Sunday, June 17, 2018

How to Optimize Your Content for Google's Featured Snippet Box?


Let’s be fair guys, winning the Google’s featured snippet box is a dream for every SEO person. It gives your website more authority; more visitors, clicks, exposure and above all, it put you on top before the first ranking. You sit on a position zero, so you definitely experience more sales.

Google’s featured snippet box

However, getting up there is not easy as it seems. The thing is that you cannot mark your page as featured snippet nor there is an official procedure provided by Google to apply for the featured snippet. So, how to get your page up there?
Well the fact is that  while there are no specific guidelines, there are best practices that have proved and deliver results. Google featured snippet box is a form an organic content and can be availed by anybody who knows to optimize their content accordingly. Once you get the things done as per norms, you’ll have to wait and cross your fingers while Google takes it time to crawls on the content.

In this article, we are going to highlight seven best and proven practices to create content pages that can help you win Google featured snippet box.

  1. Do a Good Keyword Research
Several studies reveal that descriptive and long tail keywords tend to boost featured snippets. This is a common observation that when you type more words into the search box, there are high chances that you will see a featured snippet in the result. This clearly indicates that you need to begin with thorough keyword research otherwise you may end up doing a lot of efforts without seeing the actual results.

The key to begin with more of the question-type search investigation and your headings should include words like What, Why, When, How, etc. These keywords are most comfortable to detect. According to a not too long ago article (2015) by Eric Enge at Stone Temple Consulting, almost 19% of searches using a question result in the featured snippet on the first SERP. Generally, these inquiries fall into the following categories:

        How does
        Why Does
        How do
        How can
        How to
        What is

  1. Format The Content Artistically
The next thing is to format the content the way Google likes it and the first thing you can do is by making sure that your heading tag is an entire search query. Having that being done, format your content in a user-friendly way and your answers should include.

        Graphs and tables
        Numbered lists
        Bullet points
        Good Images

A Well formatted content may make it less demanding for algorithms to decide if your content is fit for the feature. In addition to that, take the most important part of your content upfront so that visitors get the basic understanding right there.

In the example below, a popular B2B company, FME has got its product featured in the snippet against the keyword, Magento layaway partial payment. FME has briefly described the product in the snippet box which makes it more prone to clicks and sales.

  1. Work to provide the best answer
There is absolutely no chance that you win a featured spot without providing the best possible answer to the question. Google’s algorithm is pretty smart and you cannot get away with irrelevant information. Moreover, the content needs to be fresh and updated.

Some marketers try to be over smart and create content pages irrelevant to their niche in an attempt to land on the snippet. This is a totally wrong approach. The best thing is only to focus on few questions first, and with the things, you know.
In order to ensure that your content goes the distance and ranks well in featured snippets across the web, you need to step in the users shoes and understand what exactly he is looking for. Use buyers’ persona research, focus groups and communities and engagement analytics to analyze how to create content that is relevant to your theme and target audience.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Army Museum Lahore "A must visit place"


Army Museum Lahore
The Pakistan Army Museum in Lahore opened its doors to the public in September 2017. The museum has been built with the aim to portray the glorious heritage and history of Pakistan. The museum depicts the history and struggles of Pakistan Movement titled ‘Rebirth of a Nation’. Besides this, the museum has several other fascinating sections displaying the Quaid, Armed Forces of Pakistan, the war history of Pakistan including the army’s fight against terrorism. Let us discover more about the museum now!

As you enter the museum, the first place to visit is the Shuhada Gallery - an epitome of sacrifice. There you will see a huge list of names (almost 20,000 Pakistan Army's Shuhada’s names) recorded year wise and in alphabetical order - so many of them, line after line of the names of the brave-hearts who have laid down their lives for this country. It is such an emotional moment for every Pakistani to see all these names, as we could not even imagine that so many of them died so that we could live our lives as free people. It is one of the most sacred places of the museum where the martyrs of my beloved land are paid tribute.

Shuhada Gallery

List of some 1965 WAR Heroes

The second major gallery is about the History of Pakistan - a marvelously displayed 9000 years of settled existence of our people and the major military related events of thousands of years. It is marvelous piece of research, history and art. An accurate depiction from ancient Pakistan to modern Pakistan. A journey from 9000 years BC to today. A gallery titled “The Rebirth of a Nation” is one of the most emotional displays that is dedicated to depicting the struggles behind how we reclaimed our freedom and the difficulties that we have encountered since 1947. The gallery also displays Military history from 1948 to till now, about Freedom fighter 1948 war, 1965 and 1971 war. In the gallery of 1965 war, there is a command post of Major Aziz Bhatti Shadeed displayed in the form of interactive art. The sculptures and the dioramas that are on display are indeed world class. This is a real some effort with no doubt!


ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars Items


Famous Muslims Rulers of India

ARMY MUSEUM LAHORE - Historical Wars
Indo Pak - Migration

Indo Pak Migration

Qauaid-e-Azam  Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah, Lord Mountbatten and Lady Mountbatten
Different types of weapons details

1965 Indo Pak War

1965 Indo Pak War

 Indo Pak War

 Indo Pak War

Lanc Naik Muhammad Mahfuz Shaheed - Nishan-e-Haider

 Indo Pak War

Major Shabir Shareef Shaheed - Nishan-e-Haider

Hur Mujahideen

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Are You Thinking of A Home Based Job ?


This is a chance to update your job, If you are a stay-at-home parent. Give the required break to yourself and make money. Working from home offers great flexibility. It can help in balancing your professional life along with personal. Which means that your household duties won’t be ignored. You are able to generate income working at home and give time to your household. But, before taking this dive, you should be equipped for correcting yourself. It requires lots of discipline to work from home. The flexibility and ease of working at any time of the day can affect your home business ideas.

You need to be disciplined and identified if you like to succeed in this undertaking. It is important to prepare yourself and start out with a structured approach. Also, make arrangement for contingencies while working from home. You never know when you might require backups. For example, if your internet connection fails you, you must have usage of an area cafe or bookstore with internet connection. Likewise, once you learn your computer is not all that great and conks off frequently, it is recommended to invest in a high-quality laptop.

Make money from Home

Though it is possible to make money operating at home, it’s very important to separate your work life from your private life. Otherwise, you could get a messy home and an unpredictable income. Create some guidelines and follow them religiously. As an example, moment your coffee and meal breaks.

Don’t work continuously for extended hours. It is very important to just take breaks even although you work from home. But, you must time your breaks and return to work on time. As your attention may be distracted by it, avoid taking long and extended pauses. It’s quite simple to loose awareness when you work from home and it may be hard another in the right disposition.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Quranic Calligraphy by Asif Ghazali, A man blessed with miracle hands.


“The beauty of writing is the tongue of the hand and the elegance of thought.”
Hazrat Ali ibn Abi Talib (R.A)

Calligraphy is a centuries-old ornamental decorative handwriting art. It is the art of spiritual world that reveals what’s left unsaid. It is an art of giving expression to letters in skillful and harmonious manner. It is the expression of sentiments instead of speaking. The term calligraphy hails from the Greek civilization. The term is a fusion of two Greek words- Kali and Graphia that means ‘Beautiful’ and ‘To write’ respectively.
Calligraphy By Asif Ghazali

The roots of calligraphy are from the Islamic culture, as it was introduced first by the Muslims. In Pakistan now, it is move forward to designs, visual art rather than words. It is highly recognized form of Islamic art as it is originated in the language of Holy Quran. Pakistan being a Muslim state has great potential of Islamic calligraphy as cultural term. Islamic calligraphy is the unique asset of Pakistani culture. 
Calligraphy breathes new life into words, stories and even prayers. The ability to turn something as plain as text into something that’s dynamic and eye catching is a fascinating concept. We’re exposed to calligraphy in our society a lot and because we see it so often, sometimes we forget to appreciate its beauty.

Today, we want to introduce you to the man blessed with miracle hands, Asif Ghazali. After getting retired from Pakistan Army, Asif Ghazali began mastering the art of calligraphy which was his life-long passion. Started learning from 2009, Asif finally displayed his amazing creations at an exhibition on 11th May, 2018 in Lahore.  Over 40 Quranic calligraphy pieces curated by him, were put on display. And tell you what? They were the brilliant fusions of mesmerizing color compositions and remarkable artistic skills.

Ghazali has been pursuing this hobby for the last 7 years and he has exhibited his work at different places across not only Pakistan but at USA and Canada as well. Asif Ghazali has an aim of reviving the old Islamic art and calligraphy which are very rich in heritage. 

HMS Khalid  (Left) with  Mr. Asif Ghazali (Right)

Sunday, May 13, 2018

How did an Egyptian star Muhammad Salah become world famous?


The excitement in Egypt has reached a crazy level just weeks prior the start of the FIFA World Cup! And guess what’s the cause of this mania? None but the Liverpool forward, the one who’s being termed as the greatest football player in the world – Mohamed Salah!

For a while now, the Egyptian national Mohamed Salah has been feted as an incredible figure on the worldwide soccer stage. Numerous commentators now rate him as the best football player on the planet, surprisingly better than Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi! It’s a view that is backed up by the statistics: He's scored 43 goals in JUST 47 official matches in the current season! He’s being termed as “The King”.

Great things just don’t happen, they take their time and effort, and this is exactly how Salah’s journey has been. He set out on the bumpy road to stardom when he was 14. The determined youngster used to travel 10 hours every day, five days a week, making the return bus journey from his small village Nagrig to Cairo to train. And when he finally arrived he would rush to catch the bus immediately after the session so had seldom chances of networking around and making friends in the team.

Salah was determined to follow in the footsteps of some of Africa’s great players. He chose a difficult path at such young age. He mostly didn’t use to spend the money that was meant for his food at school and utilize it to pay for his every day excursions to Cairo.

Introduction to Football (Soccer) Tactics

There are several contributing components to the development of a footballer from Africa, the inspiration of national legends, the motivation and suggestions from relatives, and the want to escape crushing poverty! For Salah, it was the desire to put a grin on his dad, Alah Ghali's face, who never questioned his ability and always encouraged him to follow his footballing career. There were times his dad would take Salah to Cairo himself just to watch his training session.

He made a big jump from playing in the Egyptian league to playing in Europe by participating in The London Olympic Games in 2012. His performance in there caught the attention of Swiss side FC Basel. During his time with FC Basel, he scored some career defining goals including the one against Chelsea in a Europa League semi-final match at Stamford Bridge. Considering his exceptional performance against them, Chelsea sealed his services with a fee of around reported £15 million.

He then decided to join the rival, Roma. This move to AS Roma uncovered Salah's actual potential that made the world gaze at him in an awe. While in Rome, he continued to score 34 goals in 83 appearances. Amid his second season with Roma, he was at his dazzling best, finishing as club's most elevated goal scorer with 17 goals and 12 assists in all competitions, making him the club's Player of the Season.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A school van driver whose endless efforts produced two Engineers for Pakistan!


Sometimes in life we face the situations where acceptance of realities becomes most difficult and left us with no other option but just to live with it. One of the such situations is to face the loss of our parents in their early age. No one can replace the love and affection of our parents. On every step of life, we wish them to be with us. Our success, failures, sorrows and happiness always remind us the importance of their presence, it takes time to mitigate the pains and miseries of life without their prayers and guidance but also for all our achievements, we badly miss the true essence of motivation and encouragement. Those who keep themselves strong and live with the passion and dreams of their parents, not only become the shining stars but people see all their parents hard works and efforts into them and praise their parents for giving such diamonds to the society.
Awais Tariq is one of my best colleagues in my recent company, I always used to see him work with full commitment, his hard work, self-motivation and honesty proved that some strong character is behind him who keeps him pushing toward his goals with this rapid pace. Few week ago when he shared one of his old posts on Facebook, I got my answer and couldn’t have to probe the source further behind his successful journey towards his goals.

Awais Tariq

It was his father who had worked as a school van driver but never compromised for the education of their children. A man whose struggle did not only produce two brilliant engineers for our country but left the lesson behind for those who keep their children busy in different chores to earn money whenever they have to live the poverty-stricken life.

I discussed with Awais about his father in detail after reading this post and he told me that their financial conditions was not good since his childhood, his father came back from Saudia Arabia with some hard-earned money. He did his best to manage some good sources of income out of this money but couldn't see the luck at his side. Later he had to sale his own house due to some family as well as financial issues. Before he could lose all his savings, he took the wise decision, bought a van to manage his bread and butter as well as to keep continuing the education of his children, he drove this van for the rest of his life. 
They are five siblings, one sister and four brothers. Sister and two elder brothers couldn't study much but his father at least managed the studies of last two and proudly saw them as engineers in his life.