Wednesday, June 24, 2015


It was the time when Mughals were busy in raising their emperors with their own created dignity. Palaces, castles and grand beautiful gardens were being built but on other side western people were setting up their future goals and to get raised their future generations, universities were being built. This is not what we are going to show you today because we all knew what happened in the end with these Mughals but surprisingly what we are seeing today in some of the Muslims (Arab) countries, it seems like we are taking our future generations into the same era. Recently we watched a video on facebook regarding “The Future of Dubai” in which ten mega projects have been shown which will be opened for the visitors and investors very soon, with the help of these projects they will not only attract people around the world but they can also show their worth as well but unfortunately we did not see a single university in these projects, they can attract the world with the world best and largest universities in Dubai but how and when? Who will come to wake them up from their dreams?

 watch this video and think, are Muslims of this era who has money  going into the right directions, then decide because we are speechless!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


It’s an honor for players to represent their countries internationally and if they opt the country’s national game for this purpose, it really makes them extra proud but in the end, it always matters what results they are managing for their country, if they play with proud and courage and get their flags to the peak of that game then they do not only become the source of raising their flag high in the world but people around the world also praise them for making themselves a proud ambassador through their national games.

So we have a thought to bring this interesting info for our readers about the countries specific achievements for their national games, we selected few famous countries for this purpose and so far we will discuss only world title in our findings. We really hope that you will find it interesting and knowledgeable.

PAKISTAN – Field hockey is a national game of Pakistan and since independence Pakistan have become world champions four times and with two time runner-up, last time they managed this title in 1994 but since then, Pakistan could not even play a final of world cup but still this country is on top with total of four world title of this game which really shows that how much importance have been there for this game for the people of Pakistan.

INDIA- Field hockey is also a national game of India but since independence, they could manage only one title for this game in 1971, there might be a reason that Cricket is a famous sport in India in which India have three world title and with lot of sponsors and attraction in this game, people love to put their energies in this game more than in any other game including their national game but still we see that India have been doing excellent job through different tournaments and leagues to support their national game but so far all their efforts are not really bringing fruitful or desire results.

United Kingdom (ENGLAND) – Cricket is a national game of England but if we see the chart of world title winners of this game, we see that despite playing world cup finals three times; England could not be able to win a single world cup. They could manage to get only one victory in T20 world cup in 2010.

USA- United States of America – Baseball is a national game of USA and so far they have made them world champions four times with seven times runner up for this game which shows the interest and love with this game by the people of United States of America.

China – Table Tennis is a national game of China and when we see the chart of winners at world level. We will not get surprise to see that since 1980 around 95% titles have won by China either men’s or women’s and not only the world cups, they are also on top in Olympics as well with many gold medals. It really shows that how much they are sincere with their national game.