Saturday, June 20, 2020

10 Reasons You Should Subscribe To Food Channel Ifrah's Kitchen


Today we want to introduce an amazing YouTube channel to our readers and we are sure, right after reading this blog post, you are going to subscribe to this awesome channel instantly as we are going to give you 10 good reasons for it!

The channel we are highlighting is called: Ifrah’s Kitchen.  She lives in UAE with her husband. She is basically a pharmacist but has a keen interest in cooking. During lockdown in UAE they both decided to make the best out of Quarantine and started this channel.

Daily New unique Recipe- Ifrah's Kitchen

Let’s now explore 10 astonishing reasons as to what makes Ifrah’s kitchen a stand-out and why should you be subscribing to it straight away!  

1. Home-made Healthy & Fresh Recipes

What’s better than having subscribed to a channel that offers you some delicious home-made fresh and super healthy recipes that you can instantly try?  Why waste your money eating out while you can find plenty of splendid home-made healthy & fresh recipes at Ifrah’s Kitchen? From Different Types Chicken Steak to Desi Chicken Biryani with scrummy Nutella Cookies, Ifrah’s Kitchen satisfies all your needs of having flavorful recipes on your finger-tips!

2. Crazy Variety

Probably the thing that you are going to LOVE about this channel is the exceptional variety it has to offer. Their scrumptious recipes contain cuisines from Indian, Pakistani, Continental, Mexian, Turkish, Arabic etc; as they live in UAE with multi-ethnic communities so they definitely have a good taste for all. 

For example, check out these mouth-watering recipes of Mexican Chicken Enchiladas, Raj Kachori  and all time famous Arabian Hummus followed by Indian Macaroni & Turkish Kebab  recipes.

3. New Video Every Week 

What to cook today? This question can win the award of The Most Frequently Asked Question In Every Household. 

Thinking everyday about what to cook can be a fatigue. You have to ensure that you are creating succulating dishes that everyone can enjoy. This is where Ifrah’s Kitchen comes into play to help you with the everyday-cooking ideas. They upload their brilliant recipes weekly so their subscribers always know what to cook today!

4. The Art of Presentation

Creating good dishes does not matter as long as it is not telling a story. A picture’s worth a thousand words, remember? My absolute favorite thing about this amazing food channel is the way Ifrah presents her recipes. Simple, creative yet very appealing art of food presentation.

See for yourself:

5. Quick, Easy and Hygienic recipes

As aforementioned, Ifrah is a pharmacist by profession and mommy to a cute little boy therefore maintaining Hygiene is her top-most priority always. She offers some easy to cook, hygienic and quick recipes that even a beginner can try!

Don’t believe me?  Check out this super-quick Energy Booser Carrot Juice that you can literally make in less than 3 minutes!!

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Brilliant Dishes With Minimum Ingredients

You can’t deny me of all these crazy mid-night cravings where you wish to have a scrumptious quick snack right in front of you to munch on. Oh but wait… Do we have the required ingredients? Wait what, WE DON’T?

Well, my friend, worry no more! Ifrah’s kitchen features some yummy dishes that require minimum ingredients to satisfy all your cravings without having to worry about the ingredient check-list. For instance check out this Coffee Milkshake with Chocolate & Almond recipe. Isn’t it divine and simple?

7. Creative Snack Ideas 

Whether mid-afternoon or first-thing in the morning, sometimes all you need is an energy-filled toothsome snack to give you that boost, right? Ifrah offers some creative snack ideas that you can not only try for your everyday-cravings but can also serve to the guests! For instance have a look at these appetizing Super Crunchy Thread Chicken & Pin Wheel Samosa recipes. The perfect snacks, right? You’re welcome.

8. Tips, tricks and brilliant hacks

Ifrah dots her recipe walk throughs with little tricks and tips that apply to regular home cooks. Her recipes contain secret ingredients which makes it harder to guess what had made the dish so yummy. For example, have a glance at this 

9. All Casual, No Fancy

One of the finest things about this channel is the way they portray themselves. Ifrah and her husband are very casual that certainly makes their viewers comfortable. They dictate the recipes in our native language Urdu which makes it even more easier to apprehend.

10. Breaking Stereotypes

The last and definitely the BEST thing about Ifrah's channel is the way they are breaking the stereotype that cooking is meant for only for women. Throughout their video one can notice both the husband and wife are working together to curate delicious recipes and that’s simply adorable! Have a look:

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Sunday, June 7, 2020

"Hallo" Best App to learn English online Free


There are many courses and apps available online to learn English free of cost. Some of the websites and apps are amazing. Udemy is one of the best websites to learn anything online especially the English language. Despite all the available online resources to learn English, practice is essential. You either need to attend any language institute or need to practice within your circle. I have been looking for such an app where I can practice all the mediums of language regularly. After all the efforts and searches, I finally found an amazing app "Hallo". I have been practicing here for the last few months and improved a lot of English language skills here.

Hallo Best App to learn English online Free
"Hallo" Best App to learn English online Free

Without wasting any further second, Let me have you a short tour of this app. You will get to know the amazing features of this app. This will motivate you to learn English online with more confidence. Through this app, you can be practicing the area which is weak in your language skills.

Where to download this app?

First, you need to download the app through the App Store or play store. The app name is "Hallo".

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Make your profile first?

Once you download it, it will take a few seconds to make your profile. You can write your brief introduction along with the profile image. It will help people learn more about you before interaction. 

"Levels" The best part of the motivation

You will see the different skills level which starts from 1 to 100. You will be given points for each activity you perform within the app, this will add points to your profile. The more points you earn higher will be the level. Certain points need to reach each level. This will keep you motivated by the time you spend on this app to learn and improve your English language skills. By reaching every level, you will be given extra benefits like the option to start your video calls, live streaming, video call with matching partners, etc. After completion of Level 100, you will be given an English proficiency certificate. How amazing it would be, you have to pay nothing here while you learn English through best practices.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Choice of using a matching partner to improve English spoken skills

This app will give you the liberty to choose the right partner to speak and improve English online. You will be shown the partner close to your level so that you both can get the same benefits.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Special learning categories

There are many categories available like... 

  • Culture
  • Speaking
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

You can select anyone straightaway and start watching relevant videos immediately.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

Selection of Teachers

There are many online instructors available, you can subscribe to any as per your choice. You can ask relevant questions while they would be online. You will be given notifications whenever they will be online for any lecture in advance. You can interact with them online by donating some coins which you can buy through this app but this would be optional.

Hallo App- Best English learning app online

They have recently launched Hallo premium version with 7 days free trials. If you are anxious to learn things quickly then buy the premium version. Premium benefits will be unlocked in advance without reaching certain levels.

Let me conclude here that these are my opinions about this app based on my personal experience. I am also not promoting it to earn an affiliate commission. If anyone will have any queries or questions, they can directly reach out to the app developer for any improvement required.

Monday, June 1, 2020

How to increase restaurant sale with smart app Like Arcadian Cafe


Restaurants are among the worst affected sector in the current lockdown situation. Their owners around the world are raising their voices to avoid total collapse. It is the main source of bread and butter for thousands of people. If it would remain the least priority then thousands would suffer in the coming days. This industry couldn't sustain further losses. Authorities must be taken care of it with immediate attention.

Some of the restaurants are still managing good sales through their online platforms. They are not satisfied with online sales which are covering 15-20% of their regular sales. But they believe to keep it continued for better survival instead of total shutdown. They are at least managing a little part of their operational expenses.

How to increase restaurant sale with smart app Like Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe Introduced Latest Menu and deals through Smart App and other online platforms 

Arcadian Cafe is one of the best examples to discuss in these tough days. Every good food brand, restaurants have their Facebook pages where they promote themselves. Their marketing and sales promotional materials keep themselves connected with their loyal customers. Some have their websites, some are using third-party platforms like Foodpanda, cheetay.

I am also the biggest fan of this cafe due to its food quality, taste, and large variety. I often visit Arcadian Cafe with family but in the lockdown situation, we couldn't make it possible. While skimming through their Facebook page, we got to know about their app and some new arrivals. Their food presentation through excellent photography was amazing. They have shared the detail about their app and online ordering system. We were happy to download the app quickly, it was well designed with excellent user experience. From item selection to order delivery, everything was quick, food was freshly delivered.

Order the all new range of dishes at Arcadian. Call now at 0321-9555400 or 0305-6932222. For online ordering card...

Posted by Arcadian Cafe on Friday, May 29, 2020

We have discussed the high time to start an online business on our blog a couple of days ago. Such an excellent online platform by Arcadian Cafe is one of the best examples.

Let us show you the few glimpses of their app. There are many other restaurants and Cafes as well which are following the same path. we are sure that they are managing some sales through this online system. But still, there are small business owners who are still in the planning phase. Some of them didn't have any idea about these platforms.

Customers need to visit App store / Play store to Download their app from their smart phones. 

Customers need to add their credentials one time only and then every time they will place orders with few clicks. 

Arcadian Cafe - Online ordering Food App

Arcadian Cafe - Latest Menu details

Arcadian Cafe - Online Food variety

This is the right time for all the restaurant owners to step forward, take initiative, and create the best online presence for their brand. This will help them to be connected with their loyal customers in such situations.

What Should Restaurant Owners Learn from Arcadian Cafe?

Many international food brands like KFC and MacDonald’s have already established themselves online. The local industry should make themselves flexible enough to adopt new trends. Small and medium-sized businesses should not be reluctant to adopt new technologies. Here is the list of points every business owner should learn:

  • Give new life to your social media pages
  • Should not be reluctant to launch new products even in a crisis situation
  • Make your presence on all possible online platforms
  • Guide customers for "How to place online orders"
  • Give Flexible payment options to your customers
  • Always deliver Fresh quality product
  • Always deliver product within committed time
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes


Plane crashes are the worst nightmares especially for frequent travelers. Despite maintaining strict SOPs (standard operating procedures) before flying, several plane crashes happened. All those incidents caused by some genuine technical errors or violations in SOPs. All airline companies are working hard to enhance their safety measures. But, nothing is beyond fate. If your death has been written, No one can save you. Your family members will keep repenting on various factors that caused your death. 

6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

In one of the recent incidents, PIA plan A320 (Flight PK-8303) crashed in Karachi. It happened a few minutes before landing. We will not jump into further details as the investigation is already undergoing. But our purpose here is to reveal some of the ideas we generated after this incident. These are not guaranteed ways but can increase the safety measures to save precious lives.

Before listing here further, we checked on the internet for "How to survive a plane crashes". Many possible solutions mentioned there so we tried to avoid the duplication here. 

Below is the list of articles from authentic websites where you can read about the best possible solutions. 


6 Smart Ideas that can save your family in Plane Crashes

Here is the list of six smart ideas that can probably save your life while travelling through Air anywhere in the World.

1. Always Travel In World's Best Airline Companies

Airline selection should be on top of your list. There are many reasons which make any airline the best in the world. Their safety measures are one of the main factors which bring them on top of the list. 

According to the list of Best airlines in the world for 2020 are. 

1. Air New Zealand
2. Singapore Airlines
3. All Nippon Airways
4. Qantas
5. Cathay Pacific
6. Emirates 
7. Virgin Atlantic
8. EVA Air
9. Qatar Airways
10. Virgin Australia
11. Lufthansa
12. Finnair
13. Japan Airlines
14. KLM
15. Korean Airlines
16. Hawaiian Airlines
17. British Airways
18. Alaska Airlines
19. Delta Air Lines
20. Etihad Airways

Etihad - Generic Banners

2. Avoid Travelling Together

If you need to travel with the whole family then try to split it into two or three groups. i.e Book seats for four persons in two different flights ( two each) for the same destination. In this way, any two members of the same family can survive a plane crash if it happens to any, God Forbid. 

3. Give priority seats to Children, Old age and Women

In many of the ideas, mentioned in the above articles. They suggested booking the aisle seats or near to the emergency exit. This is a good idea but for this purpose, you always need to book seats in advance or need to request your travel agent or at the air ticketing counter. If you somehow couldn't be able to manage it then always prefer your Children, Women, or Old age people for aisle seats. This can help them to evacuate easily in any sort of emergency. 

4. Avoid Short Distance Flights

In one of the articles above, they suggested taking the direct flights; we suggest our readers avoid short-distance flights. Especially when you need to travel domestically, preference should be by road or train. Nowadays many countries have established an excellent infrastructure of rail and road transportation. so travelers should opt for them rather than risking their lives just to save a few hours. It is obvious that for shorter flights, airline companies will not use Boeing planes which are considered much safer then ATRs or Airbus, etc.


5. Fire Repellent Cloths for Passengers

In the above articles, It has been mentioned to wear comfortable clothes and shoes while traveling as well as suggested to avoid short clothing. In many of the airline crashes, it has been observed that burns are the main causes of deaths. Textile and airline companies should establish a joint research and development system to prepare the special fabric for airline passengers. This fabric should be in reach of each passenger on their seats. They can cover their bodies before observing any sort of such crashes. This can be helpful to minimize the burning factor in crashes. 

6. Wear Good Quality Masks

Although in the current pandemic, Wearing masks may have become compulsory for passengers. But in many cases, this can also help them to avoid inhaling smoke in plane crashes. This might be helpful to save their lives. 

Best Face Mask
Best Face Mask- Buy on Amazon

We have strong faith that despite taking all the necessary measures, we cannot escape ourselves from death when it has become our destine. Nevertheless; if we need to live more in this world then we can be among survivors like all these ten people. Two more people survived in a recent plane crash in Pakistan as well.

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

Is this a high time to start an online business?


The need for online presence in any sort of business is acknowledged in the current crisis. Especially small businesses are encouraged to develop their online infrastructure for better survival. Companies like Facebook come to support the business community in these crises. Mark Zuckerberg revealed Facebook shops, a wonderful idea to support small business owners.

Every business owner needs to understand a few important points at the initial stage. Let us brief you on the logic behind the online business. We will also discuss the pros and cons of online business in this article so be with us for a few minutes. This will help you to establish your long term successful online business presence.
Difference between Freelancing and Online Business

Many people don't understand the difference between online business and freelancing. Both are entirely different things. Freelancing is a kind of self-employment. You work with clients directly by using third party platforms. You are bound to follow the certain TOCs that agreed among all stakeholders. i.e Payment method, delivery schedules. You have to communicate with clients through a third party system as well. Any breach of contract can cause permanent cancellation of your account. You can even lose your hard-earned money as well.

There are many such platforms where thousands of freelancers are working already. They earn a good amount of money by selling their service against different requirements.

Some of the famous freelance platforms are:
Some frauds/scams have been faced by the clients or sellers while working on these platforms. Freelancing is not a life long opportunity to earn money online. It can be considered part-time or second source of income stream but to fully rely on it would be very risky. Moreover, the freelance market is becoming saturated day by day. Many companies have already started outsourcing digital services in the freelance market. An influx of freelancers has created a very tough competition among them. They are not only facing extra hustle to get the orders but also facing tough price competition as well.

Why is the online business presence important?

This is a widely discussed topic on the internet already. People are encouraged to buy different products online by many sellers. From necessities to luxuries, online buying is helpful to maintain social distancing. Consumer buying trends are shifting towards online purchases. Companies availed the greatest benefits out of this crisis with an online presence. Many have missed this opportunity those were lacking behind. Another important factor is the product type. Certain products were not in demand in the days of the crisis. Those products couldn't make any difference in sales for their companies. It helped them to take prompt actions to enhance their product categories. Their proactive approaches supported them to grasp future business opportunities. They launched the need-based products out of their available resources and capabilities. Strategy to sell the right products at the right time helped them to increase their sales.

How to start an online business

Step 1

Understand the needs and demands of your products

For example, you have your pharmacy, general store, or selling bakery items. You might not be losing your sales revenue even in the crisis time due to your product category. You are selling high in-demand items for which supply will remain consistent. You might be losing a good amount of sales for not having an online presence. Your competitors may be earning more with their online selling platforms. Customers always want convenience and fast response with better quality products. You would be able to earn more by meeting customer's needs in all sorts of situations.

An online presence can help you to target the right customers even if you are selling luxury or beauty items. You will keep your brand image alive as well as remain in touch with your loyal customers.

Evaluate your market and it's potential

You can not sell your product even online if you are not targeting the right customers. For example, you are selling frozen food items and try to sell them at different locations in your city. Your competitors have already established their presence there. You first need to evaluate the type of products being sold in that market and with what price and level of quality. Of course you need to enhance your level at less price if you want to beat them. Brand loyalties of the people would be challenging for yourself.

My advice is to start with an online presence first. Investment in the traditional market should be the second priority. Target the right audience through Facebook ads. If you don't see the desire results then your presence in that market would be difficult. If you can generate a good amount of revenue then move forward to scale up your business.

Understand the customer psyche

In the online business world, the customer always expects...
  • Quick response
  • Better quality products
  • Fastest delivery
  • Easy payment options
You would be successful in a shorter time if you keep following the above parameters. Always remember, one bad customer review can cost you losing many loyal customers.

Buying power for your products categories

Always keep an eye on the buying power of your targeted customers. Try to keep the same or less price from what your competitors are using in your targeted market. If you are a pioneer in your product category then focus on developing your customers first. Remember sooner or later anyone can jump into the same category as soon as they find it higher in selling online. Moreover, respect the income of your target audience. Their loyalty to your brand would depend on their affordability.

Step 2

Investment cost analysis and understand the best suitable online platform for your business

For your online business, you always have to rely on a third party. For example, you might have to start with Facebook pages or accounts on Instagram. You can sell food-related products on Foodpanda. If you are a graphic designer or photographer then you can sell your work on Shutterstock or Istock. You can develop your e-commerce website. You need to buy templates, hosting services, and plugins. You can also make a blog on BlogSpot/WordPress etc to promote your products and services online. If you can start a business with Amazon or dropshipping through Shopify. Every platform has a certain initial investment cost. It depends on your budget and business needs. In any case, you are dependent on third parties which can cancel your account at any stage of the process.

Whatever you decide, do proper research first. Also get expert advice before finalizing anything.

Step 3

Split the business into sections, traditional and online

Total dependency on the online platform is not good due to any of the below-mentioned problems.
  • Internet connectivity issue
  • Website or pages technical issue
  • Hacking
  • Laptop/machines out of order situation
  • Issues at third party service provider or courier/supply chain companies
  • Account cancellation by your third-party service provider. 
To keep your business dealing and sales smoothly. Keep both sections of your business alive. It will always give you better results even in tough situations.

Step 4

Scale-up the business gradually and add up products of different types

In online business, you will see the opportunity to target a larger audience at once. But you should not be greedy in the beginning. You should always start with a specific and limited part of your targeted audience. Do some trials again and again with different demographics, interests, and behaviors. These trials will help you to analyze your true audience in a shorter time. You can start scaling up your business after proper research and analysis.

The same method should apply to add new products. Always launch new products with proper RND before adding them to your existing range. Keep an eye on trending products in your niche market before launching it.

Step 5

Always think for long term business

The traditional business method can be enough for you to earn a good amount of money but If your competitors are selling the same products online then you will be losing the share of your sales.

We always suggest keeping the portions of your business in both splits. Online businesses mainly rely upon...
  • Supply chain methods
  • Reliability
  • Product appearance from image to physical
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Customers support, returns and claims policies, etc. 
You must not be lacking in any of the above-mentioned criteria. Otherwise you may end up losing your online business share. Your competitors would easily take advantage of this situation. You should also have good knowledge of online business strategies, tools, and procedures. You can outsource the products or services. Having basic knowledge can help you to better negotiate with developers, designers, or digital service providers. You can save your money by learning the required skills on your own.

You can hire the best virtual assistant or graphic designer through Fiverr.

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You can also learn skills through Udemy online courses.

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