Saturday, January 31, 2015


US president Barak Obama's recent visit to India, Governor Punjab Chaudhry Sarwer resignation and blast in shikar pur,  apparently there is no similarity among all these incidents but most importantly these have left many questions behind about the foreign and national policies of Pak current government. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


It won’t be justified if we leave our words unsaid and don’t appreciate Mr Perfect for his recent act. Although he has been admired by his fans already for his extraordinary performances throughout his professional career but this time Mr. Perfect has come up with another project which is not related to his showbiz career, it is a life giving project for which only a courageous man like him can make such an announcement.                     

Though we have been hearing such statements in the past by some other famous personalities but still Amir Khan kept himself unique among all and he announced to donate all his organs after his death.

 Although many of us may have read this news through different mediums but my purpose to write few words not only in his appreciation only but also I want my readers to think what good we have been doing in our lives. We often heard  someone saying that “ I wish I could help millions if I had money” , this man has given them an answer who is already a billionaire and he has been surely spending his money for many noble causes already but see what good he has done , he will not be remembered now with his great achievements in his professional career but also he will remain alive in the form of his organs which will save the lives of many and this is our affirm belief that if you do something good, you will get a great reward by Allah and with this great act, Amir Khan will surely be rewarded by Allah with great blessings in his grave.

I wish my readers to think and open their minds if they really have true intentions to help people. They must get a lesson from Mr Perfect, there is not only money who can help people but your kind words, love, respect, encouragement and motivation in the time when someone really needs it, can also make you perfect in your life because you will remain alive or not, your every single virtue will be part of your soul and you will be kept getting peace in your grave whenever the man you helped, will remember you in good words.

Just Think!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


After the success of Pk movie and record business, here we prepared the list of those Indian movies which could earn the 200 crores and more but these are not even close to the business of "Pk".

Below is the list 
which may not reflect the final figures as this process of earning is still going on.

Friday, January 23, 2015


I have been very curious about searching the fact that why Latin American countries are not developed like other EU and North American countries since long but recently when i went through some reports on internet where the ranking of the world's most violent cities have been published on various websites, i got my answer. 

This report has been published by Mexico's Citizens' Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice

They have prepared the list of top 50 cities and their data was based on the below points.

·         A full one-third of global homicides occur in Latin America even though according to United Nations data the region has just 8% of the world's population.

·         Drug trafficking, gang wars, political instability, corruption, and poverty combine to cause the region's elevated violence.

·         The council's ranking includes cities with a population of more than 300,000 and doesn't count deaths in combat zones or cities with unavailable data, so some dangerous cities might not be represented on the list.

I hope that my readers will find it interesting and may get the answer of same question which i have been thinking so long.

1. San Pedro Sula, Honduras had 171.20 homicides per 100,000 residents.

2. Caracas, Venezuela had 115.98 homicides per 100,000 residents.
3. Acapulco, Mexico had 104.16 homicides per 100,000 residents.
4. João Pessoa, Brazil had 79.41 homicides per 100,000 residents.
5. Distrito Central, Honduras had 77.65 homicides per 100,000 residents
6. Maceió, Brazil had 72.91 homicides per 100,000 residents.
7. Valencia, Venezuela had 71.08 homicides per 100,000 residents.
8. Fortaleza, Brazil had 66.55 homicides per 100,000 residents.
9. Cali, Colombia had 65.25 homicides per 100,000 residents.
10. São Luís, Brazil had 64.71 homicides per 100,000 residents.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Recently an article published by about the WELL PAID JOBS in UK, they have mentioned six jobs along with the complete description and detail. It was quite interesting to know these facts. Though the report was presenting the data of UK based jobs but it really developed our interest to prepare a list of some well-paid professions in Pakistan.

 We know that people might get agree or disagree with our findings but we always encourage our readers to come with their criticism or positive feedback. Every opinion will be highly regarded.

1)      Charted Accountants- we can keep it on top due to supply and demand issue, normally people feel it super tough so no one takes risk to jump in this field  eagerly and those who plunge themselves into the depth of this field and don’t leave it in the middle, are enjoying the handsome amount of salary.

2)      Petroleum Engineers – Some Multi National oil companies developed highly paid opportunities for relevant engineers due to the extended field jobs.

3)      MBAs from LUMS – All well established National and Multi National companies always prefer MBAs from LUMS for their Marketing, Supply chain, HRM etc. It may be due to not having an equally standard institution that’s why they always keep IBA and LSE graduates as second option. Due to the quality education and having immense confidence in their abilities, LUMS graduates always prefer to get inducted in any company with handsome package.

4)      Language expertise (Mainly English or Chinese) – Multipurpose jobs including media, call centers and as a translator etc

5)      Teaching expertise at Secondary/Higher secondary/A/O Levels – People who have ability to teach certain science subjects at these levels, they have established academies and earning very well through tuition fee with six to eight hours classes schedule on daily basis through different student groups.

We wish to have this list improved upon your feedback.

Monday, January 19, 2015


Few days back, a report published by various sites on internet which were claiming that according to the Google, Pakistan is among the top list for most porn searching countries and they also kept many other Muslim countries on top. Their criteria of establishing this fact was based on the most number of searches against different words and interestingly animal sex was on the top. In return of this report, we also see many counter attacks and these facts are being denied by some other websites even with the proof of Google data index. They further emphasis it as propaganda against Pakistan as well against many other Muslim countries. 

Well we are not going to be a part of this debate but we must understand the severity of this issue, even if we assume it a less intensive matter than why it is being promulgated by some certain groups so we must admit the fact that something fishy is really happening around which has given others opportunity to reveal these facts.

We believe that Pakistan is a country which has produced IT intellectuals like ARFA KARIM and recently one of our hardware engineer from Karachi invented a 3D printer, these are few examples and if we start searching, we will get lot more because we always feel proud to have a rich land with such talented individuals. We are facing the issues like insufficient resources and lack of awareness only.

How many IT universities do we have in Pakistan competing Internationally ?  we don’t need to go far away for comparison, just see our neighboring country, Do we have any IT city like Bangalore here in Pakistan ? you will be surprised to know that on the basis of an agreement to exchange the intellectuals between USA and India, many American students are studying in India. Where do we stand?

Now let’s come to the point, we provided internet facility to our nation but with no proper knowledge and guidance that where and how can we have the best use of it ? Due to this, our young generations especially teen agers is getting the use of it what best they could feel.Unfortunately our old generation is not very much familiar with the beneficial use of this technology. So rather than being a part of this propaganda, we must sweep our doors first and help the nation where  improvements are need to be done.

I wish people come and discuss this openly in order to spread the awareness at every platform.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Yes in early 90s it was just a dream to play such innings in one day cricket but then we saw a man with his Boom Boom style brought some more colors and attraction in this form of cricket. We should give credit to Shahid Afridi whose playing style made this form of cricket more popular after he made 100 on just 37 balls but even after years this record seemed unbroken and we had been watching Afridi playing some remarkable such innings but then he was Coray Anderson who proved his existence in this list and broke this record with 100 on 36 balls against West Indies in 2014.

And now after one year, AB De Villiers set the new landmark during an innings of 149 against the West Indies in Johannesburg.He smashed eight fours and 10 sixes in beating the previous ODI record of 36 balls.

For your further interest, you can see below the list of Top 5 one day fastest centuries.

Fastest ODI centuries
1. AB de Villiers (South Africa) - 31 balls against West Indies in Johannesburg on 18 January, 2015.
2. Corey Anderson (New Zealand) - 36 balls against West Indies in Queenstown on 1 January, 2014.
3. Shahid Afridi (Pakistan) - 37 balls against Sri Lanka in Nairobi on 4 October, 1996.
4. Mark Boucher (South Africa) - 44 balls against Zimbabwe in Potchefstroom on 20 September, 2006.
5. Brian Lara (West Indies) - 45 balls against Bangladesh in Dhaka on 9 October, 1999.

Now lets wait and watch who can break this record but one thing De Villiers has proved that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. A lesson for youngsters.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Garment retail franchise business is growing rapidly in many developing countries day by day due to the reason people are getting conscious in their look and styling and keep searching something new and different which will be best suitable for their personalities as well as keep them away from ordinary dressing.

We must give credit to some of the local brands which have changed the fashion sense of many people and made them ready to spend some more money for good quality products.
Keeping in mind the growth of different brands, they always seek for the franchisees in some potential markets.  That’s why they come up with contracts to open up their franchises in new and potential markets. It helps them to explore new markets with the expense of others whom we call “Franchisee”.

So to become a successful franchisee is not an easy job, you must know deeply below mentioned points before you dive into this business otherwise you will simply get nothing and will loss all your money for the cost of others.

Brand selection based on market need and product type: You must select a brand which is offering those products which best suit for your area and you see the deep interest of people in buying such products. Please always remember that product fits of your selected brand must be according to the body fits of your target people. For example, if your brand has the American sizes and you will open up an outlet in China and trying to sell the same sizes in China. You will not only loss customers despite having good quality and latest trendy products but also it will ruin your brand’s image. In our garment language we call it “Anthropometric” studies so you should check and get it confirmed from your franchiser if it has been done for your specific area/market already.

Investment / budgeting: Before starting this new venture,you must know that how much investment you can do in this business and how much it will require with the passage of time because in this business like others you will not be started earning profits at least during first six months so you must have sufficient capital in hand in order to bear all running expenses easily at least for one and half year. Before taking any further step, Please see our below post for better understanding.


Area selection: Before you select any area, must remember below points into your mind.
There must not be any other outlet of same brand in your selected at least 6Km radius area.
You must do proper survey to know the buying trend of your product in that specific area.
You must know the buying power of that particular area by keeping your product value in mind.
Many franchisees do above mistakes due to the lack of product knowledge and improper survey for that specific area. Many local brands trust on the reports of franchisees rather than conducting their own surveys for the selected area.
In both cases, franchisee always on the higher risks so they must take every step with full confidence and proper homework.

Marketing campaigns: Many local brands are lacking in this area and are mainly relying on Internet/facebook marketing but it can never help to market your own outlet so it must have been agreed before starting this new venture that how your franchiser will help you to market their products as well as your outlet in that specific area.

New collections and replenishment time: More the new collections/new designs your brand launches in a year and fastest the replenishment being provided by your brand, more the revenue/sales your outlet will earn.

Conclusion: If your outlet is not giving you the expected per month sales or you are not able to get recovered your fix cost after a year then you must start thinking for all above mentioned improvements before investing on your current location further. 

Authored By HMS Khalid
Sohaib Khalid is the founder of "ThinkLikeGiant". He is an Apparel Merchandiser and have been working for Denim companies and brands since 2008. He loves blogging that's why started this blog with the aim to share his knowledge and experiences for the people associated with his field as well as for general public.
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Friday, January 9, 2015


Few days back when I was on my way to office, I saw a man sleeping under electric poll, covering himself with a dirty small blanket. It was a very cold foggy day, I was not able to control shivering despite covering myself completely with wool sweater, jumper and muffler etc. It was actually nearby my van stop, I stopped there for a while, took a picture with my cellphone and posted it on my facebook page. I thought for a moment that why this man was sleeping in this open area, at dangerous location and bearing this extreme cold weather but then my van came, picked me up and we moved to our office.

Although it was a short time incident but it left a lot of questions in my mind. I kept on thinking that what actually had made this man to reach at this point where he couldn't even get a safe place to spend this foggy cold night. A thought stuck into my mind that we used to call such people beggar, mental patients, poor daily wagers who come from different small cities and villages or some drug addicted people but did we ever think…

What did make such people to become beggar?
What are the incidents made them mental patients?
Why such poor daily wagers are not able to keep themselves at safe place during nights?
What has caused this drug addiction?

But then I thought that do I really need to get answers for these questions, No surely No because it will be a wastage of time for people like us who are actually Dumb, Deaf, Blind and mental.

YES WE ARE DUMB because we speak…
Where we think we are superior in grade/rank/social class/age/gender etc and can only show our power and anger on less privileged people but we never speak in front of those who give us some benefits even if they humiliate us.

YES WE ARE DEAF because we hear the miseries of poor, needy people in our daily routine life through different mediums but we do something rarely or occasionally or trying to be ignorant because we always feel ourselves the most needy people of this world.

YES WE ARE BLIND because we see corruption but we do corruption for our benefits or need whenever require.

YES WE ARE MENTAL because we seek the peace in those things which are actually causing the disruption of our mental peace, despite having all the luxuries of life; we can’t sleep before we take sleeping pills. we increase our expense and then try to increase our income and spend our whole life in order to equalize our expense with income. It keeps disturbing our life always. we never try to bring contentment in our lives.

Now I come to that point where I wanted to get you people. Please keep your ears and eyes open, you will definitely see people in your surrounding screaming, starving, being harassed or itched their wounds due to helplessness. They might be sleeping under such electric polls on footpaths, covering themselves with blankets and praying God for help with tears in eyes.

Please always keep some money as Sadqa or Zakat in your pocket with a true intention to help such people. You will be judged by Allah definitely.

May Allah bless you and your families and give you courage to become a part of this noble cause. Amen
Authored By HMS Khalid
Sohaib Khalid is the founder of "ThinkLikeGiant". He is an Apparel Merchandiser and have been working for Denim companies and brands since 2008. He loves blogging that's why started this blog with the aim to share his knowledge and experiences for the people associated with his field as well as for general public.
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

pk MEANS “peekay” or pk MEANS "PK"

This has become a wide discussed topic these days that what actually “pk” movie showed which provoked some of the Indian audience. So far the only clarity which we could have from Amir Khan is that this movie has been written, produced and directed by those people who are the followers of Hinduism so they better know the sensitive matters associated with their culture and society. Apart from all those criticism and pressure on Indian government to get imposed the banned on this movie, no one could stop the business which is now on the way to create  new records and Indian film fraternity should come up with applause for the team of “pk” not only for their success but in actual for the success of Bollywood.

Few days back I got from one of my friend that “pk” movie had been given this name not because of “peekay” but the purpose of this name was to give the message that true Muslims and Pakistanis can never do something wrong for others and he further added that pk stands for Pakistan which actually had been kept hidden and associated with one of the main character of the movie “Sarfraz” who was Muslim and belonged to Pakistan. This is the one random thought which we could have from the audience who does not bother to know the actual concept, they watched and created their own philosophy’s. My question to those people that why don’t you see more than fifteen crore Muslims in India? Why don’t you think that one of the ex-president of India, was Muslim, Dr Abdul Kalam Azad. So rather than connecting it with specific region or religion, we should get the clear message, Do good and have good, speak truth and get peace.

Another point highlighted by one Indian viewer that in movie, it has been showed that we (Hindus) are wasting milk which must be fed to poor children. He said that I do agree with this point but why Amir Khan did not show those Muslims who are covering the shrines with beautiful and expensive fabrics which can be used to cover the same  poor kids. Here point is valid but there are number of such concepts and beliefs which cannot be covered in this short span of time but we should appreciate the film makers who tried to cover as many as possible and almost from every religion. Due to the fact, movie has been made in India so major portion has been kept around Indian culture and religion.

In short, what people say right or wrong, Mr perfect did the perfect job again. WELL DONE.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


I am not an educationist nor am I an analyst  but the kind of educational system I have been observing in Pakistan since long, forcing me to highlight at least the important points which are damaging our society and future generation badly.

It won’t be wrong if we categorize it in a way like,

Education for Poor
Education for Middle class
Education for upper middle class
Education for Elite class

There is no need to write some heavy lines to get people understand above classes but we only need to mention the school and college types under each class which have been designed accordingly.

Education of Poor

All rural areas Government schools come under this category where standard of curriculum and faculty can never compete with a small private school of any metropolitan city. Although there have been some exceptions in the form of extraordinary students and teachers but can we build an equally growing educational society with these exceptions.

Education for Middle class 

All rural and urban private schools which give an affordable fee for those families whose monthly income are from 15K to 25K. It has become a SME business in most of our small cities. How good it sounds…Sale education for money, I am not against it but do you see any check and balances, parameters for the registration and standards controls by the government authorities ? This class does not have any other choice but to choose these schools for their children's future rather than government schools.

Education for upper middle class

National/international schools chains which are operating in many cities, making good profits in the name of providing an international level standard education.

Education for Elite class

Purely international chains mainly in the big cities of Pakistan which can only be afforded by the children of those people whose earnings are in millions or billions in a year.

Now what should be painful for all of us is that Cant we see the difference in..

  •           Language
  •           Culture
  •           Clash in thoughts about different creeds
  •           Mannerism (A degree to understand the relationships and discipline of life)
  •          Thinking capabilities
  •           Scientific approach (Information and use of different kind of technologies)
  •           Confidence levels
  •           Physical activities

And many more things…

I wish and encourage people to become a part of this debate. Plz think on equal grounds. What we are sowing today, surely we need to reap tomorrow.