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5 Must Read Articles about Elon Musk


Who wouldn’t have heard the name “Elon Musk”? Hardly anybody would be unaware of the Canadian-American inventor. He is over the years found many ways to revolutionize the modern-day world be it PayPal, Tesla or SpaceX. Musk has always had a keen eye towards evolving the world. Elon Musk is a guy worth knowing about. As his experience can only inspire others to go on to make something. His accomplishments will inspire the future entrepreneurs.


Here below are enlisted top 5 articles about and on Elon Musk, that one must read:

The Rise of Elon Musk (Business Insider):

Do you want to know where Elon Musk was before being center of attention? Where did he find his inspiration and how did he manage to despite all the odds and obstacles rise on the world forum as one of the most looked billionaires of 21st century. Then this article is all what you need to suffice your thirst of knowing Elon Musk. Read here....

Elon Musk, The Rocket Man With a Sweet Ride (smithsonianmag):

Elon Musk is most talked about these days, due to his idea of making rockets means of daily transportation. Consider traveling longest of air distances within a few hours. How much would that benefit the economy, making things that weren’t thought to be further quicker, even quicker than before. His idea of making rockets a regular ride, has certainly influenced the masses. Read here.... 

Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man (waitbutwhy):

Another worth a read article about the famous Elon Musk. The Man who gives you the idea of making this world a better place for you, and on the other hand he is preparing for you to leave the planet safely through the SpaceX. He in today’s world, is one among the most looked people on the Internet. When he speaks, we are all ears to his words. Tesla, SpaceX, his plans for creating the renewable energy, whatever is making heat he is on it. Read here....

23 Weird Things We’ve Learned About Elon Musk (entrepreneur):

If you want to know things no one is aware of about Elon Musk, this article is all that you need to know. Providing things that you’d find rare and interesting about him. Here you will find about all the weird history behind his success, personal things, and his hobbies, things that will show to you he is just an ordinary person (but genius). Read here.... 

Elon Musk (biography):

Well this is not an article, rather it is a biography. Providing insight into his life from beginning to his days of making name big on the world forum. It is in easy words, a life story of his typed in to words to inspire those who dream to be something, to develop or invent something. So that people with ideas can inspire and revolutionize the world with their development skills. Read here....

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What factors to look into when buying generator online?


Generators provide power to items as small as staple guns and as large as hospitals. From both commercial and residential viewpoint, they play a pivotal role in your ability to meet the goals. Whether you search for a portable generator for your home or high-power generators for industrial use, buying a generator requires certain knowledge.

How to Buy Generators
Before buying a generator, few things must be considered – size, location and use. Carefully evaluate the requirements and the options available to pick the generator of your need. Generators are extensively used for industrial sites, recreation events and business buildings. They offer great help by providing power at your fingertips. You can maintain a backup power source against natural disaster, disrupted services and inclement weather. In short, they are the best alternative for power disruption. 
How to Buy a Generator Online?
If you are looking for a generation and want to buy it online, here are some factors for you to consider.
1. Check the Wattage 
Wattage is extremely crucial when looking for a generator. It determines how much support you will receive from the generator. Smaller wattage will bare less and won’t be prepared for long term power loss. Check the details of the generator on the online website and see if it is good enough for you.
2. Consider the Fuel type of the Generator 
When buying generators online, consider the type of fuel used. They run on natural gas, propane, diesel and even with solar energy. Select a fuel type that is available to you in abundance. Thoroughly check different kinds of generators with fuel type that suits you. You can also search for energy efficient products along with the compatible generator to save energy.
3. Warranty and Voltage Requirement
Look for the voltage requirement for your usage. Common voltage requirements for the US are 120/208 volts three phase, 120/240 volts single phase, 120/240 three phase and 277/480 volts three phase. When buying online, it is easy to look for voltage specifications. In fact, also check for warranty of the generator. In case, you can’t find the warranty, ask the website to provide details about it.
4. Check for Insurance
Like any other machine, generators also result in improper functioning. Therefore, insurance is something very important for it. While searching online, make sure you check for the insurance of the generator.  

5. Consider the Shipping Charges
An online website may include certain shipping charges for industrial and home generators. Although, most websites mention this expense separately, some include it the total price. Make sure to check such hidden changes before placing the order.
6. Days for Delivery 
If you want your generator to reach within no time, the online mode may not be the right medium for you. However, there are certain online websites that may deliver you the product in minimum time duration. Look for such websites that have fewer delivery days. You can always call the customer care if you have any queries.
7. Authenticity of the Generator
I personally think that checking the authenticity of the product brand is extremely important. When looking for online products, check their authenticity. Buying online can turn out to be a bad experience if you have less awareness. From residential power generators to industrial high watt generators, legitimacy plays an important role.    
Buying a generator online can be challenging. But, if you have certain knowledge and awareness of generators, there are chances that you end up purchasing an efficient one. So, note down the specifications you want in it and start searching.

All the best! 
Authored By Canadian Power Systems
Canadian Power Systems offers a solution to eliminate your power supply worries. The company is a renowned name in this area and offers backup generators and equipment that are available in many different loads and power capacity. Our home generators in Canada are reliable and efficient, making lives better. We understand the importance of electricity in one live.

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Top 7 Mistakes Managers Do In Communication With Employees


Being a good leader of a company and professional manager for the employees takes some time and skills of leadership and management. Managing is an art and if you are willing to become a good boss, you have to learn some basic rules. What is the most important is to get rid of some typical mistakes all the leaders usually do at the beginning of their lucrative career. The harshest mistake is not to admit your own mistakes silently feeling ashamed of them. But here is the thing – a mistake is an indicator of your development. So, are you getting a promotion to the position of a manager? Would you like to find out some secrets of how lead management? Do you want to avoid typical mistakes managers make in communication with employees? Then this article is for you.

It is better to do it yourself than explain a task for hours

This is the most common mistake for all the leaders despite their age and working experience. Keep in mind that wise leaders delegate authorities, not tasks. But if you haven’t got enough time to formulate your own managing strategy and leadership skills, do not hurry up to do everything yourself. Especially, if the deadline is coming. Managers are usually justify themselves that they are limited to the date and there is no time for explanations. But the same situation repeats project after project and these simple weaknesses in the workplace turn into a model of communication between the leader and employees.


The second justification managers tend to use is that no one can do better than they can. The only way out of this trap is to control your leadership weaknesses and force yourself not to perform task delegated to employees.

Now I am boss and I don’t want to go deep into details

This is the second typical mistake for supervisors. A professional and good-qualified boss always knows how the business works, gets interested in details. It is essential for a good leader to balance between delegating tasks and taking control over the team performance.

I want to control everything

This situation has something to do with the mistake #1, but here are some new peculiarities. A leader delegates a task to the employee, but at the same time, he would like to see hourly plan and control every minute of its performing. That way an employee does not feel responsible for the result. An effective manager delegates him a task, but not the responsibility for it.

Intense team-building strategy

We want others to like us. The best way to be attractive is to praise. It is a common mistake for young bosses to praise everyone for any detail in order to become popular. They focus only on positive moments and tend to ignore drawbacks of the work, thinking that it may work against the team-building strategy.


Intense team-destroying strategy

This one occurs when a boss suggests that instant critics and complaints work for benefit of the working process. Employees are aware their mistakes and are ready to rework them. Even if a worker performs tasks well, he could do it better. Criticism is not always a good idea, as there are times it starts to demotivate.

Boss is our peer

Young leaders usually tend to preserve friendly informal relationships with his employees. In my opinion, it is a controversial decision. Even if you are a big boss, you should always be a human. But it is also crucial to save the balance between friendly relationships and familiarity.

Focus on a result, but not on a professional development

Any task and any project is, firstly, a great opportunity to learn something new, but not just to achieve a result. A good boss always notices what new information and skills a team can get or master. That way, even the most failing project brings benefit.

Authored By Jeremy Raynolds
Jeremy Raynolds is a professional team-building coach. He is a 39-year-old American blogger and journalist who writes about business, personnel management, and ways of pitching a startup and crowdfunding strategies on a global market. He is famous for his articles known all over the world about startups and how to form a new team. There is a precious opportunity to read some of his publications at

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The 5 Most Creative and Best Wedding Photographers


What makes a wedding photographer unique? There are literally thousands of photographers out there who specialize in weddings and often if you're looking in one location each of them can start to look the same. The thing is that most photographers have a unique style of wedding photo editing and that's what sets them apart. Any photographer can shoot a wedding, some can even do it well, but the key is getting the image not to look like every other photographer out there. After all, your couple is unique, and they want their images to be unique too.

Daniel Aguilar

Daniel started life loving computers but quickly found that his passion lay elsewhere. While struggling with computer science, he discovered his passion for photography. What makes his images unique is how dark they are. Most of his images are contrasted and even ranging to underexposed because of this. He's considered to be one of the Top 10 Fearless Photographers of all Time. His wedding photo editing is incredibly atmospheric, and he goes against the grain by choosing darker themes over the "bright and happy" wedding photo editing that has been so popular in recent years.

Daniel Aguilar 

(Image source:


Erika Mann

With a wedding photo editing style that is both bold and simple what really makes her images unique is the angles. Most of her shots are candid rather than posed but taken from above or below. There's no denying the amazing intimacy this creates as you get closer to the couple without looking too posed. The bold colors also help to create a lively feel which adds to the feeling of celebration. She has won 28 awards just in the last three years for her photos which capture the vibrancy and emotion of a wedding without making it seem posed or stiff. Her unique wedding photo editing is outside the box by putting the viewer into the action.

Erika Mann

(Image source:

KC Chan

One of the best wedding photographers in China, he uses similar spontaneity to Erika Mann but with an entirely different wedding photo editing style. His images are warm toned and have a sunset feel to them rather than a bold and popping style. What makes them unique is that they're usually less moody but still have some of the darker feel of Daniel Aguilar's work. His wedding photo editing is a happy compromise between the two that doesn't come across as overly punchy and still makes the image seem fun rather than overly posed.

KC Chan

(Image source:

Ana and Daniel Dumbrava

For some wild and colorful images, this couple uses big color and heavily contrasted images to make the day seem larger than life. Their editing style can only be described as in your face, with most images having a huge amount of over saturated color in them or a punchy black and white. What makes the wedding photo editing of these images unique is that they're often abstract or minimal so that the subject isn't always clear at first because you're so focused on the color. Their images are fearless and creative in the extreme.

Image source:


A photography group that is arguably the best in India and the middle east. While it's hard to find the name of the actual photographer the company specializes in what they term "wedding journalism". Like most weddings in this area, the pictures are full of color, but the way they are shot looks like images straight from a Bollywood movie. The images cover a wide variety of themes but are often simple and clear with an obvious subject and a simple background that has an elegance and decorum not found in the more "in the moment" candids. While posed photography isn't something new, coupling it with a vibrant style of wedding photo editing is. This perfect juxtaposition of demure brides and strong masculine figures has a decorum that is unique.

Image source:

Authored By Isabella Foreman
Isabella Foreman is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing on Wedding, Travel, Photography, Photo Editing Services, Career Improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family and travel to explore new places! . She intends to educate and keep audience abreast of the latest trends in the world of Photography and Photo editing. Presently, she is associated with Smart Photo Editors - a services company that is engaged in Photo editing and wedding photo editing.
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Low-Cost Business Ideas, How to Start a Small Business


The best start to financial independence and independence is given by small business. Now there are many of its varieties. And you can start your own low budget business with minimal investment, almost without leaving home.At the same time, it does not matter, which deal to start from scratch. The main thing is to come up with the idea that can bring profit, make a plan, find the means to start work and overcome all the obstacles that will arise on the road to success.In any occupation, you need an idea to start up business. The main condition - it should be sufficiently original and correspond to personal interests. It would be necessary to overcome many obstacles. You can do this only if you are really interested in what you are going to do. Here are the issues which help you to understand how to start a business.
In the biz, like in sports! Your internal attitude and your psychological attitude to this is important too. If you are mentally prepared for the upcoming difficulties, ups and downs, then your deal will last a long time. If you do not have money, but you decide to start your own deal, then be ready for a long journey. With money, everything is easier, but without them ... You understand.
What is your goal in the biz? You must clearly understand why you want to open your deal. "Because a friend has got in it, and I'm not worse" or you really see promising and unique entrepreneur ideas, ways of implementing them, usefulness for others and the reality of making a profit.
Calculating the risks. Never start a deal with borrowed money, if you are not sure that everything will work out and you will pay off your debts. Mark for yourself the level beyond what you will not go out, under no circumstances. Having weighed all the pros and cons of starting a startup, and having made the final decision to open your biz, turn to the analysis of the chosen niche. At this stage, you have to collect complete information about your competitors. To do this, you need to compile a card for each of them. In the card, you can write the most important points for yourself. Most small firms are ruined in the first year of life only because at the preliminary stage they neglected the analysis of competitors. Do not repeat such mistakes!

Biz begins with an idea! Not from the business plan, as many believe, not with the analysis of competitors but with the idea. The main thing you should do on the way to the opening of your company is to consider ideas for startups. After all, before making a plan or analyzing the competitors, you must decide on the idea or what you plan to do. You should present your idea in all its glory! For instance, you want to open an English school. At the initial stage, you should think about the scale of the educational institution: whether it will be a mini-school or a large educational center. Do you want to attract foreign teachers or work around local, etc.?

Start with small. No businessman started immediately with the global construction of the corporation. Everyone began with something small, many even without money. No doubt, you all are acquainted with these stories of one’s success. There are a lot of such people in the biz environment. Never cling to large-scale top business ideas that require large initial investments. Adequately assess your capabilities. It is easy to fail at the beginning of the career. Do this based on your life experience, professional knowledge, and skills. To succeed, you must do everything more efficiently than your competitors.
Choose the niche which is close to you! Do not start your deal from scratch in the area you are not acquainted with. Not everyone can be restaurateurs or fashion designers. But potentially you are going to open a commercial activity with a companion who understands this sphere. Then you can take a chance. But again, arrange everything from the very beginning.
Quality is important in the biz, Does not matter - in goods or services. Never start the deal if your proposal for quality when it is second-rate on the market. Of course, by great chance, you can get the customers, but ruin the reputation and shut down quickly. Making anything lower quality than others does not make sense.
Confidently reach the goal! If you doubt or you are afraid of something, then do not start your deal at all. You have to be confident in your abilities and in that you will succeed, and be prepared for if the idea fades. It is very important to enjoy what you are doing, and then the petty troubles in business will be easier to bear.

Not everyone is destined to be a businessman. There are only 5-10% of entrepreneurs with new ideas for business, and the remaining are employees and the unemployed. This is life, not everyone can be an entrepreneur, an astronaut, an athlete, a scientist, etc. You must understand and be ready for this. If you do not have knowledge, skills, small business startup ideas and other things, then become one of those who works for someone. This is natural.
Authored By Bryan Davis
Bryan Davis is a small business expert and founder of the Bonfire, a small business blog, and website about papers writing He has the online community for entrepreneurs that provides occupational help in the form of business tools, advice, and free resources. Also, Bryan Davis has an experience in investment management and financial planning. He consults small business owners, writes about various topics, creates and shares inspiring video tutorials on building projects. Bryan brings entrepreneurs together and speaks to groups about starting managing and growing small businesses. He has a passion for creating opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge.

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Soft Wheel Train Ride in Muree and Mushkpuri peak tracking in Nathia Gali, Must Have experiences for every tourist!


It is no doubt that Pakistan is an extremely beautiful country and has the best tourist attractions to offer. Recently I had the pleasure of discovering two beautiful tourist attractions of Pakistan: The Soft Wheel Train located in Kashmir Point, Muree and The Mushkpuri peak situated in Nathia gali.

Soft Wheel Train - Kashmir Point, Muree

Mushkpuri Peak, Nathia Gali

The Kashmir point is a beautiful place in Muree where you can see the exquisite snow covered mountains of Kashmir. The place also serves as the home to various summer offices of some embassies. The governor house located there is also a good attraction. One of the coolest attractions offered by the Kashmir point includes the elegant Soft Wheel Train. It was imported from Germany back in 2010 to facilitate the tourist. The ride consists of one Locomotive Engine along with two Bogies and has the seating capacity of 36 passengers each.

The train begins its journey from Kashmir Point and heads to Government House and ends its journey back to the Kashmir point covering many of the historic places of Murree such as St. Dannies Convet School, newly constructed Resource Center and St. Dannies Convent School. It is a wonderful addition to the attractions of Murree.

With a very low fare and a round trip of around 20 minutes, The Soft Wheel Train is something you shouldn’t miss trying out while visiting Kashmir Point!

Our next destination was The Mushkpuri peak in Nathia gali. Also known as Moshpuri, it is 90 kilometres north of Islamabad just above Dunga Gali in the Nathia Gali area of Ayubia National Park. There is a three hour long but safe hill trek to the top.

Trek to Mushkpuri top begins from Nathiagali spiraling upward through green pine forests. It is a 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) of climb.The way to the top provides breathtaking views. It is full of greenery and is rich with carpet full of fragmented flowers. During the winters, you can savor the crunchy snow underneath, and this combined with the natural scenery and fresh air can cure your worries in no time.  Especially at the end of the rainy season it furnishes a very attractive view to the hikers.

There is an alternative trek to Mushkpuri which begins from Dungagali. The slope on this way is steeper than the trek coming from Nathiagali. This trek provides a great sight of Ayubia National Park. There exist a water pond at the Mushkpuri top which reflects the trees and the sky presenting a marvelous view. Kashmir valley can also be seen from Mushkpuri top.

Mushkpuri has the tendency to get somewhat cold, so it is prescribed to take staples, for example, a hoodie or warm coat. If you are planning your vacation around the rainy season, make sure you take your umbrella and rain coat too!

One thing that I couldn't help noticing there was the lack of maintenance. The place had loads of wrappers and bottles around which were thrown by the visitors. Proper care should be taken by both the visitors as well as the management to keep this area clean and to preserve its beauty.



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10 Cool Things to Buy for Your Wedding from Amazon


Everyone wants their wedding to stand out and for it to be unique, something someone has never seen before and leave their guests wondering at how the perfect, unique and beautiful moment has taken place right in front of them. Here is a list of 10 cool items to get from amazon to make your day special and memorable.
It is more of a bridal safety and precautionary kit, which will help you, cope with any kind of bridal mishap. It comes with sanitizing wipes, band-aid, travel sewing kit, mirror, manicure set with nail Clippers, Tweezers, and scissors, make-up remover wipe, pain reliever, Breath Mint, tissues, nail file, bobby pins.


2.Wedding Aisle Decorations

Decorate the church pews to tie your wedding theme together with these fluffy white ribbons.


3.Wedding Ceremony Part Favor

Includes Guest book and pen for your guests to sign them and leave their best wishes for the newlywed couple, flower basket, ring pillow and a garter

            Wedding Ceremony Part Favor


4.Cathy's Concepts Reception Gift Card Holder

Collect your gift cards in one place instead of letting them lie around on a table, also makes it easier to collect and then easily carry them.

 Cathy's Concepts Reception Gift Card Holder


5. Burst Celebration Bubbles 

In case your wedding venue does not allow throwing rice and confetti, this is the perfect alternative for your fun, mess-free wedding.

         Burst Celebration Bubble


6. Cathy's Sand Ceremony Box Set

Sand Ceremony or is a unique way to symbolize two lives becoming one in a wedding ceremony. With the help of this customizable set you can preserve this moment for years.

            Cathy's Sand Ceremony Box Set


7. Wedding activity sets for kids

An activity set with Coloring Books, Crayons, Wedding Favor Bags, and Scavenger Hunt Sheets for kids to keep them busy during the wedding ceremony.

Wedding activity sets for kids


8.LED photo string 

          Display some love and affection, hang pictures of your favorite moments and remember them on your wedding day or use it in place of a family wall. A unique and elegant idea to preserve your memories.

LED photo string


9.Aketek Candy Boxes

          A rustic wedding favor box as a little token of love and appreciation to say thank you to your guests for being there with you to celebrate your special day.

Aketek Candy Boxes


10. Battery Tree Lights 

          Tea lights come in handy for most occasions. If your wedding venue does not allow live flame, choose battery operated tea lights. This set in particular also comes with fake rose petals to enhance the charisma of these candles, which can also be used for different decorating purposes.

Battery Tree Lights