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How to Teach Your Child Good Manners ?


“Intelligence is not enough. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Let us all agree that parenting is not an easy job; it's not a walk in the park. These little devils are hard to tame, but we love our children! Our off springs indeed are, a huge responsibility.

As parents, we want our children to become good human beings and responsible citizens after growing up. We desire that our children have a strong and socially admirable personality.

Primarily, it is our duty that our children have admirable manners, positive character, strong personality, and ethical behavior.

We must assure that when they grow, they must have a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset as laid down by the psychologist Carol Dweck in her world-famous book “Mindset’’.

If children don't learn good manners and positive behavior, when they’re young, the problems with serious consequences can develop as they grow older.

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This book provides essential guidance to parents, schools, and the overall whole of the society about how they can effectively teach good manners, habits, and behaviors to these beloved little creatures so that they can grow up as positive, mentally and psychically healthy, productive, citizens.

About the author 

Muneeba Anwar, a Software Engineer, STEM Instructor & Trainer enjoys teaching, mentoring, training and creating interesting curriculum that forge learning process exciting for young minds. She is currently serving at Robokids where she is facilitating STEM Education for children and adults alike. She finds solace in reading and writing, specifically in developing interesting content for Little Learners.
Muneeba before joining Think Like a Giant back in 2016, had been working for various blogs including iOSAppers. She is best known for her writings in the niche of Science & Technology. In her free time, she likes exploring the offerings of Literature, History, Art & Poetry. Oh, and she finds it truly awkward to talk about herself in third person! (:

Any criticism and suggestion for the improvement of this book will be happily Addressed by the author.


Saturday, March 21, 2020

How to protect your family from Coronavirus?


Coronavirus causing shiver down spines in every other nation out there is surely the topic making everyone curious and worried. All this tension around the world is justified because Coronavirus is amongst the 12 deadliest viruses on the planet. This virus is similar to the virus that caused SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) outbreak in 2003. It has caused huge lock down in various countries across the globe. Let us brief you about what is the origin of this virus and what can make you and your family safe from this deadly virus. Before briefing about the symptoms and cure for coronavirus, here is a short introduction to understand its origin.

An Insight to COVID-19

Coronavirus (CoV) are huge group of viruses transferred from animals to humans or by contact with infectious material. This virus causes illness and has recently caused an outbreak of respiratory illness COVID-19. The symptoms of COVID-19 appear within 14 days of exposure to the virus.

Coronavirus first case was a 55 years old person from the province Hubei in China on November 17, 2019. This is predicted to be the earliest case. After a month in December, many other cases were reported in other provinces of China as well. Researches are still being made all around the world to discover the origin of this virus that may help to figure out the most efficient cures to this illness. Some scientists have guessed Coronavirus to be a product of human exposure to the wet market in parts of China while others believe the animal bat to be the cause of all this. However, nobody knows what actually gave birth to this virus in the first place.

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How to know if it is Coronavirus?

 The symptoms of COVID-19 include:
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Respiratory problems
  • Kidney Failure
  • If you happen to face any of these symptoms, urgently consult a doctor and take the required tests. Determination might be troublesome with just a physical test in light of the fact that mellow instances of COVID-19 may seem like seasonal influenza or a terrible virus. A lab test can affirm the conclusion.

Coronavirus cure

As per COVID-19 there is currently no perfect cure found. The medicines for the symptoms of this illness are currently being used across the world to treat those ill with coronavirus. However, for the cases that have reached severe stages, research drugs may be used. Coronavirus has caused deaths if left untreated or when reached alarming conditions, across the globe.

What precautionary measures should be taken?

There is no vaccine for prevention from coronavirus yet but researches are being made every day to produce a vaccine.

Wash your hands as often as possible and altogether for in any event 20 seconds. Use liquor based hand sanitizer if cleanser and water aren't accessible.

 If you know a person who is diagnosed with the illness avoid being in contact with the person, stand within a distance of no less than 6 feet.

Cover your face while coughing and sneezing (you might be infected with coronavirus already, you never know). In case, you don’t cover your face, the infected respiratory droplets may affect people around you.

Do not touch your face (especially eyes and nose) with unwashed hands.

If you are sick, specifically having any of the symptoms mentioned above, prefer staying at home and not going to work.

Make sure your house and items in use are cleaned nicely. Disinfect items using disinfectants or soaps.

S  Stay at Home and Shop Online for next few days.

Avoid visits to countries that have patients reported with this illness:
  • Iran
  • Italy
  • China
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • U.S
  • Pakistan
  • and many others in this list now....
If you had a recent visit to any of these countries, do have a check up on mere  symptom occurrence.

How has China controlled the spread of coronavirus?

During the start of the spread of coronavirus in China, researchers predicted that the SARS-CoV-2 virus would affect nearly 40 % of the country’s population. It was the Chinese Government’s great efforts from the mid of January that proved this initial prediction false and it was reported that there is no new locally transmitted case of coronavirus in China on Wednesday, March 18, 2019. The heed of all this goes major lockdown that took place in Wuhan and Hubei provinces of China. No movements were allowed in and out of these provinces in China. To ensure this, roads were blocked and public transports and flights were all suspended.

Measures in South Korea on the coronavirus outbreak

The South Korean part of the globe also had patients reported to be infected with coronavirus increasing rapidly. Not wasting a sec after the second death due to the virus was confirmed, South Korean Government announced emergency measures to control the wide spread of the deadly virus. In the mid of January, the biotechnology department head of this country started works in the labs that ended up in the Korean scientists developing coronavirus detection tool within days. This detection kits being high in demand all around the world as per the latest news.

Coronavirus vaccination status

Coronavirus vaccination update is yet not something to be really satisfied with, as there is no vaccine completely developed. The good news is the physician whose 1964 vaccination finished rubella is now researching to make something to beat the coronavirus. Moreover, according to World Health Organization (WHO) 35 institution are working to develop a vaccine too. The problem with developing the vaccine is that everything is new about the disease-spreading virus. Another update is that U.S has become the first country to test the vaccine (that works by targeting the spike protein) for coronavirus on humans. Although, no satisfactory results are yet confirmed.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

6 Amazing Pakistani food channels on YouTube


In today’s world, social media is the best way to promote or start a business. It surely has opened new pathways for entrepreneurs in every field, even food. YouTube is one of these. You cook really well? Or do you have a mind that creates really innovative food recipes? Then all you have to do is to make a video of you cooking and upload it on YouTube and earn money! Till then, here are 6 amazing Pakistani food channels on YouTube for you.

Village Food Secrets

‘Village food secrets’ has earned a following of 1.53 million people since when it first began in November 2016. Its owner Mubashir Saddique posts weekly videos sharing new and innovative recipes of village, street, travel and hotel foods.  Moreover, it also gives viewers an insight into village and agricultural activities like his video about the harvesting of rice. He earns around 2.9 thousand dollars per month from his channel.  Now to make you crave for some delicious Dhaka chicken, we have the following video from his famous channel for you,

Food Fusion

The founder of this channel Asad Memon started this channel back in January 2016 and earns around 3.7 thousand dollars monthly from it. This channel has 1.81 million subscribers and a lot of tasty recipes that range from burgers and cakes to biryani and daleem. It is filled with videos of mouth watering and innovative recipes and serving styles which are posted almost every day. An example of such videos is the following video on the recipe of chicken nugget sliders,

Kitchen with Amna

The owner of this channel calls it ‘a Hub of Multi Foods’ due the wide range of food recipe videos posted on it daily. The channel which has a lot of Pakistani and Indian food recipes, has 2.59 million subscribers at the moment. It is run by three dedicated siblings who started running this channel together in June 2016. They earn a minimum of 1.9 thousand dollars per month via YouTube. Recipes of Italian and Chinese foods as well as snacks and desserts can also be found there. Her video on the recipe of chicken samosas is given below,

Kun Foods

Several recipes of Pakistani and Indian foods and snacks are available on this channel with an audience of 48.9 thousand people who have subscribed to it. The channel is new on YouTube since it just started in July 2019. The owner earns more than 371 dollars from it monthly. Amongst the tasty recipes given on this channel is the following one of chicken hot shots,

Bros meet the world

‘Bros meet the world’ is a channel that has different types of videos. The two brothers who are from Karachi go around the country and even abroad and try different foods and make videos about it. They also produce a lot of vlogs. They started in July 2017and since then, have gained an audience of 149 thousand people on YouTube. They earn around 162 dollars per month on YouTube by making 1 to 3 videos for each month. One of the many exciting videos from their channel is given below,

Rana Hamza Saif- RHS

Rana Hamza Saif’s channel earned 225 thousand subscribers on this YouTube channel named after him since when he first started it in October 2016. He also makes vlogs as well as food review videos. He has taken his audience to different places in and out of Pakistan through his videos and shared the reviews of foods there. He earns about 495 dollars per month from his videos on YouTube and posts one video almost every week. The following video is one amongst his many amazing videos,

All of these people have some really amazing content on YouTube which is the reason behind their fame. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab some information on finger licking food recipes.

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Is YouTube really ending in January 2020?


This topic has been circulating a lot these days and everybody is anxiously waiting about the current news on it. Many creators on YouTube in USA are talking about it. The issue started and got highlighted recently when YouTube got fined $170 M by FTC for not following the laws. FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is a US department that protects consumer rights. Talking about consumer, a video viewer is also a consumer.

How do YouTubers Earn?

YouTube and Google are American companies under the Alphabet Company. We are all aware of that YouTubers upload videos and viewers view them. Ever wondered how it makes them earn a bunch? They earn through the advertisement videos that come between the videos or at that start of it. So, the advertisements are what makes them earn.

Why did FTC fine YouTube?

The ads shown on YouTube are personalized. Being more clear, YouTube is tracking on you; your interests, channels you watch, time at which you watch etc. The app has got all the information. On the basis of this information, ads are shown to you. This makes sure you only get to see ads of the stuff you seem to be interested in. The law by FTC says that if a viewer is 13 years old or less, don’t grab his/her information.

Chairman FTC, recently debating on this, said that YouTube has been placed under the companies that have to act on the COPPA (Children Online Privacy Protection Act). These are the points he highlighted:

  • FTC imposes substantial monetary judgement of $170 M on YouTube.
  • Orders to notify channel owners of their potential COPPA obligations.
  • Develop a system or mechanism through which channel owners must identify  their child directed content under YouTube platform so that such content can be treated in COPPA complaint manner.
In case the above mentioned requirements are not fulfilled, they will be fined.

What is going to change for the channel owners?

After this, YouTube owners agreed. Now recently, before you upload a video on YouTube, it asks you whether your content is of the interest of a person aged above or below 13 years. If you mention that your viewers can be of the age 13 years and below, your ad revenue will be cut. Personalized ads will not be shown on that video.

Most of the income for the YouTubers comes from the personalized ads. 70-80% of the video ads are personalized ones. You know what does that mean. This means that if a person earns $1000 a month his income will be reduced to $100 or $50 in no time. If FTC will not revert this back, YouTube is going to become a dead place soon.


What does YouTube has to say on this?

YouTube informed their users by making a video in which they told them about the new audience-related setting and that they will use machine-learning systems to help find content clearly made for kids. At the same time, they said that don’t rely on their systems to set content because like all automated systems, it is not perfect. However, the said that if they detect any abuse or error they may set the audience for the creators. In most cases, however, the creators’ audience settings will be relied.

What is wrong with the FTC COPPA policy?

Due to this new law that will be passed till 1st January 2020 by FTC, YouTube will have to make an algorithm to detect which video is for children and which is not. The passing of this law had been delayed for 4 months i.e., until January 2020.

The question arising here is that what if the channel is of the game call of duty or some family content that both adults and 13 years old children are interested in? Also, you never know what a 13 years old is interested in these days. The interest range of a 13 years old is pretty wide in this era. There is a girl on YouTube who says she likes dolls collection and this is what she shows in her videos. For sure, the purpose of her videos is not to attract a 13 years old only. Due to this, channels like this will also be considered for 13 years old ones and their ad revenue will be cut. Not just that, even if the algorithm detects some sort of music or some pinkish colors, anything a child may be interested in, the ad revenue of that channel will be cut. There are multiple family contents and DIY videos on YouTube that a 13 years old maybe interested in but at the same time, the video is not basically just made for him/her. This will affect millions of businesses that YouTubers are running based on their income. No doubt, YouTube based income is the bread and butter to many of the YouTubers.

YouTube already had the app YouTube kids for the child related stuff then what is the need of doing all this? Thus, understanding the consequences after the law is passed, many big YouTubers are coming forward and talking about this.

How can this be stopped?

There is a comment box on FTC’s website. FTC gets the public opinions before they pass a law. You can comment there to let them know of your opinion about this absurd law with a lot of grey areas.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"

Friday, November 22, 2019

Ghaili's Hack story arises a question to Facebook's security claims!


One of the biggest Facebook hack news 2019 is this incident that took place on 30th October at 1 am. This was the time when the famous science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili received an email from the approved fb security mail (authentic fb mail). The mail notified that his account was recently logged in, using an email and confirmation address. A closer look at this mail made Al-Ghaili realize that this wasn’t his email nor did he recently log in from a new device.

The thing suspicious about this email ID was that it contained his birth year, which meant, the hacker knew something about him. The log in was done through Chrome windows browser. You might be familiar of the fact that when such a notification pops up at your fb page, there are two proceeding options; if the you were the one that logged in then just ignore the mail and if you were not the one behind it, disable your account.

As Ghaili was not the one logging in, he immediately tried to reset the password but the reset link was sent to the new email because the hackers had already changed the email and mobile number. Knowing this, he disabled his account.

What are the risks associated with your Facebook page?

So the point to be noted here is that the time between hack and the disabled account was approximately 15 minutes and in this short period of that time, the hackers had already changed a lot of things.

  • They hackers hacked into the What If account.
  • Removed the admins of the page.
  • Added fake people with fake names and IP addresses in business manicure of the account.
  • Changed email, phone number and other personal information.
The actions listed above show what information is under threat when your Facebook account gets hacked. The most important thing here is that this is the hacking of one of the biggest pages at Facebook, also in partnership with Facebook.

In Ghaili’s case, the account had two accounts associated with it; the editor and the admin. If in case the hackers had also hacked the second account and removed it, the entire page would have been lost. Luckily, this did not happen.

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What Facebook needs to improve?

Ghaili states that he immediately contacted the Facebook officials reporting them about the problem within 3 to 5 minutes. Here is the point we all need to ponder at, Facebook responded him with only one email a day. You see, here we are talking about the hack of one of the largest pages on Facebook which has easy contact with the Facebook officials. This is how the hack got responded.

The further investigation was done by Hashem Al-Ghaili himself: 

He found through the IP address that the hack was done at a co-working space in Berlin. Co-working spaces are usually closed at 7 pm and the hack took place at 1am. This shows that the hack was planned to be done after working hours and at a time when probably the world is sleeping. The next thing he identified was that someone he knew worked at that place.

As a matter of fact, hackers change their IP addresses by using VPN, which provides them with a random IP address. Logically, this is not possible that the hacker used VPN for hacking the page because the coincidence of VPN generating the random IP address of a place where someone Ghaili knew worked is not believable. Another proof that this was the place the hack took place was that the co-working place organizes networking events and there, the 4G networks do not work. You know why is that so? This is because they use devices that block 4G signals. When there is no 4G network available , it is natural that people will ask for the Wifi password. The hackers carried out all this hacking process by getting the cookie file of the login from their Wifi network, transferring the cookie file to another computer and then logging in. This is what happened in Ghaili’s case.

The next day, the Inside the Living Cell video maker, Hashem Al Ghaili tried contacting that co-working place himself. He called them and the defensive and severe words of the people who answered the call made it clear that they are not interested in sorting out the issue through dialogue. He sent mails to the people incharge of that place but there was no response. The current status of this hack issue is that he is waiting for the police report on this cybercrime issue. Facebook helped him reverse his account by changing the hackers email with a email that belonged to him. This reversing of account took a week for an account that has partnership with Facebook. Just think about what would be Facebook’s response to a random person’s account hack.

What measures should be taken to prevent a hack?

Facebook hacked, how to fix:
  • Enable the two-factor authentication option of your account. This means that you will be asked to approve the login from a new device through your phone number or app. (Hashem Al-Ghaili said he had not enabled this option in his account before the hack otherwise, this might have helped prevent the hack).
  • Don’t trust everybody with your account details.
  • Use an email for your account that is unpredictable (The credentials should not be your date of birth or any other obvious information).
  • Do keep a stand up email (second email) as a recovery email for your account.
  • Avoid using Wifi at unknown places.
An insight to this hack incident makes us conscious of all the threats our Facebook account faces and what measures can help us stay safe in such a condition. In addition to this, this also makes us alarmed of the Facebook efficiency to solve such security issues as well as how secure a Facebook account is.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Why is this High Time to invest in various sports for Pakistan ?


Muhammad Asif (Snooker), Inam But (Wrestling), Muhammad Waseem (Boxing), Rabia Shehzad ( Weightlifting), Mahoor Shehzad ( Badminton) and many other athletes and players are making Pakistan proud around the world with their talent in recent days.

Rabia Shahzad - Pakstani Weightlifter - First from Right

Undoubtedly Sportspeople are always considered true ambassadors especially when they shine with their success and character. World acknowledge their achievements whole-heatedly; nevertheless, that nation comes under the spotlight for producing such diamonds.

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with talent in almost every sport but just because of missing basic infrastructures, insufficient coaching and training facilities, inadequate planning and management, this talent is being wasted. Except for cricket, the rest of the games are missing sufficient financing from sponsors as well as from Government. Corruption in some of the federations has been highlighted but strong actions have not been taken against it so far.

Some of the games demand a certain level of financing for players just to buy basic equipment of the game they tend to play for, but their finances don’t allow them to pursue their dreams further and they left their dreams shattered in the hands of their luck. Some carry them with some financial support from their friends and families that remain restricted to some level.

Despite having all the above stated hurdles, we hear in the news off and on about players who are not only representing this country at individual levels with their expenses but also showing their class of talent to the whole world. Below are some of the recent examples.

In this article, our main purpose is to highlight the names of these people who did not only become a shining star but also makes us proud of their talent and victories in different games around the world.  We should not only remember these names but also appreciate and support them in our capacities.

However, the point of concern is that why such talent is not being recognized the way it deserves? Why are they not able to get the support from the Government? With proper recognition, motivation, and financing, Pakistan can be able to raise its flag on top in various games again and again. Moreover, this will also spread a positive message around the world that Pakistan is a healthy and sports-loving country that is producing such talented people.

Another positive aspect we should understand that many such examples are coming from female players in different games. If timely action will not be taken to safeguard this talent by Government authorities, sooner we will be losing it and miss the opportunity to show the brighter side of our country.