Sunday, November 10, 2019

Why is this High Time to invest in various sports for Pakistan ?


Muhammad Asif (Snooker), Inam But (Wrestling), Muhammad Waseem (Boxing), Rabia Shehzad ( Weightlifting), Mahoor Shehzad ( Badminton) and many other athletes and players are making Pakistan proud around the world with their talent in recent days.

Rabia Shahzad - Pakstani Weightlifter - First from Right

Undoubtedly Sportspeople are always considered true ambassadors especially when they shine with their success and character. World acknowledge their achievements whole-heatedly; nevertheless, that nation comes under the spotlight for producing such diamonds.

Pakistan is a country that is blessed with talent in almost every sport but just because of missing basic infrastructures, insufficient coaching and training facilities, inadequate planning and management, this talent is being wasted. Except for cricket, the rest of the games are missing sufficient financing from sponsors as well as from Government. Corruption in some of the federations has been highlighted but strong actions have not been taken against it so far.

Some of the games demand a certain level of financing for players just to buy basic equipment of the game they tend to play for, but their finances don’t allow them to pursue their dreams further and they left their dreams shattered in the hands of their luck. Some carry them with some financial support from their friends and families that remain restricted to some level.

Despite having all the above stated hurdles, we hear in the news off and on about players who are not only representing this country at individual levels with their expenses but also showing their class of talent to the whole world. Below are some of the recent examples.

In this article, our main purpose is to highlight the names of these people who did not only become a shining star but also makes us proud of their talent and victories in different games around the world.  We should not only remember these names but also appreciate and support them in our capacities.

However, the point of concern is that why such talent is not being recognized the way it deserves? Why are they not able to get the support from the Government? With proper recognition, motivation, and financing, Pakistan can be able to raise its flag on top in various games again and again. Moreover, this will also spread a positive message around the world that Pakistan is a healthy and sports-loving country that is producing such talented people.

Another positive aspect we should understand that many such examples are coming from female players in different games. If timely action will not be taken to safeguard this talent by Government authorities, sooner we will be losing it and miss the opportunity to show the brighter side of our country.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Mind Blowing Hologram Technology Introduced by Microsoft !


AI has continued to amaze the masses with its awesome features. This time the new technology introduced by Microsoft is ready to be the new apple of eye for the users. This new launch enables you to speak any language in your own voice. Previously, the Google Translate was one of the company’s most used products in the market. This time the Google AI recent blog gave us an overview of this new launch and the exclusive idea behind it. The Google AI basically, decided to invade beyond its old photo to language translation and voice to language translator services.

What does Google have to say about this?

Here is what Google mentioned about the launch:

“Dubbed Translatotron, this system avoids dividing the task into separate stages, providing a few advantages over cascaded systems, including faster inference speed, naturally avoiding compounding errors between recognition and translation, making it straightforward to retain the voice of the original speaker after translation, and better handling of words that do not need to be translated.”

Let’s dig into what the Translatotron has to do in this. It preserves the features of the voice of the person whose voice is subjected for the translation from one language to another. This has great application for dubbing purposes in films and TV. Researchers have said that the hologram model performing translation may not be that accurate but performs the translation fully well and further improvements will soon be made.

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A number of applications like SayHi and iTranslate have been launched and seen on the app stores, willing to perform the same function of translation of voice but the results have not turned out to be as smooth.

An insight to the launch

The Microsoft’s CVP, Azure Marketing, Julia White in Las Vegas showed the demo of the launch to the people. She mentioned that, “this technology is made by the intermixing of two of the most amazing AI technologies; the Azure AI services and mixed reality.” The game changing experience was then showed to the audience that consisted of a hologram of her delivering the speech in Japanese language.
It was a truly ravishing experience and a blow to the vision to see how the hologram portrayed the woman, standing right there, giving the speech in another language. In this particular launch, cutting the intermediary from the process of translation has enabled the speech to be directed in your very own voice. Hence, making it all smoother, more user-friendly and attractive. The Google representative, while presenting the demo briefed the audience of its advantages by saying that she wondered while travelling into different nations, interacting with people of different cultures, we often will the weak connection due to the middle man. This new technology, will process the voice input from your microphone detecting it and then converting it to the required language.

Another question that may arise while going through the details of the new Microsoft launch is that how is it better in comparison and more useful when we already had the Google Translate and TTS (text-to-speech synthesis). The Google Translate provided the translation to different languages, depending on the fact that your pronunciation is appropriate and whether your voice clarity. The availability of your own voice and personal existence in the communication however, lacked, which has now been made up by the smart intermix of hologram and Google AI.  The company has showed masses the demo and the technology will soon be available for use after the required testing and critical improvements.
Undoubtedly, the AI field is expanding cross thought and expectations. Providing you the comfort and attracting everyone out there, increasing its users smartly, Microsoft has a lot more stuff to show in the near future.

Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Jaun Eliya The Famous Poet of This Age


Jaun Eliya, the famous poet. Although he has died but his poetry is still rousing the young civic. He had vast knowledge about Sufism, Muslim divine, science, western prose, because of this knowledge he has gained massive popularity in Urdu Poetry. Jaun Eliya has taken Urdu poetry to virtual reality. He is most googled Urdu poet due to his significant poetry.

His poetry is still renowned among youth, His poetic style is so modest that everyone recognizes his emotional state when he was writing and can relay himself/herself with the poetry. It was mirrored from his poetry that he was fed-up of disloyalties. His heart was so pure which made him  trust every person, in return he only got betrayals which made him depressed, but he still did not say wrong even to his enemies. He never held hatred for individuals who had mistreated him.

Mere Sare Qatal Muj Par Jan-o Dil Se Aashiq Thay
Mai Ne Hi Khud Ko Mara Khair, Sab Ka Bhala Ho Sab Ki Khair

Jaun Eliya
Jaun Eliya has faced so many disheartening situations, and had been tested by hardships of life. His life was full of melancholies. He feels himself very isolated in this entire world, after all he presumed that no one is faithful to you but yourself. He was sufficient for himself and confided himself in a circle. He quotes:-

Ganwai Kis Ki Taman’na Mein Zindagi Mein Ne
Wo Koon Hai Jisey Dekha Nahi Kabhi Mein Ne

Above inscribed verse reflects his simple style yet profound style of poetry. His poetry is deep; the reader must have a deeper vision to understand it. The depth of his Urdu poetry shows his desolation. His life wasn’t bed of roses for him, he faced many difficulties and challenges and he became used to this bitterness.

Jo Guzari Na Ja Sake Ham Se
Ham Ne WoZindagiGuzariHai

Jaun Eliya illuminates every aspect of life through His poetry. Whether , it’s ishq-e-mizaji, ishq-e-haqiqi or about his disappointment, perfidies or disloyalties of his known people. While we read his poetry we consider that poet must be in love and the one he loved is cold and stone hearted, as the poet himself says :

Shayad Muje Kisi Se Mohabat Nahi Hui
LekinYaqeen Sab Ko Dilata Raha Hun Me

Without insight we can’t get to know what Jaun Eliya’s Poetry tells us. It was written in easy words but very deep. In his poetry several times he questioned himself about the sullenness of the world.  When he gets depressed he usually asks GOD about the self-interest of folks.

Umr guzre gi imtihan mein kya
dagh hi denge mujh ko dan mein kya
meri har baat be-asar hi rahi
naqshai kuchh mere bayan mein kya

Jaun Eliya is very illustrious poet in the world of urdu poetry. His poetry is a masterpiece. Readers enjoy the poetry and can relate to it. We can sense the soreness of poet by reading his poetry. He was born with distinctive talent of mesmerizing readers by his words.

Authored By Iqra Alvi
"Iqra Alvi is an enthusiastic writer, loves to write on social issues, current affairs, books and T.V reviews, currently working for Urdu Shayari Blog"

Saturday, September 28, 2019

How Smaha Jahangir has become a proud lady for Pakistan with one Photo !


An optometrist by profession, Smaha Jahangir is the first Pakistan's female photographer whose digital work had been selected for National Geographic magazine’s July 2019 edition

Photography is an art and those who have bestowed with this unique talent, always keep themselves busy in finding the best place to portray it. Some of them have stunned people already with the first glance of their work. They always are admired not just because of showing beautiful colors of nature in digital form but also every picture of them gives a sense of liveliness. Furthermore, they also know how to captivate the minds and indulge people with their artistic work.

Smaha Jahangir is one of such names whose work has been recently acknowledged by Nat Geo Magazine and published one of her pictures in their July 19 edition. It was not just the honor for her family but also the proud moment for the whole of Pakistan. 

Therefore, we got the curiosity after hearing this news and stumbling upon her work on Instagram, get ourselves in a way of serenity. Every single picture was showing deep perfection with strong hidden messages.

Here are some observations we concluded after witnessing her work on Instagram.

Passion speaks

We observed the finest details in every picture which indicates the time and efforts behind it. Consequently, such masterpieces cannot be generated without passion and full dedication.

Happiness in the colors

In every picture, we can see the colors dancing with some sober happiness and depicts the true nature of every object with its unique color.

You will get the feel of everything while reviewing her pictures whether it shows humans or any object. Moreover, it will surely give you lively and fresh feelings.

Message in the pixels

Every bit of her work or through every angle, you will be getting some deep messages undoubtedly which will inspire you.

Being honored like her is a dream of many but to get someone reaches this level, we always need to be self-motivated, passionate enough and fully dedicated towards our work with no lust of money and fame.

If you first fulfill all real attributes in your work, you will not only get the recognition one day but will also see the money on your way.

If you have an interest in photography or any other field and want to show your talent, then first get some inspiration from people like Smaha and start learning the skills. Without knowing the basics, you will not bring yourself to perfection. Learning is a continuous process so never thinks that you have the best skills or enough knowledge, keep searching for new techniques and inventions in your desired field of work and keep mixing them with your skills. This will boost your confidence as well as bring more maturity in your work.

If you don’t have time to attend photography school but have passion to learn more, here are some online courses available on Udemy with reasonable prices. You can improve your skills by following advises from these experts.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

How Google's AI can detect Eye diseases Perfectly ?


Artificial Intelligence, apart from breaking the internet by replacing a million different jobs through its effective data processing and remarkable benefits is now all set to serve humanity. This time the google health care company has launched AI in fields of health care services which has really turned out to be worth the effort that clinicians and AI technicians did over the past years to make it possible.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Science

The Google team has decided to open AI centers across the world. Health care will be one of the most important fields AI will transform.

Let us have a look at the two most progressed areas in this field.

Google AI for Eyes is working better than Eye Specialists

1. Ophthalmology (Diagnosis and treatment of eye-related disorders)

In the field of Ophthalmology, AI is all set to do computer-aided diagnosis of the eye disease called diabetic retinopathy. This disease is caused due to diabetes and it is characterized by loss of eyesight in patients that have had diabetes for 20 years or more. It is important to note that this disease, if left untreated can lead to permanent blindness.

AI has turned out to be a cure to this. The google AI technicians collaborated with U.S board certified ophthalmologists and developed algorithms to diagnose the images of the retina of the eye, successfully. This technology is brought to areas where trained doctors are scarce. Astonishing is the fact that when the same retinal scans were done using AI, there were things those humans were not aware to look for. This retinal eye scan detects whether the patient with diabetes is suffering from diabetic retinopathy or not. Alongside this, the retinal scan helps detect the risk of cardiovascular event (heart attack or strokes) in humans that may come in their lives in near future. More than what the doctors could learn the eye scan; machine learning gave newer insights in this.

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2. Digital Pathology

The other astounding work the google AI did is in digital pathology. AI workers and teams have created algorithms that may help the pathologists of the era to detect one of the most alarming diseases; breast cancer in lymph node biopsies.

Inspecting pathology slides is a perplexing errand that requires long periods of preparing, aptitude, and experience. Indeed, even with this broad preparing, there can be generous changeability in the findings given by various pathologists for a similar patient. This is not surprising, given the gigantic measure of data that pathologists must audit to make an exact analysis.

In order to improve the above-mentioned issues, the google AI team has developed a robotized identification calculation that can normally supplement pathologists' work process. The detailing of the algorithms is done with close analysis to make it simpler for pathologists to discover even little occasions of bosom malignant growth metastasis in lymph hub biopsies.

Human Vs Artificial Intelligence. Will It Be An AI-Take Over In The Coming Decades?

Computer based intelligence helped specialists anticipate therapeutic occasions. Doctors can be notified ahead of time say 24 to 48 hours before a patient is probably going to become extremely ill. This data has a colossal contrast in their result, so google has given AI frameworks something to do utilizing de-distinguished therapeutic records, and things being what they are, it examinations more than hundred beyond what any single specialist could break down. This can very anticipate the opportunity of re confirmation 24 to 48 hours prior or sooner than customary strategies. Thus, giving specialists more opportunity to act.

The google health care strategy will undoubtedly turn out to be a treat to the humanity. According to the google team, it is only the beginning of this effort. In near future, there will be fair opportunities to make further improvements and beneficial criticalities in this context as the results of the Google team efforts have been satisfactory.

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Authored By Nabeeha Zahid
"Nabeeha Zahid is a curious one by nature, and her determinations to fulfill that said curiosity has turned her into a sophisticated writer and an excellent researcher. Her interests usually revolve around how the human brain thinks, perceives, interprets and understands, ergo, she likes digging around and writing on how the twisted human psychology works. You can contact her at"