Sunday, September 22, 2019

How Google's AI can detect Eye diseases Perfectly ?


Artificial Intelligence, apart from breaking the internet by replacing a million different jobs through its effective data processing and remarkable benefits is now all set to serve humanity. This time the google health care company has launched AI in fields of health care services which has really turned out to be worth the effort that clinicians and AI technicians did over the past years to make it possible.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science

The Google team has decided to open AI centers across the world. Health care will be one of the most important fields AI will transform.

Let us have a look at the two most progressed areas in this field.

Google AI for Eyes is working better than Eye Specialists

1. Ophthalmology (Diagnosis and treatment of eye-related disorders)

In the field of Ophthalmology, AI is all set to do computer-aided diagnosis of the eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. This disease is caused due to diabetes and it is characterized by loss of eyesight in patients that have had diabetes for 20 years or more. It is important to note that this disease, if left untreated can lead to permanent blindness.

AI has turned out to be a cure to this. The google AI technicians collaborated with U.S board certified ophthalmologists and developed algorithms to diagnose the images of the retina of the eye, successfully. This technology is brought to areas where trained doctors are scarce. Astonishing is the fact that when the same retinal scans were done using AI, there were things those humans were not aware to look for. This retinal eye scan detects whether the patient with diabetes is suffering from diabetic retinopathy or not. Alongside this, the retinal scan helps detect the risk of cardiovascular event (heart attack or strokes) in humans that may come in their lives in near future. More than what the doctors could learn the eye scan; machine learning gave newer insights in this.

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2. Digital Pathology

The other astounding work the google AI did is in digital pathology. AI workers and teams have created algorithms that may help the pathologists of the era to detect one of the most alarming diseases; breast cancer in lymph node biopsies.

Inspecting pathology slides is a perplexing errand that requires long periods of preparing, aptitude, and experience. Indeed, even with this broad preparing, there can be generous changeability in the findings given by various pathologists for a similar patient. This is not surprising, given the gigantic measure of data that pathologists must audit to make an exact analysis.

In order to improve the above-mentioned issues, the google AI team has developed a robotized identification calculation that can normally supplement pathologists' work process. The detailing of the algorithms is done with close analysis to make it simpler for pathologists to discover even little occasions of bosom malignant growth metastasis in lymph hub biopsies.

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Computer based intelligence helped specialists anticipate therapeutic occasions. Doctors can be notified ahead of time say 24 to 48 hours before a patient is probably going to become extremely ill. This data has a colossal contrast in their result, so google has given AI frameworks something to do utilizing de-distinguished therapeutic records, and things being what they are, it examinations more than hundred beyond what any single specialist could break down. This can very anticipate the opportunity of re confirmation 24 to 48 hours prior or sooner than customary strategies. Thus, giving specialists more opportunity to act.

The google health care strategy will undoubtedly turn out to be a treat to the humanity. According to the google team, it is only the beginning of this effort. In near future, there will be fair opportunities to make further improvements and beneficial criticalities in this context as the results of the Google team efforts have been satisfactory.

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Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Lahore Cinema Leaked videos: What should we really need to think about ?


Recently an odd incident happened in Lahore when CCTV footages of some couples in obscene condition had been leaked out by cinema employees. People erupted with different thoughts on social media as soon as videos went viral. It also woke up authorities and they immediately reacted with some strong statements that such actions are not tolerable and people privacy should be considered first whenever such incidents happened at any place.

Many people are criticizing officials that rather taking actions against cinema for leaking such videos, they should call upon both types of culprits. One who did this in public place and one who had leaked it because both are equally responsible for this sinful act in our society.

What should cinema authorities do at first step?
  • It should be clearly written on tickets as well as on the walls of cinema for customers that all their activities are being monitored deeply through hidden cameras inside and outside cinema hall so they should be very careful.
  • If any vulgar or obscene act will be caught on cameras, concerns will be immediately kicked off from the cinema and strict action will be taken against them.
  • They can be handed over to Police for further investigation.
  • There videos will be kept in privacy and will only be given to officials who will further investigate this matter.
  • Heavy fine can also be imposed on such people for polluting cinema environment.
  • Before the start of each movie, all above rules and guidance will be shown on big screens on strict basis along with other important instructions.
Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

What should Government officials do?

  • Strict notification should be sent to all cinemas to keep strong eye on such acts and should be stopped and discouraged at first step.
  • In case of any misbehave from culprits, should involve security staff for immediately handing them off to Police along with evidences.
  • Privacy for such people will be kept by all means from either sides.
  • Government authorities should also create awareness to stop such incidents at public places by penalizing culprits with strict actions but without making their names in public.

Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

What should people know?
  • They need to avoid doing such acts in public.
  • If any couple can not control themselves then they should be aware of facing strong penalties for doing such things in public.
  • They should also understand the norms and cultures of the country where they are residing and should not trying to get involved themselves in such acts.
  • They should also understand the teaching and values of their religion especially Islam. No religion allows such intimacy without marriages and in public areas.
Leaked Cinema Videos case in Lahore

We expect everyone involved should be equally responsible for such incidents which must be controlled by all means in future in order to safeguard the positive image of our country. 

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Why The Psychology of Color is more Important than you think!


Have you ever noticed that a person getting angry might be wearing red? Do you know that the logos of different brands have a certain color to have an impact on you? Well, color psychology apart from being the hot topic has real connections to one’s daily life.

Color psychology was brought under concentration when first time in 1666 AD, the famous English Scientist Isaac Newton performed an experiment by passing white light though a prism. The white light separated into all of the visible colors. Every color had a certain wavelength and could not be separated into any further colors. Moreover, colors can also be combined to form other new colors like red, yellow will give orange, and blue and yellow will give green etc.

The colors are said to effect moods and behaviors of people, the marketing strategies of brands, food and much more.

How fashion retail brands do play with the psyche of customers and make bunch of profits?

 Colors and Moods

The kind of color you are wearing and the colors of the environment you are sitting in, all tend to affect your mood. For example, the color white is considered a symbol of peace and cleanliness. Therefore, wearing white brings calmness and purity to your soul. Alternatively, the warm colors say, red, yellow, orange bring feelings varying from rage and warmth to comfort and hostility. The colors in the blue spectrum of colors; blue, purple, green are considered to be the cool colors. Likewise, they bring you peace but can also lead to feelings like sadness or sympathy. Apart from this, the modern research has shown that effects of colors on mood may only be temporary but again, they do exist.

However, living in this world of different cultures, every culture thinks of a specific color differently. While, white is a color used to celebrate happiness in some cultures, it specifies mourning in others. Your feelings about a color may be rooted to your society in that way.

Chromotherapy (The use of colors to heal)

Ancient Egyptians and Chinese used this therapy to cure their diseases. Chromotherapy is also known as light therapy and colorology and still practiced as an alternative treatment. The colors were used for various purposes as mentioned below:
  • Red was utilized to invigorate the body and mind and to build circulation.
  • Yellow was thought to animate the nerves and purify the body.
  • Orange was utilized to recover the lungs and to build vitality levels.
  • Blue was accepted to alleviate diseases and treat pain.
  • Indigo shades were thought to ease skin issues.

Color and Marketing

Yes, the color psychology is used by various brands you see every day. Different colors differently influence your moods and this is where the brand marketers catch you. So yeah, the zest in you after seeing the McDonalds logo and your kindled appetite has a lot to do with the logo’s high-energy colors; yellow and red. It really is scary to think how the food chain wouldn’t have been so big with the use of black color. Likewise, by using the green shows Starbucks wants to provide a sense of relaxation in their cafes.

How people are being attracted through excellent food presentations in different parts of the world?

Let’s have a look at other things. If you have an information-intensive website, using dark colored theme would help the users process your data easily. The red logo of YouTube builds up interest in you, the very moment you see that social media app.

Colors and Performance

 Researches have proven that many colors have certain effects on your performance. The US carried out a research in which it gave certain colored numbers to the students of 71 colleges. The students assigned red color scored about 20% less than the students with other two colors; green and yellow. Evidently, seeing the color red before your exam can have a bad impact on your performance. This proves that the reason the color red often gave dangerous vibes was indeed factual.

Color Choices

The colors you like to the ever day choices in colors you make speak out a lot about your personality. For instance, you are buying a new car. You are more likely to select a white one if you are in your early forties due to the comfort and peace it brings to soul. A youngster with lots of enthusiasm will probably buy a black colored car. Here’s what colors actually portray:

  • White:The color white can feel new and clean. The shading is frequently used to portray a feeling of youth and innovation.
  • Dark:Dark is frequently portrayed as an "incredible" color, which maybe the motivation behind why dark is the most well-known shading for extravagance vehicles. Individuals frequently portray the shading as incredible, baffling, and even dismal.
  • Silver: It's the third most well-known color for vehicles and connected to a feeling of development and advancement. Innovative items are frequently silver, so the shading is regularly connected to things that are new, present day, and bleeding edge.
  • Red:Dreaming of a red vehicle? Red is a striking, eye-catching shading, so inclining toward this sort of vehicle may mean you need to extend a picture of intensity, activity, and certainty.
  • Blue: People frequently describe blue as the shade of dependability and security. Driving a blue vehicle may demonstrate that you are reliable and dependable.
  • Yellow: According to the specialists, driving a yellow vehicle may imply that you are an upbeat individual and maybe more ready than the normal individual to go out on an adventurous ride.
  • Grey:The specialists propose that individuals who drive dark autos would prefer not to stick out and rather lean toward something more inconspicuous.
    This says a lot about how these colors are influencing our daily lives with us having the least idea of it. Specialists have discovered that while color can have an impact on how we feel and act, these impacts are liable to individual, social, and situational factors. However, further studies would reveal more mesmerizing effects of colors.
Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"

Saturday, July 6, 2019

The Marvel of Doctor Brides!


Back in December 2018, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Gender Equality Report was released and it was a cause of discomfort for Pakistanis as Pakistan has been ranked the second worst performer in the Gender Equality Index, just behind Yemen! The report indicates discrepancies in four areas including health, education, political empowerment and economic opportunity.

In Pakistan, we have a significant rise in women education over the recent years yet the irony is that still only 25% of women, who possess a university-level degree step into their professional life. This situation is reflected in a wide scope of professions, including medicine. Currently, women comprise 70% of the student body in medical colleges however, only 50% step into professional careers after graduation! And even those who do, they mostly prefer teaching or administrative positions within healthcare organisations since it allows them to work within fixed number of hours.

Women Doctors in Pakistan

Blame for the deficiency of doctors in Pakistan is frequently set at the feet of women, huge numbers of whom are blamed for squandering their medical education by never rehearsing as specialists after their marriage. The reality however, isn't that straightforward!

The failure of women to practice medicine after perusing their medical degrees, particularly since public medical colleges are intensely sponsored by the government is considered a triggering issue in our country.  The issue of non-rehearsing ladies graduates keeps on being talked about in the print and social media as a marvel named 'Doctor Brides.' In this prevailing view, the medical degree is viewed as a 'hot ticket' for ladies to accomplish better proposition for marriage and accordingly become 'trophy spouses.' Women are depicted as having no genuine want to fill in as doctors however use admission in medicinal schools as an approach to improve their prospects in the 'marriage market' in Pakistan where bringing home a specialist bahu is the craving of every mother.

Frankly speaking women are not presented many options to make a choice out of. In most cases it’s not a matter of want  yet it’s the need. First of all it’s a typical mindset that prevails in our society that girls should take medicine as their career because it’s a “respectable” profession. Many of my friends studying in medical college, did not want to pursue medicine instead they wanted to be engineer, pilot, artist or chef yet again the same problem! They were presented the option of medicine so they will get good marriage proposals from “traditional” people. Not to mention that these doctor bahus are later expected after marriage, to be exceptional caretakers, cleaners, model chefs, because wait, aren’t girls are meant for all of these?

Second common problem is, ironically, girls after completing their education are compiled to get married even when they wish to step into their professional medical lives. After marriage, it is another struggle for the girl to convince her in-laws!

These issues have been in the limelight yet still a solution is missing. The choice of choosing the career path and to work [or not work] after marriage should ultimately be left to the girl and these things need to be set in stone right from the beginning.

Authored By Muneeba Anwar
"Muneeba Anwar is a Built-In-Geek ; Tech Enthusiast who finds solace in reading and writing about latest technologies. She keeps a close eye on happenings in the world of technology and absolutely love to write on tech-related and geeky stuff. You can reach her out at"

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Some very useful Tips to visit Mahodand Lake, Pakistan


Mahodand Lake can be considered one of the most beautiful lakes of the world without any doubt but how can one reach to this place? This is the question I have been asked many times by some friends after my recent visit to this place. 
Mahodand Lake
For all my friends as well as for the community i have been connected with through google as local guide, I am writing here some useful tips to reach at this beautiful place.

If you are traveling from outside Pakistan then you have to apply for tourist visa first. Pakistan's current government is very supportive for tourism industry, promoting and facilitating it at all levels. They are also committed to provide full security to all the foreigners who are willing to visit Pakistan. One of the recent examples is "Eva ZuBeck" a Polish lady who has spent eight months in Pakistan, shared her experiences through her YouTube channels. You can check it out if you have any little hesitation left before visiting Pakistan.

Beautiful Sunset in Mengora, Swat Valley

If you are from Pakistan or coming from any other country, you first have to reach Islamabad and then from here you need to take a bus or hire a car for Saidu Sharif or Mengora, Swat Valley. It will take around 4 to 5 hours drive from Islamabad. You must have to stay a night at Saidu sharif, Serena Swat is the best option. Early morning after the breakfast, you can hire a car for Kalam valley, it is another 5 hours drive from Saidu Sharif. Road condition is good till Bahrain valley but after that you will have to face some hard travel due to road construction these days. This patch will be completed within next few months according to local sources.
Kalam Valley
After reaching Kalam Valley, it's preferable to stay a night first, there are plenty of good options now for stay in Kalam. You need to hire a SUV or Jeep with local driver from Kalam for mahodand. The Best time to travel for this lake is the morning time, you should leave around 9 am from Kalam so that you can easily reach there around 11 am but it depends on the weather and traffic. During peak season, it can take 3 to 4 hours as well. Road condition from Kalam to Mahodand is not good neither it can be constructed so only expert drivers can drive on this road.

Recommended months to travel for this lake are from April till September but if you need to enjoy the green landscape more as well as need to see the glaciers closely then visit from Jun till August. 

Try to keep yourself hydrate and keep a bit amount of snacks and biscuits for munching while traveling. Do not forget to keep some chewing gum with you, it will help to keep your ears open :)

Always keep some basic medicines whenever you need to travel anywhere especially to the hilly areas. On the way to Mahodand, You will not find any pharmacy or medical store so keeping emergency medicines with you will really beneficial while traveling to this lake.

Keep warm clothes, You might face some cold weather on top even in peak summer season.
Mahodand Lake, Pakistan
Once you reach there, You can enjoy boating, eat fish or chicken Karahi but i will prefer to eat fish from there. You can even stay there for a night in a camp but if you are with family then i will prefer you to come back to Kalam Valley, stay night there and then travel back to Saidu sharif or Mengora next day. Stay night there, enjoy the beauty of Swat valley with roaring river swat and travel back to Islamabad next day.

Don't forget to bring your Camera, You will have heavenly beautiful scenes to capture during  your whole journey to Mahodand Lake.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Importance of STEM Education for Girls in Pakistan


This is twenty nineteen and we are lucky that we are living in the era where we have access to cutting edge technologies encompassing Artificial Intelligence and STEM education. STEM based education is not conventional education. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of providing education in four specific subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — in an applied and interdisciplinary approach. STEM integrates the four subjects into a cohesive learning paradigm, rather than teaching the four disciplines as discrete and separate subjects, rooting real-world applications.  It is particularly designed with the mixture of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to stimulate the enthusiasm of children to pursue a career in these fields.

STEM education for Girls

Education has always been a matter of concern in Pakistan. Despite the fact that government and non-governmental organizations are playing their part in escalating this sector yet still we have attained only 60% literacy rate. From that 60%, we have 5% of girls who are gaining STEM related education. I don’t think it will be naïve of me to state that the STEM fields have historically been dominated by men. It is a fact that women have made exceptional efforts to increase their representation in current decades but we’re far from parity. There are a host of reasons for this that includes malign stereotypes that women aren’t good at math or science, structural limitations that make it hard for women to advance, lack of opportunities etc.

After graduating as a Software Engineer recently, I have started my career as a STEM instructor and I was astonished to see the potential it offers! STEM education builds analytical and critical thinking in kids from a very young age.  It is a fun learning process that creates problem solving skills in young minds.  It is a delight to know that Pakistan actually has plenty of on-going STEM career projects. The aim of hosting these projects is to inspire, encourage, and provide our youth especially girls to show them a path that STEM can be chosen as a career path. We have various contests such - National Science Talent Contest - NSTC and National Engineering Competition – NEC to fuel the passion prevailing in the young minds. Not only that, we have numerous STEM institutions that are brilliantly playing their part in broadening this domain.

STEM education for Girls

What I find a troubling factor is girls are (generally speaking) given less chance to pursue a career in their desired fields. Typically domains of Engineering and STEM are associated with boys and girls have to struggle to conduct a career there. Throughout their educational career, from pre-school to graduation level, girls put a lot of efforts in their studies and after graduating many want to start a professional career to put forth all that hard work into reality. The real challenge begins then, that is, can they work professionally in their fields of graduation? So many girls have to encounter suggestions like: “You should look for a job in school since you are a girl and you cannot work in a male dominated office.”
Dwelling in this high-tech world, fast-paced it is the right time that girls should be provided chances to step in the fields based on their interests. Moreover, modern education methodologies such as STEM education and Artificial Intelligence should be taught to girls or in fact can be made a part of girls’ school’s curriculum to forge their passion towards these domains.

Authored By Muneeba Anwar
"Muneeba Anwar is a Built-In-Geek ; Tech Enthusiast who finds solace in reading and writing about latest technologies. She keeps a close eye on happenings in the world of technology and absolutely love to write on tech-related and geeky stuff. You can reach her out at"