead of using the original substances which will reduce the cost and make purchasable for the common people.

A good amount of practice is a must to make a mixture or any kind of drug. This is achieved by prior knowledge about the drugs being used and its reaction with different substances. A pharmacists has to look about various health affairs such as mental health, environmental health, oral health counseling about STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases),Chronic disease and various nutrition counseling. Beside all this the pharmacist has to look  at the hospital management where he plays a role of an administrator and handles the complete hospital and to take care about the various activities that happens inside an organization.

The clinical pharmacy takes into consideration all the actions that are executed by any pharmacist working in hospitals, nursing home,  private clinics, etc. The main aim is to diminish the disease caused to any person by taking all the necessary measures within a fixed duration of time. Any mistake in suggestion will cause death or more serious condition. The patient first visit to a doctor and after looking at the symptoms the doctor suggest him some medicine or drug and here the clinical pharmacist plays a main role in communicating with the patients and verify with them the drug which he or she is going to consume.

There are various levels of actions that a clinical pharmacist takes some are as follows :
The pharmacist check the drugs completely before suggesting it to any patient, apply various formulas, check previous results and make new research on various substances.
During the prescription period the pharmacist monitors the activities that takes place inside our outside the body or we can say the reaction that takes place and if the desired results are not obtained then one can alter the amount of dose or the drug itself. After the prescription the pharmacist can make and publish his/her own formula or drug which has successfully worked for treating any particular disease and can make further modifications too.

Most of the clinical pharmacists have a Doctor of pharmacists degree which helps them to practice a number role like communication and counseling of the patient and preventing any kind of error in medication along with prescribing right drug to the patient.  The future of pharmacist in the coming future will be more into health care rather than just counseling and communication with the patient.  There must be exams that might get conducted which will be a detailed one about all the substances and a medical shops where there will be a senior pharmacist who takes care about all the requirements of various drugs.

7 destinations of EU which tourists must visit with prior knowledge

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France ­-

Before travelling to any place its prior knowledge is must here the Eiffel tower of Paris is a wrought iron lattice tower and it is the most famous engineered art-work in the world. The location of this tower is in the Champ DeMars which was named after the engineer Gustave , with a height of around 324 meters it is one of the tallest structure of Paris. It is the most-visited paid monument in the world with around seven million people visited in 2011. This iconic tower has 3 levels for visitors, which include restaurants on the 1st and 2nd level. The top level is 276m above the ground which can be visited only by lift though it has steps but only the 1st level is 300 step above the ground level as is the distance from the first to second level. 

2. The Colosseum, Rome, Italy - 

It is an elliptical amphitheater which is located in the center of the city Rome. It is also known as Flavian Amphitheatre which was built with a mixture of concrete and stone and because of this it was the largest  amphitheater in the world including the Roman Empire.  It is considered to be a greatest achievement for Roman architects and engineer. It has a capacity to hold around 50,000 to 80,000 spectators. This structure was used only for entertainment in the medieval era but then used for housing and other purposes too. Though it has been partially ruined and the major damage was caused by earthquake and stone-robbers, but it is still being the most iconic symbol of the Imperial Rome.

3. Big Ben, London, England –   

The Great Bell has a nickname called as Big Ben which is often referred to as the clock tower is big clock located in London. The tower is officially known as Elizabeth Tower which was renamed for celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II. This tower gained a record for the second largest four sided faced clock on the planet and has became the most prominent and most visited icon in the United Kingdom. Many films are getting shooted at this spot and the scene that it provides is speechless. The clock movement is more reliable. The main bell which is officially known as Great Bell is the largest bell in the tower. The location of this tower provides with some serene breeze and a walk at this place will make your day.

4. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia –

 The Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed commonly known as Saint Basil's Cathedral, is a church which is located in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. The building is now turned into a museum.  It was a famous landmark and the city's tallest building until the development of the Great Bell Tower. The building is shaped in such a way that it looks like a flame of a bonfire rising into the sky,  a design that has no analogues in Russian architecture. The best part about this structure is its different color shades that the tower is painted which definitely attracts many hearts of the visitors.

5. Leaning Tower of Pisa, Pisa, Italy – 

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is known across the world for its  tilt on one side which began during the construction work and caused due to insufficient foundation on ground which got soften on one side. The tower’s height is 55 meters. The tower started to sink after construction had progressed to the second floor in 1178 and because of this the work was stopped for almost a decade, it was due to a flawed design which was a mere three-metre foundation, set in weak, unstable subsoil, from the beginning.