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How to become the most successful Vlogger in short time like Irfan Junejo?


YouTube is indeed one of the best platform out there to market yourself or your business. People of all industries and ages visit YouTube on daily basis. Each day, over 100 million video views on various content is received by YouTube. Within such massive audience, who wouldn’t like to market themselves? Not only is YouTube one of the finest ways to market your business or yourself, it is also relatively cheap. This is the primary reason YouTube Vlogging has become a trend in recent years.

Vlogging is becoming increasingly popular with time. It is giving power to people to express themselves and their views with just a handy-cam sitting comfortably in their room or walking in the streets. People offer their views and opinions about almost everything from pop culture to politics, lifestyle, travelling and what not! But of course, nothing worth having comes easy. There's a great deal of effort and struggle that lies behind the success of every successful Vlogger. In our country we have example of Irfan Junejo, an aspiring individual who started his YouTube channel with a three-minute introductory video shot in his room with a camera, and today the lad stands with more than 127k subscribers and fan-base till date. His dedication and tireless efforts helped him gain 20k subscribers in just 8 months after beginning his channel.

There are various vloggers out there who are making a difference in various domain with their vlogs, however, what is it precisely that makes some vloggers ascend to the best while others fall by the wayside? 

Irfan Junejo

Let's explore some techniques that will help you become a top vlogger like Irfan Junejo within no time. Here we go,

    1- Do not stick to one subject

This is the key – do not restrict yourself to just one subject, offer variety to your spectators. Remember, Changes is the law of Nature. People often get bored by same things and always look for variety. Offer content on various subjects. Be it sports, tech, health tips or even your personal stories!

    2- Use the Keep-It-Simple Technique:

I can use the example of Irfan here. Notice how he has followed this strategy throughout his Vlogs. No gilts and glam, the dude wears casual clothing, channels absolutely unfiltered emotions and what's more, wouldn't fret being seen a kid next door keeping in mind the end goal - to depict a legit impression of his life!
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    3- Honesty is the BEST policy

Remember this old phrase from pre-school? It's time to implement it in your vlogging career. Again, here I would present Irfan Junejo as an example. He has simplicity and rawness reflected in each of his piece. The guy uses no "Being the extra-ordinary" approach and this is what you should do too. Keep it real – keep it honest you don’t have to work hard to make your life sound like a happening affair.

    4- Quality Over Quantity

Remember to put quality over quantity. No need to vlog every day, you can choose a particular day of the week to post your content only that day. It's going to help you in being organized and keep coming up with quality content. You know you have a day dedicated for vlogging, so you can manage your work and vlog alongside. Also, it will create a factor of interest in your viewers. They will remember to check out your channel on the specified day.

This approach is used by Shane Dawson, who is currently the fourth most subscribed vlogger of YouTube. Shane's fans expect a video from him every Saturday!

    5- Collaborate

Do not hesitate to reach out and collaborate with the people who share similar interests as yours. Sacconejoly, the famous Irish Vlogger advised in an interview to find someone with a similar engagement and subscriber count and talk to them. You need to talk to people on your level and then everybody grows at the same time together.

You can,

  • Find vloggers on social media, forums and YouTube.
  • Message them as much as possible and talk.
  • Make sure you look at some of their videos so you know what they're about.

    6- Grab your spectators' attention

Remember you are doing it for your audience so you need to grab their attention. Here's what to do:
      • Be creative in terms of content.
      • Vlog on interesting topics.
      • Bring out the engrossing facts about things.
      • Choose eye-catching titles for your vlog.
      • Design a compelling thumbnail.
      • Make use of editing software to cut-out irrelevant stuff.    
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      7- Optimize your videos for YouTube search

      This is an important factor needed to be taken care of. YouTube itself is the world's second largest search engine. Unlike Googlebots that crawl through your websites, YouTube can not crawl through your videos. You need to work on your descriptions to gain optimization for search. Here's a couple of things you can do in this regard,

      • Write an at least 250 worded description outlining the subject of your vlog.
      • In the first few sentences of the description, get your keywords and use them at least 3 to 4 times in the body of the description.
      • Don't forget to add tags. Tags help you appear in the related videos column when people are watching similar videos as yours.
      • Start the title of your video with you chosen keywords in the description.
          8- Believe in Yourself

      Last but not the least, you have got to believe in yourself. Remember Rome wasn’t built a day. Great things take time, you just have to keep the momentum going. Starting from a simple video to the journey of becoming a celebrity who now gets sponsored and is paid to travel, lies a lot of hard work, patience, passion and self-belief that Irfan Junejo didn’t let go of. And we can clearly see how hard work certainly paid him off!
      We hope you find these tips useful and will certainly make use of these to get yourself on the top of leaderboard of Vlogging!

      Sunday, March 11, 2018

      Reasons behind success of Aamir Khan’s Secret Superstar in China


      It is a well-known fact that Aamir Khan is indeed a top contender at the Indian box office. He ensures to create a distinctive mark with his movies every time, and this time it's no different.  His most recent film Secret Super Star collected revenue of 6.79 Million Dollar Rupees (more than 43.35 crores) on the first day. Like his earlier films PK and Dangal, the collections of Aamir’s Secret Superstar stand at a record breaking `800 crore in the middle of the fifth week and it keeps getting bigger!
      The huge success has left Aamir Khan baffled. His wife Kiran Rao is equally overjoyed. She said she didn't expect the movie to be so well-received in China. She was surprised by the fact that people are getting attached to the film.

      Let us have a glance at few prominent reasons behind such huge success of Secret Super Star in China.

      Secret Super star success in China

      One of the possible reason behind the success of Secret Super Star, according to the critics is, the goodwill created by his earlier movies PK and Dangal. They, too hit China with big numbers. Well here a conclusion can be drawn that Secret super star benefitted from the goodwill of its predecessors.
      Another potential reason is the plot of the movie. Khan himself has to say that people get fascinated by contrasting cultures and stories of different characters from various parts of the world. According to him,
       “China’s emotional tone is very much like ours. Hence, our stories touch them. I am sure that there are a lot of Chinese films which we are unable to see but are similar in nature. Things like emotions, family values and culture appeal to them,”

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      We cannot ignore another prominent reason, that is starring Zaira Wasim in the lead role. The young actress appeared in Dangal as a young girl whose relationship with her father, (whose role was played by Aamir Khan), touched millions of Chinese moviegoers. It sparked a wave of interest in India and its culture. Not only Zaira, but both the collections shared some-how a similar theme as well. The theme of breaking free of societal shackles to succeed against heavy odds! Dangal revolved around the characters of a father and his daughters and highlighted the struggles of him training his daughters for wrestling championship while Secret Superstar  features a girl bucking up against tradition to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.

      Another interesting factor is the fact that the movie addresses on social inequality and domestic violence, is about a country competing with China. Possibility is it might have created a factor of interest in the spectators as they might end up comparing China and India issue of gender and inequality.  It is much easier to get films that show the negative aspects of society in a country like India past the censors than it would be if the film was about domestic violence and inequalities in China. It makes China look good by comparison!

      Sunday, February 11, 2018

      A great Invention for all the Diabetic patients by the renowned company Abbot


      We have a great news for all the Diabetic patients out there! Diabetics who have been pricking their fingers for years finally have another option. You won't believe there's has been introduced a Blood Sugar Monitor doesn't use any needles and is bringing a revolutionary change in the way Diabetic people manage their Diabetes. 

      A renowned company Abbot has introduced the Freestyle Libre. It has a small patch that can be easily applied to the upper-arm. With a simple scan, the sensor can read your glucose levels, no needles or blood necessary. The device has the special feature of 'Review History. It keeps readings for up to ten days, making it much easier to see any patterns or trends in your blood sugar readings, and it even shows these readings in an easy to understand line graph.This device has been approved by FDA as well. 


      Main functionality of the device includes measuring Blood pressure ranging 20 to 275 mmHg and Blood glucose level between 2 and 18 mmol / L ( 36.4 to 327 mg / dl).

      However, there are some limitations of the device. These include,

      • The device does not show accurate results for people with arrhythmia! 
      • People with sharp fluctuations in pressure with advanced atherosclerosis and extremely sharp fluctuations in blood sugar unit gives an error, as vascular tone in these individuals varies much slower than the rest.
      •  Device is not suitable for insulin-depended people.

      Main Features of the device include,

      •      This device doesn't require any blood operation.
      •         Does not need any strips.
      •      Provides an easy pain and prick free solution.
      •      With this device there is no longer the worry of blood poisoning.
      •      Cost-Effectiveness - No additional costs strip and needles.
      •      A possibility of permanent monitoring.
      •      Memory of last measure.
      •     Display errors in blood pressure measurement - provided - Automatic pressurization and venting of the cuff.
      •      Auto Power off functionality.
      •      Easy operation and maintenance.
      •      Does not require special skills.
      •      Is Self-powered.
      •         Can be utilized in home as well as clinical settings.

      The device works in three easy steps,

          1- Apply the sensor:

      It has a device called Activator that is applied on to the back of upper arm which inserts a thin, sterile and flexible under the skin.

          2- Scan the sensor:

      In order to obtain a glucose reading, all you have to do is to simply perform a painless and quick one second scan of the reader over the sensor. Without any routine finger pricks, this scan provides you more data than observing with blood glucose test strips. Not only that the system also offers a software to generate concise reports to assist with the analysis of glucose data.

          3- Get your reading:

      With Each scan of the reader over the sensor, the current glucose reading is recorded and displayed. Not only that, you can browse through the last 8-hours of your glucose history, and trend arrow is displayed showing if your glucose is increasing, decreeing, or changing slowly.
      Bottom Line:

      This device is indeed an amazing initiative taken in the world of medicine to free Diabetic patients from the issues of glucose monitoring. It enables the patents with the facility of checking their glucose levels anywhere, anytime!

      Sunday, January 28, 2018

      An inspirational story behind the developer of Pakistan's first horizontal six-blade automatic wind turbine


      Today we want you to meet an inspiring individual, Muhammad Akhter who never happens to attend any college or university, yet he may get a Doctorate degree anytime soon! NUST college of EME, UET Taxila, and Islamic University of Islamabad have already recommended him for an Honorary PHD degree.
      Muhammad Akhter has attended only middle school and guess what? He has developed Pakistan's first horizontal six-blade automatic wind turbine for generating wind power! He has launched over 500 high quality turbines and also manufactured electronic hydraulic speed governor and testing rig. The latest wind turbine is supported by first of its kind long feed speed governor and multi-stage generator which have also been developed by Mr. Akhtar, who runs his workshop near University of Engineering of Technology, Taxila. He has been developing Hydroelectric Tribunes from has 30 years, yet the Cost Effectiveness is the major factor that distinguishes his Tribunes from the rest.

      According to him, he has explained to Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) of Pakistan that the last Tribune model which was built in 1848, he will make it with less accessories. He will remove accessories like Wicket gear, Spiral Casing, connecting rod and regulating ring etc. due to which their number would be four time less and this will reduce the price too with the same ratio. He acted upon his plan and he succeeded in that.

      His tribune happens to be the first ever wind tribune of the world which was used horizontally. Usually such kind of tribunes works vertically, the one exported from China was also vertical, but it couldn't even work for an hour. However, his tribune has been running for over five thousand hours and is still working up to the mark.
      He stated that according to Global Wind Energy Council estimates Pakistan could generate up to 50,000 megawatts of electricity from wind. The recurring cost of electricity produced through wind, he added, was almost zero. The wind corridor is 60 kilometers wide between the cities of Gharo and old port of Keti Bandar and it extends 180km upwards to Hyderabad.  

      His small workshop in Taxila came under spotlight in November 2008 when the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) awarded him gold medal for his inventions in hydropower generation. Despite the fact that Akhter has been awarded many medals, yet he is running short of funds every passing day. His burden of loans is increasing. It is worth noting that he sold his land for Three Million and spent all his money on the Research and Development of his project. 

      Muhammad Akhter, is a simple man leading a simple lifestyle. He can be spotted sitting on the ground around his workers, having his lunch. People like Muhammad Akhter are indeed the true pride of Pakistan! Having received no proper education after middle school still working his best and investing his valuable time for the betterment of his country.

      As Bruce Lee said,

      'It doesn't matter you were bornas Legend But what does matter is Legendary End. Think About It.'

      However, he needs funds rather than awards from the Government. He needs financial support to invest on the development of wind tribune construction and development and to keep his projects running.

      Sunday, January 14, 2018

      Check Out Best Cheap Travel Destinations In The World


      Are you planning a wild trip? Check out places which you have never considered before. The most unexpected and exciting travel is waiting for you in exotic and cheap places.

      Budget-Friendly Travel Destinations Around the World

      Traveling around the world is a dream of many people. Today it became trendy to visit exotic countries or islands with paradise views. While people are dreaming of visiting Rome, Paris, Venice, others are enjoying bungalows in Thailand or rocky mountains in Georgia. Is it possible to make an incredible and cheap trip? Yes, traveling doesn't require savings anymore.


      Before planning your cheap vacations, it is important to learn a few tips and tricks. Subscribe social public where you can monitor cheap flights and promotions. This will help you to save money on far holiday destinations. It also makes sense to set up a list of necessary minimum which you can carry on as a cabin luggage to avoid paying full price. You may also want to book a hotel or Airbnb apartment beforehand.

      Sri Lanka

      Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful places to visit. This is a paradise of palms, surfers waves, dolphins, whales, abandoned beaches, tasty food, and friendly people. Sri Lanka demands at least ten days to visit the most beautiful sightseeing peaks. The beauty of the island lies in the fact that there you can find almost everything including transparent water, white sand, surfers communities, and mountains covered with tea plantations. What makes the travel cheap is train tickets. For $1 - $5 you can cross the island in luxury seats or the open door.


      This is another paradise. In spite of the high popularity of the destination among tourist here, you can find a personal villa with a garden and a kitchen for $20 per day. Bali is modern and doesn't have so-called "Asia" in it. There are good roads, cheap bikes, nice European bars with Asian prices, amazing nature, and loud parties. You may want to visit a beach with black sand. 

      Cape Town, South Africa

      This is a cheap, colorful, tropical, and wild traveling destination for those whose dream was to visit Africa. There you can find beautiful colorful houses, good beaches, great weather, wine, and safaris, not to mention the awesome blend of European and African cultures. Cape town is far away to go on holidays, but this is one of the best destinations for your money.


      Today this is the modern country which is worth visiting not only because of cheap holiday resorts. Here you won't find beautiful beaches. You can manage a motorbike trip from Ho Chi Minh (or Saigon) with skyscrapers to Hanoi with street side bars which serve fresh Bia Pho beer for $0.25. A trip to Halong Bay may appear expensive but it worth it. 


      Latin America is scary and dangerous, except Ecuador. This is an incredible country where you can have a great vacation in Andes Mountains, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rain forest, and places to surf. Here you can combine summer and winter sports and have an incredible experience.

      Krakow and Lviv

      If you are looking for cheap places to go on holiday, then think about the east of Europe. Here you find beautiful architecture, narrow streets, tasty food and low prices. Lviv is a Ukrainian city, and Krakow is Polish city where you can enjoy the beauty of ancient spirit and friendly people. For Jazz music lovers there is a festival called Alfajazz where you can listen to Herbie Hancock, Esperanza Spalding, Dianne Reeves, and other legends for only $30-100 or for free in a park zone. 


      This is a European city which has an ancient history, perfect views, and cheap baths experiences. Their beer is cheap; the food is tasty, the holiday here is excellent. You can meet people from all around the world here and have an interesting bar experience. It is recommended to find Airbnb apartment to experience all the beauty of old buildings from the inside.

      Mestia and Svaneti

      This is a dream vacation for skiers, snowboarders, and free riders. The most incredible mountain views are here. Not only this place is cheap, but also modern and fully equipped for both freeride and traditional ski tracks. For $50 per week, you get ski passes to all of the lifts. Incredible views, an absence of people and lines, fluffy show, tasty food, wine and cheap accommodation will make your skiing or snowboarding experience unforgettable. In summer people come here to enjoy mountains, fresh air and bike ride through mountains. 

      Authored By Nicole Cowart
      Nicole Cowart is a freelance blogger and writer at With his traveling experience, she can work as a personal guide in the wildest places in the world."

      Sunday, January 7, 2018

      How Artificial Intelligence can be dangerous for Humans in Future ?


      So, few days back while scrolling down my newsfeed a video, which turned out to be a clip from a short film called "slaughter bots", made me jot this piece down to express my thoughts. The video that took the internet by storm features the killer robots that are capable of using facial recognition technique to identify their target and slaughter them!

      The short film was released back in November 2017 by an Artificial Intelligence scientist of University of California, Stuart Russell. The basic purpose of the movie was to highlight the fact that building such killer bots is a bad idea and it shouldn't be encouraged. It threw light on the adverse effects of advanced Artificial Intelligence and the formation of weapons powered by AI. The movie comes to an end with half the kids at a university's political lecture being killed by these bots for their ideological views! The film is a part of the movement Campaign Against Killer Robots.  The campaign released the movie with the hope that it will pressurize the United Nations to outlaw lethal robots under the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). 

      As I scrolled through the comments under the video I couldn't help noticing the fear in people that raised due to the clip. Majority people referred to the fact the technology, even when designed for good, has been used to cause destruction to mankind. Even though this is film narrative, any government could issue millions of these killer bots to reduce population and assert total control over the remaining population. Professor Stuart himself said,

      "This short film is more than just speculation, it shows the results of integrating and miniaturizing technologies that we already have. I've worked in AI for more than 35 years. Its potential to benefit humanity is enormous, even in defense. But allowing machines to choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom - thousands of my fellow researchers agree."
      The release coincided with the UN's Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons in Geneva, Switzerland and one thing worth noting is that the world's three largest arms exporters, the Russia, China, and US have all shown signs of interest in unmanned weapons systems. There persists a fear that there could be an arms race to construct a fully autonomous militarized AI. Well one of the possibility, as to why applications like Facebook, Snapchat etc. are building databases using facial recognition is that the datasets can then be used to facilitate technologies like these. (We hope not, though!) 

      It is also notable that CEOs, Researchers, and high-profile individuals like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk signed an open letter in July calling for the banning of military AI, and warning of its dangers ti humanity.

      Authored By Muneeba Anwar
      "Muneeba Anwar is a Built-In-Geek & Tech Enthusiast who finds solace in reading and writing about latest technologies. She keeps a close eye on happenings in the world of technology and absolutely love to write on tech-related and geeky stuff. You can reach her out at"

      Monday, December 25, 2017

      5 Tips To Prevent Accidents In Your Kitchen


      Did you know that the kitchen of your home is a sector in which many accidents can occur? But do not worry, they can all be avoided. How do what? Next we explain it to you.
      All these setbacks can occur because of poor design and maintenance of your kitchen that can be given systematically in everyday life.
      So that this environment of your home does not become a dark and dangerous corner, you can take preventive measures very easy to apply.

      Take note of every tip, especially if there are kids hanging around your house! Secure your home with our home insurance.
      The 5 Tips You Need To Know To Prevent Accidents In Your Kitchen

      1. Control All Your Electrical Appliances

      •       Put all your electrical appliances in the center of the table or counter, and not  on the edge. This way you will avoid possible falls.
      •           Regularly check the cables of the devices, and repair them immediately when they are in poor condition.
      •          Never place electrical appliances near water outlets. Unplug them immediately once you have given them the proper use.
      •           Use plastic caps to cover all the plugs that can be reached by splashing. 

      2. Label Detergents And Toxic Products

      •        Do not remove labels from chemical or flammable product containers.
      •        Never mix different types of cleaners
      •   ·       If you have contact with pesticides, wash your hands immediately.
      •            Keep chemicals or toxins away from food.
      •            Close the kitchen cabinets where the products are stored with guards or keys.
      •            Do not use beverage bottles or food jars to store these products. In this way you will avoid confusing yourself with other foods and possible poisoning. 

      3. Avoid Falls And Blows
      •      Immediately clean any spills of liquid or grease on the kitchen floor. This way you will avoid slips and consequent falls.
      •           Keep the doors of the refrigerator and washing machine closed , as well as the drawers and doors of your kitchen furniture, so as not to take them in front causing injuries.
      •           I kept the floor as free as possible from obstacles.
      •           Do not use defective ladders. If you download them, do not do it on your back.
      •           Just as important is that you perfectly fix the shelves on the wall. They must not fall for any reason! 

      4. Keep Knives And Sharp Objects In Custody

      •       Sharp knives should be handled with great care when cutting food, such as when cleaning them. Be careful!
      •           Never keep a knife with the tip or the edge up.
      •           The drawers that contain these elements must have a safety lock and must always be closed and locked. 

      5. Control The Fire And Hot Oil When Cooking

      •        Always place the pans on the stove farthest away.
      •           Make sure that the handles of the same are directed towards the interior and do not protrude. In this way you will avoid taking them ahead.
      •           Do not leave pans or containers with oil, or hot water, in accessible places.
      •           Do not leave near the flame repasadores or other propitious elements to be burned.
      •           We recommend placing a fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Please, make sure you know its use perfectly. It is an element that can be of great help before a fire starts. 
           What You Have To Do When There Are Kids Included?
      So that you can be more sure of preventing all types of accidents in your kitchen, we recommend that you avoid entering it by means of a protective grate.

      If In Any Case, Children Manage To Enter, Precautions Should Be Maximized!

      •       Avoid children opening the oven and any other dangerous device such as the dishwasher, and the washing machine for example. If necessary, install a device that prevents opening.
      •           Never open a pressure cooker in front of a child. Before doing so, it is essential that you make sure that it has cooled and that the steam is gone.
      •           When the oven or burners are out of use, it is essential that you close the gas tap , and that you reinforce the prevention with knobs for children.
      •           Keep scissors, knives, forks and any sharp article, out of the reach of the smallest.
      •           Prevent cables from electrical appliances from hanging or being exposed.
      •           Store height cleaning items, and label them to avoid confusion.
      •           Leave the garbage container somewhere inaccessible. This will help you prevent poisonings and cuts.
      •           Leave to the youngest only those plastic dishes, as well as frying pans and pots, which they will surely want to manipulate.
      •           Plastic bags should never be in a drawer or place accessible to children, are safe causes of suffocation, please avoid them!
      •           Always check the temperature of the food before serving a child. 

      The Kitchen, Children, And The Elderly
      Did you know that each year, accidents in the home charge a large number of lives in addition to many people with disabilities and injuries of all kinds? We do not want to alarm you, but it is important that you know.
      After traffic accidents, they are the second cause of mortality, mainly in minors and in older adults; and the kitchen is one of the places where they occur most frequently.
      It is important to keep in mind that accidents are avoidable in more than 90% of cases, and not a product of chance. The most usual result as burns and blows, from mild levels to truly serious.
      As we have been explaining to you, avoiding this type of setbacks is not as difficult as it seems. It's just a matter of taking some simple precautions.
      If you follow our recommendations, you can avoid risky situations, and thus, preserve the integrity of each member of the family.
      What Should You Do In A Domestic Accident?
      For those cases in which, despite all the precautions consciously set in motion, inevitably falls into an accident, we recommend you to act as quickly as possible!
      To collaborate with that moment, the ideal thing is that you have at hand the emergency telephones placed in a visible place in the kitchen, as it can be with a magnet in the refrigerator.
      This information may include useful information such as contacts of health centers, gas and light companies, police, firemen, doctors and some personal telephone. 
      Acting on time, in all cases, will help you avoid major consequences to a blow, fall, burn, cut, or any other setback.
      Authored By David
      I am David, Content Manager at Guide For Shoppers blog. Being an ardent blogger, I write almost everything about cooking recipes, kitchen tips, health tips, home care tips, product reviews, latest gadgets news, DIY tips & tips on living a healthy lifestyle.