Friday, February 6, 2015


Entering into the new product categories by some famous beverages companies are not new these days. In Pakistan, Coca Cola and Pepsi had launched their drinking water brands some years ago despite the fact they had the well-established competitor in this market already but their concept to grasp the major portion of the sales for this specific market is still undergoing.This must be admitted that with their giant marketing and sales campaigns, they have been giving the quite tough competition to Nestle and many other local brands since now.

This concept of growing business has not been stopped up by these companies because recently Coca-Cola has announced to enter into the Milk business in USA.
 So far we need to wait the timeline when will they be entering into the other markets with this product and how? But this will be an open challenge to all other major brands in this category in Pakistan i.e Nestle, Olpers, Haleeb etc.

Let’s wait and watch that how much this new product launch will give success to Coca-Cola but one thing we need to admit that this market is expanding with a faster pace and what require by end consumer, is the fine quality product and with an affordable price. Offcorse all aspects will be kept under consideration by Coca Cola before they start this new venture.

According to the Coke Company…
  • This milk will be high-end, highly modified but much more expensive dairy product.
  • It would have name “Fairlife” which will look and taste like milk, but otherwise it'll be pretty different from the average white stuff.
  • Fairlife is low in sugar, high in protein, and free of lactose.
  • It has a proprietary milk filtering process that will allow, increasing protein by 50 percent, taking sugar down by 30 percent, and having no lactose and that would be the reason they will charge twice as much for it.

Keeping in mind the recent successful marketing campaigns by Coca Cola have been launching in Pakistan, we may foresee the quite strong and commendable entry into this market but it will strongly depend on the product quality and taste, how good will it attract the consumer with this high price ? Time will conclude.

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